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Gabriel is in Budapest to investigate a creature, only to be found by it.

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Alas She Lies

Hello hello this is the writer speaking! I'm here to write yet ANOTHER story, but a Gabriel/Anna pair. I think there are too few out there in the fanfiction world of Gabriel/Anna so I thought I'd write one for the beauty of these two WONDERFUL hunters! Please review, enjoy, if you like continue reading! It'll make me more happier then ever!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything I write here except the characters I have invented.

Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.


Gabriel sat on one of the seats and set his black hat down on the wooden table. The cracks near the windows let moonlight seep into the pub, although it then blended into the color of mild dark orange that now surrounded the pub. He quickly wrapped his black cloak around him a bit more closely as his cold breath came in puffs of white vapor. Even in here in a small pub like this it was cold. His fingers were numb from staying outside trying to find his 'assignment' and his face was cold, thought it was starting to grow warm again.

He was very annoyed at this recent mission he was rather forced to go by the Cardinal and he couldn't help but give a frustrated growl. He wanted to be with Anna a little bit more, not go on prowling around the streets of Budapest with his usual monster hunter look, which consisted of 'all black' clothes. He was very unhappy indeed. But there was something he was happy about. Anna was alive! ALIVE! And she wasn't going to get kidnapped or killed because she was also a mighty strong princess. His arch enemy and his brides, along with their children were downright dead, and there would probably never be any other creature as grand as Dracula that he would have to kill in his life long career. He finally felt like things were going right,

But now he was stuck. He had gone around every corner of the city and still he couldn't find any sign of this 'monster' he was supposed to be finding. Somehow he wished this creature he was supposed to be bringing or killing to be downright stupid rather then clever. It would have been much easier for him.

"Sir, would you like something to drink?" spoke a young boy in Hungarian. He was staring at Van Helsing with a rather suspicious look but he was smart enough to shut his mouth. Van Helsing's eyes narrowed slightly at the suspicion in the boy's eyes and he glared sharply, making the boy jump. He quickly backed away at once and never looked back at Gabriel again.

/Time to leave/, Gabriel thought as he gave a stern look at the boy's turned back. He grabbed his hat and let it rest back on top of his hair and guard him from unfriendly eyes. He saw the people in the pub look now at the darkly cloaked figure strangely as the end of Gabriel's cloak whipped around along with Gabriel himself. He walked quickly out of he pub as he made himself blend into the night of Budapest. What he didn't observe were two pale red looking eyes that now followed Gabriel's every step.


Gabriel settled at last in his small but comfortable enough room. He still missed Anna terribly, though he also missed Carl's laughable jokes, some purposeful and others not really intentional. The thought made him chuckle to himself as he took his cloak off of himself and let it rest on his bed. He also put his hat on one of the bedside tables and tiredly sat on one of the chairs provided in the room. Gabriel's mind pondered about Anna and how she smelt and couldn't help but feel angry at the Holy Order and the Cardinal again. After all, it was the Order's fault that he was stuck here to do their job.

Still, Anna was safe. He would come back in a few days or maybe tomorrow with the monster either killed or caught and see Anna. Oh how dearly he missed her...

Gabriel's head quickly looked up and his eyes flickered back and forth in his darkened room. Was it just me or did I sense evil? he thought and got up, his hand now clutching his pistol. He raised it it just above his face as he whirled around in his room, his eyes looking to and fro. He breathed as he felt the presence of evil... behind him.

He whirled and was face to face with nothing but air. He looked around confused until something clutched at his heart. Something luring and trancing... He felt like dropping the pistol down and-

What am I thinking! What are you thinking! a voice in his head shouted as Gabriel shook his head as he held his pistol higher. He was not going to let anyone, anyone, get him to lower the pistol. But still, only just a little...

Gabriel could feel himself, as if by his own will, let the pistol drop from his hands as Gabriel looked around at the area glaring. He knew something evil was here, influencing him to get him to do what he wanted. If only he can see it then he can figure something out to get himself not to drop his pistols whenever the evil creature wanted.

"The Great Van Helsing, mmm?" a very hollow deep voice spoke and Van Helsing looked around, grabbing for his pistol. As quickly as he did he dropped it again. He gave a frustrated growl as he heard the voice chuckle coldly.

"I suppose the Holy Order is finding me, hm?" spoke the voice. Gabriel raised an eyebrow. So this was his assignment. Curious that the creature had actually decided to follow him when it had the risk of being killed or captured.


"Well then, aren't you a lucky hunter? You have me here, although you can't see me, in your presence."

Gabriel's eyebrows rose even higher. What did this creature want. First it came to him instead of him to it and now it wanted him to kill or capture it? How strangely willing was this. This indeed was suspicious.

"I didn't know the Order sends pretty handsome hunters to chase creatures as rare as me. It is rather peculiar."

"Surrender and you will not be harmed," Gabriel spoke and the creature chuckled. Laughed was more like it, for it seemed to echo through Gabriel's head.

"I think you are the one to surrender to me, Mr. Van Helsing. Or should I call Gabriel? I know who you are, what you really are, Mr. Van Helsing. You are the Left Hand of God and an angel, an /immortal/."

Gabriel was rather taken aback by this 'comment'. Was this creature someone from the past?

"I won't say it again," Gabriel spoke, hardening his voice as his eyes filled with curiousity. He took one step forward and that was all the voice needed. Immediately Gabriel felt a strong pull on his will and pain crossing his head, making his eyes shut tightly. He managed to give out a muffled scream as he collapsed onto his knees. He opened his eyes slowly and saw barefoot that dripped with black oil. His hands on his head as if it were some sort of helmet Gabriel gave one more scream as he tried his best in reaching for the gun now near his crumpled knees. His trembling fingers crept but was stopped right when he can reach for and shoot. Suddenly the pain stopped but he.. couldn't see anything. He felt faint and the strangest sensation of his existence...dissolving? No... disappearing.

Gabriel immediately understood as he whispered in his mind, hoping Anna would hear or at least feel his love for her. Anna, Anna.. I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... he thought as the darkness grasped him in it's grip.

A/N: Hehehe, I'm gonna finish it there! I hope you liked it! Review!
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