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Danger in Every Corner

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Avails Looms, a dangerous woman whose done all loads of criminal acts, lands herself in Vaseria. She quickly finds out Vampires & Werewolves did exist. She's now thrown into a battle even she didn'...

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Saving the Valerious Line

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Caution: There is bad language in the story!

Chapter Two - Danger in Every Corner

Avails growled under her breath irritably. She needed to find out how to go back to her time, not stay in this dump of a forest. But she was in the forest anyways. She brushed the branches near her.

She flinched, pain coursing through her. The cloth around the palm was now soaked with blood, her blood, but she tried to ignore it and concentrate at the task she now had.

How am I gonna go back when I don't even have the machine to go back? she thought with frustration. At least she escaped the family house of the Valerious.

She suddenly felt uneasy as she heard a faint brush of the wind blow at her. She quickly turned around, her eyes looking sharply. "Whose there?"

Nobody answered but the wind and it made Avails uneasy. Goosebumps started to crawl up her body, making her shiver.

There is nothing there, Avails. Get a grip! She thought to herself and started to reach for her gun when she realized she didn't have one.

Shit! She thought as she turned around. She knew. There was something in the woods. She could feel it near her, breathing behind her, watching.

"Show yourself!" she shouted. Still no answer. She started to back away, her steps getting clumsy. She was about to turn around when she felt hot breath blowing on her neck, a tingle going through her.

Avails widened her eyes and gave a horrified scream, her eyes wide with horror. Right next to her stood a fully grown werewolf.

It looked more like a wolf than a man, but it stood on its hind legs. Its claws glistened dangerously, along with its huge jaws with its sharp long fangs, shining with its saliva.

The werewolf studied Avails with curiosity, stomping its hind legs forward towards Avails who gave another scream, her eyes darting fearfully at the werewolf's head. She could feel the yellow eyes boring into her.

She heard a sudden bang of a gun shot as the werewolf roared, saliva flying everywhere from its huge mouth. It stretched its claws to attack Avails but she dodged it and ran.

She looked back to see the Velkan and the young woman from the photograph looking at the werewolf. The werewolf howled, snarling as it ran off into the forest. The woman from the photograph grabbed her before Avails could run.

W-What the hell!? She thought hysterically as she let the woman hold her tightly.

"Are you alright? Did it bite you?" the woman asked and Avails only nodded, her eyes still searching frantically for the werewolf.

The woman noticed and slapped her face sharply, which got Avails to her senses. Avails gave a thankful glance at the woman as she nodded and let go.

The man, Velkan, holstered his gun and came running towards Avails. Avails gave him a sharp glare, remembering the mirror shard that cut her palm.

"What were you thinking? Did you want to get yourself killed, stranger? That was a werewolf you saw and a fully grown one from the looks of it! You're even lucky to be still alive!" Velkan roared angrily, glaring back.

"Well, you piece of bull, if you haven't locked me up in that house of yours and instead explained to me what this goddamn place is, I would have never went into that freakin' forest and followed some of your orders!" Avails shot back.

The man looked at Avails for a moment angrily and then he looked away, or forced himself to look away, giving out an angry growl from his lips.

The woman from the photograph pursed her lips. Avails noticed they ad a strange accent when they talked.

"My brother is right. You could have been killed out there!"

Avails raised and eyebrow, glancing over to Velkan. "Oh? So this is your brother!"

"Yes! Now who are you and why are you here?" she demanded. The woman's glowing eyes made Avails somehow smile. This situation reminded her of how her boss's assistant, Augustus Clarisse, who always threatened her and glared at her after she handed the drugs for trade.

This woman was just like her, except she had a softer spot in her heart.

"I'm only telling you this because I think you can somehow help me," -This got Velkan's attention-"My name's Avails Looms. I live, or lived, in New York. One day I was with a friend when he showed me an extraordinary item that was about to be sold off to the black market. It was some sort of alien device and I was interested in it. I was foolish enough to touch it and I landed up here, in this godforsaken piece of land!" Avails explained and the two looked at her wondrously.

"Well, you do dress strangely. Alright, Ms.Looms, if we can help you, we will try," Velkan spoke, his anger now seem to be gone. Avails looked at Velkan strangely. She's never been called Ms.Looms except on meetings, which was very rare, from her reputation.

Avails nodded and glanced at the woman. "Whose she? I saw her in one of the photographs."

"She is my little"-the woman shoved him-"sister."

The woman came up to Avails and looked at her before replying, "My name is Anna Valerious."

"Then can you tell me what the fuck was that thing in the forest?" Avails said and Velkan nodded, leading Anna and Avails out of the forest towards the open.

The sun, clouded by the clouds above, still shone brightly pouring light over Vaseria.

"We'll explain. For now, let's go back to the Manor. It's not safe here."


Avails, Velkan and Anna all sat on some sofas, a small little table was in front of them. Velkan and Anna sat together.
"So, you said you're gonna explain when we get here," Avails remarked. Velkan nodded.

"Where you are now is the Valerious Manor, our home. This is where all our family's history is hidden. We are the only Valerious left."


Now it was Anna's turn to butt in. "Because Dracula wants us dead. He used to live in this very place. Then he became the undead, a vampire, and we have tried to kill him for years."

"Vampires? Werewolves? They don't exist!" Avails shouted, standing up impatiently. She didn't have enough time to listen to this nonsense. But what was the horrible thing about to attack her?

"They DO exist! That is why we have tried everything to destroy the evil now living in our village! The thing that you have just seen is a werewolf!" Velkan roared and he got up as well. He needed help and if this stranger could help them...

"I still don't get it! So your family has been trying to kill the vampire, Dracula was it, for your whole life. Why? Can't you just leave him alone then?" Avails shouted.

Anna sighed. "We would like to. But we don't have a choice. He is he son of our great, great grandfather, (A/N: I think it was that, lol. If it was wrong, oh well, I'm not gonna bother.) Boris Valerious the Elder, King of the Gypsies. He revived his son and then, horrified with what he had done, he promised god that until he killed Dracula, his family will never rest or enter the gates of Heaven. If we fail, we will go down to purgatory."

Avails raised her eyebrow and a smile appeared on her lips. "Hah, you still believe in the devil and the angels? (A/N: Sorry if I insulted anyone! It's just how the character is!) Then it means I'm in the freakin' Christian world!"

"It is not funny!" Velkan shouted and the smile on Avails's face was instantly wiped out. "We our losing our family members because of Dracula! He has servants that try to kill us as well. One of them is the werewolves. We need god's help but it seems he has forsaken us, leaving us here to die!"

Her eyebrows still raised with interest, Avails spoke, "I don't think God abandoned you. He's just busy helping other innocents. So... You think I was sent here to help you?" Velkan nodded.

"Well, what help can I do? All I can do is wield a gun. I'm no angel," Avails said and grinned. Anna stood up now.

"Velkan, we do not need help! We can take care of ourselves!" Anna objected, her eyes now filled with anger. She got up and started talking to her brother, who gave her angry remarks. Avails could hear them shouting to each other until finally she could see Anna give up.

They looked back at Avails. "Whatever you're here for, until you find your way back to your time, we wish you will help us. We'll give you shelter. If not, you can leave," spoke Velkan.

Avails sighed. If she went, she'd probably get lost. But if she stayed, she had to help these two useless block heads. But maybe they aren't blockheads... she thought. We shall see... a voice answered in her head.

"Alright then, I'll stay. But I'm gonna say this truthfully. As I said, I'm no angel. I will kick your ass if you do anything suspicious. Anything at all/," Avails warned. Velkan nodded. Anna gave a rigid nod. /Good... Avails thought.
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