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The Slip

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Avails Looms, a dangerous woman whose done all loads of criminal acts, lands herself in Vaseria. She quickly finds out Vampires & Werewolves did exist. She's now thrown into a battle even she didn'...

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Saving the Valerious Line

A/N: Here's another chapter, hope you enjoy! Please read and review! (Oh and there's a bit more bad language in here... again, lol. Sorry about that!)

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Chapter One - The Slip

"Oh Shit..." Avails muttered. She was in some godforsaken world and she guessed, hoped, she was still on earth. Where the hell did the machine go? Avails thought looking at her bare hands, which, just moments ago, held a unearthly object in them.

Sighing irritably and with a doubtful heart, Avails glared at the houses near her. There were no people in sight. The town or wherever in the middle Avails stood looked more like a horrible graveyard that it creeped her more than ever. Even in the streets she didn't feel like this.

"Where the fuck am I?" Avails said under her breath and realized the damage the man Ruth had made on her had disappeared completely without a trace. At least I don't have to walk like a zombie to ask where I am right now... Avails thought wondrously as she started to walk towards one of the strange old-fashioned houses.

Hopefully there's someone in there... she thought gruffly as she gave a hard knock on the wooden door now in front of her. The soft and wet ground below felt uncomfortably below her, sinking her boots with mud.

There was a short silence before a man opened the door. He was a tall and rather thin man with a rough mustache and the look of a biting squirrel. But what caught Avails's eyes was not the man himself. His clothes caught her eyes. He was wearing some sort of peasant's clothes, darkened a bit by both blood and maybe powder. A little girl was staring up at Avails curiously, hugging her father's leg tightly.

The man narrowed his eyes and starred suspiciously at Avails, who stared back. Then Avails caught herself. It wouldn't do any good if she kept on staring at the man and she needed to know where she was or why she was here.

"Who are you?" the man demanded. Avails shot him the best ferocious glare and the man backed away a bit. "Where am I?" Avails snarled.

"Y-You are in Vaseria. Now... I'm going to ask again. Who are you?" the man spoke harshly. His gaze pierced into Avails.

Avails didn't answer. She gazed at the man in disbelief. Vaseria?

"If you won't tell me your name, I'll have to call the leader."

"Where in Vaseria?" Avails hissed and her hands automatically grabbed at the man's collar roughly. Her instincts that usually worked up in the streets suddenly kicked their way into Avails, making her lift the man's collar up.

The man was now floating in midair and the collar was choking him, making him hard to breath. He looked horrifyingly at her. The little girl that was watching them intently and was once hugging her father's leg gave out a loud scream that awakened the village.

"T-Transylvania!" the man gasped, clawing at the hand on his collar, choking the breath out of him. Avails cursed under her breath. I must have slipped through time... She could hear footsteps but she ignored it. "Transylvania? That goddamn machine!" she roared angrily.

Something cold touched her neck as Avails still held the terrified man's collar in her grasp. She froze immediately. She knew the feel of a pistol from experience. She could still hear the man's gasp for breath near her ears. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see a hand holding the pistol. "Let the man go." It was a command, not a suggestion.

Avails roughly pushed the man out of her grasp. The man fell over weakly, heaving deep breaths into his lungs and then ran out of Avails's sight. The girl who had alerted this person now holding the gun ran with her father inside the house. The man quickly slammed the door.

"Who are you?" /These people seem to speak English/, Avails thought as she tried to get a glimpse of person behind her. From the deep tone of the person's voice, Avails guessed it was a man holding the gun on her neck.

Avails slowly reached for her gun, hidden under her shirt. She slipped her fingers into the shirt and tugged quietly, starting to slip the gun into her fingers.. "None of your business, man."

"Stranger, you will be disarmed. Turn around. Don't do anything stupid or I will shoot-" the man began to command when Avails quickly took out her gun sharply and whipped it right in front of the man's face. The owner of the voice stopped talking abruptly. Avails studied the person now in front of her.

The owner of the voice was a handsome man in his twenties. He was dressed in a similar old outfit like the man she had threatened Avails. This must be the leader! The man was staring nervously at the gun pointed at his forehead. Somehow there was a hint of curiosity in his eyes. He was studying her intently as well.

"Who the fuck are you?" Avails growled furiously. She wasn't going to be threatened and commanded by a man who doesn't even know how to use a gun properly.

"Velkan Valerious. Who are you and why are you here?" the man called Velkan questioned, his eyes still gazing at the gun nervously. Brave, eh? Avails thought as she gave a threatening glare. Something about the name Valerious rang a bell in her mind but she ignored the idea. "Throw your gun down."

Velkan quickly threw the gun down near his feet. Avails didn't look down. She knew Velkan did that on purpose to avert her eyes from her. Velkan seemed to grimace at the idea that his idea didn't work.

"Avails," Avails hissed her name as if she spat poison out of her mouth. The man looked confused than understood. She started to knock the man unconscious and explore this area when suddenly she felt pain coursing through her body. She felt her eyes slowly close, her body slip, letting her fall...


Velkan quickly reached out for the woman and grabbed her in his arms. Avails... He thought as he held the woman in his grasp. The person who saved Prince Velkan stood beside him.
"Are you alright?" a voice asked as Velkan looked up to see Anna Valerious, looking at him worriedly. Velkan nodded. "Thank you, Anna."

"Who is she?" Anna spoke and nodded, her eyes narrowing towards the woman in Velkan's arms. "Her name is Avails. Let's bring her in the Manor."


Avails woke with an awful headache, making her curse under her breath. I must have been knocked out... Avails thought warily. She looked around. She was in some sort of room, sitting on the floor, her back to the wall. She tried to get up but her hands and legs were tied up tightly. Her eyes quickly gazed around for any people. There was no one to be seen.
Avails got to work. She searched for anything sharp to saw through the bonds on her legs and wrists. Fortunately, there was a scatter of mirror shards near her.

Avails leaned onto the wall and started slithering towards the shards. She grabbed one carefully in her hands. The sharp edge bit into her palm, making Avails wince but she ignored it. If I get over this, I'm going to get my hands on that man... That Velkan! She thought angrily as she cut the bonds on her wrists quickly. Then she cut the bonds on her legs. She let the shard of the mirror slip from her fingers. Blood trickled down her hand and onto the ground. Avails ripped a part of her clothes and wrapped it around the wound.

Then she risked creaking the door open. She opened it slowly, a low creak escaping from the door. No one came to find out what was making the noise.

Avails slipped through the door and quickly, but cautiously, started to walk down the steps. Every time she moved the wound on her palm made her screw up her face. But that didn't stop her from getting out of the house.

She ran quietly through a hall decorated with portraits and photographs. Then she stopped to look at one of them. She eyed them curiously.

There was one photograph of a young woman holding a long and deadly sword in her hand. The young woman's hair fell down like ribbons on her shoulder and she wore a tight looking black riding clothes that somehow fit her. There was determination in those eyes which made Avails stop to look more curiously.

Then she looked to the next and found herself face to face with the photograph of the man, Velkan. She quickly looked away and started running again.

I'm guessing this place is a house full of that family... Avails thought as she spotted an open window. She quickly ran towards it and quickly got out, landing softly on the muddy ground.

She grimaced at the ground and then she looked back up at the mass of trees in front of her direction. She ran into the forest, not knowing the horrible creatures living in the forests, always looking for a stray, unguarded prey...
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