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Chapter One

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Anna finds out about Gabriel's supposed 'death' from Carl. But decides to find out if it's really true by going to Budapest herself.

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Alas She Lies

Hello again! Here's the second chapter for Alas She Lies which was originally my username for FanForum dot com, but nevermind that! lol Anyways I'd like the thank everyone for all the WONDERFUL reviews! It's encouraged me more to write another chapter and actually FINISH a fanfiction, lol :P Unlike some, I have a very bad habit of stopping cause my head gets another story idea before I get to finish the fanfiction I'm currently on, lol Well, I will try my best not to get averted by another idea, and tell me if I'm not writing fast enough! (Ahem, I also give you permission to throw not tomatoes but Orlando Bloom Autographs at my face to make me hurry up! I will CERTAINLY do that, seeing I am a great Orlando Bloom fan!) lol What? You're bored of my silly talk and want to read the story? Ok then let's move on! (Please review!)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything I write here except the characters I have invented.

Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter One

"Gabriel, he's gone..." Carl spoke as his lips kept quivering. He looked like he was about to burst into tears and bawl his eyes out but instead, he looked down at the floor. Then he wouldn't have to see how hurt and tragic looking Anna's beautiful hazel-green eyes were.

Anna stood in front of Carl with an almost shocked expression on her face, filled with the mixed feeling of anguish and grief. Her mind seemed to deny that Gabriel Van Helsing, the legendary monster hunter and Left Hand of God, was dead. Anna had so much still she wanted to do with her love. It couldn't be true, it must be one of Carl's jokes again...

"C-Carl, you must b-be lying..." Anna stuttered, her hands now shaking with cold sweat. Her face started to lose all the warmth in her that had once kept her going. Losing Gabriel was something she couldn't stand. Wouldn't stand for. Carl only gave a rather stuttering nodd, a sign that he was about to cry.

But Anna knew in her heart that Carl was telling her the truth. Her eyes were slowly being attacked by her tears and she let them flow down her cheek, slipping down slowly. Gabriel, her love, the one true love she thought she would never have was ... dead. No, he disappeared. He DISAPPEARED! her voice countered in her head still. And Anna listened to it. Then she thought too. Gabriel had disappeared. He was only believed to be dead, they didn't know for sure. She knew... she had to find out.

"Carl. Carl!" Anna spoke, brushing her tears off her face and Carl jumped, suprised by Anna's annoyed tone. He saw Anna smile weakly but determine. Carl looked at her confusingly and with that Anna explained.


"Was it necessary to be woken in the middle of the night to get to Budapest?" Carl spoke with a sleepy yawn as he rubbed his eyes again and again. Anna rolled her eyes with a grin. She was now in her new outfit, which looked rather similar to Gabriel's clothes. Except Anna wore a black corset, a black trenchcoat that looked sleek and black as the shadows. It blended her into the night quickly, and it proved useful when she didn't want to be seen. That was one of the things she had learned from Gabriel.

Carl, on the other hand, wore his usual brown robes that would have annoyed Anna if it weren't for Carl's stubborness of not wearing anything but this. Anna eventually had to give in when she suggested Carl wear a suit. 'WHAT? A SUIT?' had been Carl's quickest and most dangerous sounding reaction to Anna's simple suggestion. Anna chuckled silently and then turned her head back at the huge ship they took to get to Budapest. The sea water sprayed onto her face and hands from time to time but she didn't really care that much. Her heart was set into finding Gabriel. She knew it would be like searching for a small mouse that had hidden away in a huge city but she had no choice. The night above glistened with a half moon and sprayed a bit of moonlight down onto the sotly roaring dark sea below. The ship rocked back and forth which must have been rather hard for Carl because she saw later on that he was running far off to the ship to wretch.

Anna screwed her nose at the thought and then focused back on her mission, her first assignment. She had to actually beg quite a bit for the Cardinal to let her get Gabriel back. The Cardinal, for once, decided this was much more important and he had called for the best ship and appointments in Budapest after they get there. And for that Anna was grateful.

"Enjoying the sea spray, Ms. Valerious?" shouted a voice and Anna turned to see the Captain of the ship, J. Bonturda. Anna gave a nodd and shouted, "Yes, it's beautiful!" The Captain gave a hearfelt laugh that reminded Anna of her father's laugh and then Captain Bonturda went back to sailing. Anna gave a silent laugh to herself. When she had first come aboard the ship, she had been introduced to Captain Bonturda. But no matter how much she asked he would not give up his first name. It annoyed Anna greatly for before she was leader of her town in Transylvania and whatever questions she asked was answered almost immediately. She sighed, kind of missing that feeling of leadership. All she got out of the Captain's first name was J.

She saw a number of sailors coming up to the deck to do some work with the sails and ropes. Anna was rather confused with them, though she enjoyed watching them do all the interesting work of tying a rope with strange techniques. She'd seen some of it when she had first gone on the boat to sail away on the Adriatic Sea. She had been amazed with the span of sea water that stretched through the earth, and she loved the feel of rushing water. It had touched her so much she had actually cried with joy on Gabriel's shoulder. Luckily for her she had gotten the experience to see a lowering beautiful sunset.

Anna snapped back to reality and shivered from the cold. Although her clothes camouflaged her into one of the walking shadows, it didn't help her stay warm that much. She was still human, she needed to stay warm. She guessed Carl was probably in the same state, except with the wretching. Hopefully he was finished.

"CARL!" Anna shouted and she heard a grumble from far off the boat. She walked through the ship's deck towards the place where she heard the grumble and regretted her decision to even walk up there. She saw a rather green faced Carl sitting near the end of the ship with a frown on his face. He seemed to wipe his lips with the end of his brown robes and then got up quickly when she was Anna with a screwed up face. Carl sighed deeply. He nodded to the insides of the door and Anna also agreed with a smile.

A/N: I hope you liked it! It's a bit shorter and I'm sorry! I will update again sooner as much as possible!
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