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The Dead Tell No Tales

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Avails Looms, a dangerous woman whose done all loads of criminal acts, lands herself in Vaseria. She quickly finds out Vampires & Werewolves did exist. She's now thrown into a battle even she didn'...

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Saving the Valerious Line

I am so sorry the chapter got late! I've been busy with the other chapters and life that I totally forgot to update here! I did have half of this chapter finished but didn't get the chance to finish the other! So hopefully you'll forgive me and enjoy this chapter! :) Please review, and I shall update faster!! :D

Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Van Helsing!

Caution: There is bad language in the story!

Chapter Five - The Dead Tell No Tales

A inhuman roar echoed through the village as the villagers, all wide eyed in terror, screamed. Chaos broke loose as the villagers scattered, trying not to become one of the bride's victims. The man quickly shoot arrows out of the crossbow as the bats hissed and swooped back into the air, away from the arrows.

"EVERYBODY INSIDE!!!" Anna shouted as she got off the well and dropped to the ground. "Ms. Looms, you too!!"

"I'm not leaving you here with a bunch of ugly vampires and strange men for company!" Avails fired back and her eyes blazed with both fear and excitement. She quickly licked her lips as she heard a frustrated curse from Anna.

Avails ran to the weapon on the ground and grabbed for it, which happened to be a dangerous looking axe. Avails heaved it in her hands and scanned her surroundings. Villagers were running for their lives as some bumped into each other, others crying out for their loved ones in panic. But she wasn't focused on them. Her eyes were watching intently for any of the vampires.

She found all of the bats in the air, chasing after Anna as the strange tall man Avails remembered from before shot arrows at the bats. Avails leaped forward, running towards the flying bats and she took aim carefully. With all her might, she swung the axe at one of the brides, who were fortunately flying near the ground. The awe met its mark on a bride with curly blonde hair.

The bride shrieked as the axe hit her and murderous eyes met Avails's gaze. Uh oh... Avails thought as she ran as hell.

A hideous screech was heard behind Avails and Avails took a little backward glance.

Unfortunately, that was when she saw the blonde vampire swooping towards her, claws exteneded. Avails eyes widened and then it expressed pain as she screamed in agony.

"How do you like that!" hissed the vampire at her ears and a cruel laugh escaped her lips as the vampire claws dug deeper. Avails and the blonde bride were flying through the air, and Avails could see that the village was getting smaller by the minute. But she didn't really care. New fury burned in her eyes as she swung her fist at the laughing bride. A pained scream escaped from her, who didn't expected for Avails to act further.

"Bitch!" Avails hissed rather triumphantly. Avails attempted to swing another fist at the bride, but this time the bride was ready. With superhuman powers, the Bride angrily thrust Avails.

Avails went crashing down on the trees. Her hands grabbed for anything and before long she was grasping a branch of a tree. Hanging on one hand, Avails gave out a sigh of relief, although it was mixed with a hint of pain. She collapsed onto the ground, not caring if dirt and wet mud stuck to her clothes and skin. After all, she was already dirty in a way.

Giving herself a moment to inhale some air, Avails realized that the area had grown suddenly... quiet.
Getting to her feet slowly, she looked around.

Villagers were coming out of their hiding places, eyes round with confusion and caution. Avails caught sight of Anna and the stranger. She cocked her head in curiousity as she saw Anna and the man looking down at the well, weapons raised.

"Van Helsing........" the word echoed as the village darkened again.

A familiar swoosh of wings and screeches were heard as the bride exploded out of the well. The stranger was blown backward as the bride took hold of Anna's leg. Anna acted by quickly producing a knife out of her boots and swinging it at the creature's ankles, making her scream in agony, dropping Anna.

But another bride, this time her hair colored in black, rushed forward, somehow saving Anna from falling.

Screams from the villagers once again erupted as Avails was pushed around. Sick of it, she rushed forward, pushing aside the aching pain in her body. She saw, to her advantage, the other stranger, a small monk looking man, scrambling through his items. She ran towards him and almost knocked him off balance. The stranger was, suprisingly enough, cute for a monk.

"You! Do you have a weapon?" Avails demanded and shook the man. Bewildered, the man blinked a few times before recovering and looking through his woolen bag of items. Avails could see that the man was curious, but it was no time for such thoughts.
The sounds of metallic gears and arrows, along with cackles from the brides were heard in the distance.
The man grabbed for a bottle with a symbol of the cross on it and Avails snatched it, her eyes burning now fury as she looked up at the man.

"What the hell am I going to do with this?" she growled and the man, eyes widening from curiousity to fear, stuttered. "It's Holy Water!"

"Great..." Avails hissed under her breath and pushed the man to the ground, leaving him there still wide-eyed. Uncorking the bottle, she focused towards Anna and the stranger. The stranger had managed to free Anna from the Dracula's dark haired bride. But the stranger was now having difficulty with another bride, the blonde one that had planted gashes on her.

A smile so sweet and dripping with vengeance appeared on her lips as she ran towards the blonde vampires direction. The handsome stranger's crossbow had dropped to the ground as the blonde vampiress screeched with delight.

"I'm not finished with you yet!" Avails shouted and threw the bottle in her hand at the bride's direction. The bride shrieked in pain, her hands on her face as she backed off away from the man on the ground.

The man looked up at her with suprise as her grin widened. She stood in front of him as she stretched a hand down to him. She could see the man was hesitating.

"Are you bloody going to accept it or not?" she hissed in irritation and this time the man got over it. He grabbed for her hand and he was heaved to his feet. But not before the bride recovered from her injury. Avails's eyes widened as the ruined features of the bride's face obtained its formal composture.

With supernatural powers the bride flashed and tackled right at Avails, grabbed her by her arm. Avails screamed and she gritted her teeth as the bride leaned back. Long fangs pushed its way through her gums as Avails's hand balled into fists.

"Die!" the vampire snarled and got ready to bite at Avails's neck, but not fast enough. Three arrows pierced into her stomach, and it was dripping with clear Holy Water. The blonde haired vampire screamed as she let go of Avails's almost immediately.

Not again! Avails thought as she felt the sick feeling of herself falling. Falling, falling until...

Strong hands caught her, saving her from the fall as she saw who it was. It was the stranger. Though he was gasping for breath, he had managed to catch her. Avails's lips curved into a smile.

"Thanks, handsome," Avails said and blowing a small kiss towards his face, the man, a bit startled, dropped her to the ground. Avails caught herself, and fell on her feet.

A agonized scream reminded them both that they had more things to think of. They looked up at the vampiress. Suprisingly enough, the blonde vampiress was stuck on the roof of a church. Slowly the characteristics of a white bat disappeared from the vampiress, dissolving away to reveal a beautifully dressed young woman. She was wearing a yellow dress, but her skin was decaying and turning to ashes with it. The last of the woman was blown by the wind, an anguished scream lingering in the air.

Somehow pity took over Avails's at the last remains of the vampire, but after the thoughts of what that whore had done to her, she couldn't care less.

A murmur of words were heard from her back as she saw the stranger do a motion of a cross. Then eyes locked and they were staring at each other for the very first time.

"Who are you?" the stanger finally said, cutting the silence. Avails opened her mouth to answer, but she was interrupted by a wail of screams from two of the other left brides. She saw the small forms of white bats flying away from the village.

"Why do you care?" Avails spoke, an amused smile on her lips as she heard footsteps, though muffled by the wet ground.

Before the stranger could answer, this time he was interrupted by the yells of the villagers. The other man, the one looking like a monk, walked over to his companion's side, giving back the wide-brimmed hat that had fallen in the fight.

"He killed a Bride! He killed Marishka!" a yell was heard from the villagers, and they raised their weapons, which consisted of axes, knives and pitchforks. Avails's raised an eyebrow, but her smile had faded, her lips twitching now with irritation. The villagers closed in around the strangers as Avails. Clearly they had displeased the crowd.

"Isn't that a good thing?" the short man said in confused tone.

A creepy looking man, wearing a top hat, approached to answer his question. "Vampires only kill what they need to survive, one or two people a month. Now they will kill for revenge!"

The villagers roared in agreement, raising their weapons higher.

"And what name, my good sir, do I put on your gravestone?"

A figure pushed through the crowd and it was all too familiar to miss. It was Anna as she stepped forward.

"His name is Van Helsing."

The villagers immediately murmured to each other, eyes looking back at the man with glances of curiosity and almost... admiration. Avails looked a bit enviously at the stranger called Van Helsing.

"Your reputation precedes you..." Anna spoke. She was standing right in front of Van Helsing, who had got up on his feet, hoisting his crossbow on his shoulder.

"Next time, stay close. You're no use to me dead," Van Helsing replied back, replacing his wide-brimmed hat on the top of his hair. Avails could see Anna wasn't happy to hear this. But she brushed it off with a laugh.

"Well, I'll say this to you, you've got courage," Anna spoke and then she turned to the villagers. "He's the first one to kill a vampire in over a hundred years!"

From the look on Anna's eyes, Avails what she was about to say next.

"I think you earned yourself a drink, Mr. Van Helsing," Avails spoke, a sly grin on her face.

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