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The Legendary Monster Hunter

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Avails Looms, a dangerous woman whose done all loads of criminal acts, lands herself in Vaseria. She quickly finds out Vampires & Werewolves did exist. She's now thrown into a battle even she didn'...

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Saving the Valerious Line

A/N: YES! I found the stupid file at last! Because of my stupid computer, I couldn't get the floppy which I saved this story in! So anyways, I found it! And now this story is NOT Hiatus! Enjoy enjoy and please review!

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Caution: There is bad language in the story!

Chapter Four - The Legendary Monster Hunter

"How do you kill this Dracula /exactly/?" Avails spoke as she and Anna sat inside a rather brown and musty bar. It was about to become noon and she was feeling rather hungry. She pushed it aside and went back to sipping her drink, which also seemed to have a strange murky taste to it too. Avails grumbled silently at herself as she brushed off dirt from her cheeks.

"We do not know. My father searched for years trying to learn how to kill Dracula. He was also trying to find Dracula's lair but he disappeared..." Anna spoke and trailed off. Avails stared intently at Anna. Clearly Anna was falling apart, and Avails could see that Anna's heart was now about to be split in two with grief. Anna had explained to Avails about her family, and about the recent disappearances and deaths in the family. Avails, for some odd reason, felt envious of Anna. Anna had family that loved her. But she didn't. Her mother was a drug addict and her father was a brutal man. Avails only bit her lips hard.

"Dracula also has servants such as werewolves and Dwergi, his most horrible creations and a even more uglier creature named Igor, who helps him with his nasty schemes. But his most powerful servants are his brides. He has three brides called Aleera, Marishka and Verona. They are vampires like Dracula but unlike Dracula, they can be killed. One of my ancestors had killed one," Anna explained, a pained look on her face. At least I am not alone on this...she thought sourly. Somehow that comforted her. Anna looked at Avails and saw her as a sister, a warrior just like her. At first she denied having an ally, but in this case, she was actually greatful. And also, she was rather curious where Avails had come from.

Avails sighed and got up with a grim expression on her face. Dracula with servants... it was going to make the situation a bit more harder in this case. Maybe I shouldn't have volunteered after all... Avails thought, slightly regretting her decision to help the Valerious.

Avails was about to answer when Anna's hearing was now alert to the sound of strange voices outside. She got up and then looked outside at the small dusty window. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously as Avails gazed confusedly at her. What was Anna doing, Bird watching?

"We have visitors," Anna spoke and then got up, pushing the door of the pub. Avails gave a growl and followed her outside as well, leaving the pub and saw to her suprise the peasants circled around someone. They raised pitchforks and weapons in their hand.

She moved inside the crowd of peasants, who shot suspicious glances at her. But their gazes were quickly averted away from her, towards the 'visitors' Anna was talking about. Avails looked at her right and saw that Anna had gotten up the stone wall surrounding the huge well. Avails thought with a shiver as she remembered the movie The Ring she had seen a commercial of before the whole incident of going back in time had happened.

Avails pushed more further into the circle and at last saw the visitors. One was a tall cloaked man wearing a rather ridiculous wide brimmed hat, which made Avails smile. These people actually liked dressing up like this? She thought with a silent laugh. Then her eyes narrowed towards another figure, who was very short and looked more like a monk then a peasant.

"You! Let me see your faces!" Anna commanded. That's certainly not a request, Avails thought with a widening grin.

"Why?" the tall man cloaked all in black asked with a growl. He had a deep voice that reminded Avails of Batman, with his fellow companion, Robin.

"Because we do not trust strangers."

"I don't trust anyone," the tall man responded.

Avails snorted and then scowled. He stole my line! She thought looking annoyed. Her snort had gotten the man's attention. Fortunately for her, she was hidden well in the mob of unhappy looking peasants. But to Avails's suprise, she noticed the tall man was not ugly at all. He was actually really... handsome and he was just old as her. Then to Avails's disappointment. the man went back to looking at Anna, his hat hiding his striking face.

"Gentleman, you will now be disarmed," Anna declared. Good move, Avails thought with a nodd. If she were leader, she would've done the same thing.

"You can try," the man growled. Avails grinned even more wider. Also another good move, Avails thought.

"You refuse to obey our laws?" Anna spoke and she now wore a angry glare.

"The laws of men mean little to me."

"Fine." anna turned to the crowd of peasants, who looked up at her like zombies, except they were the living. "Kill them."

"Harsh!" Avails murmured with amusement.

"I'm here to help you!" the man offered, stepping a little closer to Anna.

Anna raised her eyebrows and signaled to the crowd of peasants to stop. Then she glanced over to Avails, who wore an amused look on her face. "You are not the only one."

"Really?" said the other man, who Avails thought was a monk. Anna nodded and then looked back at the tall man.

"I don't need any help anymore."

"Are you sure?" the man spoke and swung a huge metallic crossbow in front of him, aimed straight for Anna. Anna immediately ducked and Avails saw with wide eyes as she saw large white bats the size of men roaring towards the village. "Oh god..."
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