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Chapter Two

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Anna and Carl get off the ship and find themselves being eyed at. Also meets their guide.

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Alas She Lies

Hiya! Here I am again, lol. I'm sorry it took quite a lot of time to get this rather short chapter on! But I've updated! :D Oh and btw I forgot to answer but previously one of my reviewers asked if the idea of the barefoot with the black oil idea was taken from Constantine. And the answer is Yes, I loved that part so much I wanted to put that in here! :) So I don't own that! :P Thank you so much for the reviews, all of them were AWESOME! (grabs for Orlando Bloom Autographs) Why thank you! lol Anyways, onto the story! Please review! lol

Disclaimer: I do not own anything I write here except the characters I have invented.

Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter Two

After a few weeks on the ship, /Pristina/, Anna and Carl finally got off it smelling a bit like fish and sea water. They said thanks and farewell to the Captain and his crew and watched Pristina sail off into the horizon. After that, they continued by horseback, where they traveled from Istria, up towards Zagreb until they reached Budapest...


"How are we going to find Gabriel, Anna?" Carl spoke as he raised an eyebrow at Anna's direction. Anna sighed and shook her head. She had no idea. She had no proof Gabriel was alive and nor did she have clues. She supposed when she got here to Budapest, she'll be able to find some ideas as to where Gabriel may be. She was wrong, it seemed. Budapest was vast and there was a lot of people living in the city. She groaned irritably at the thought of going through every corner of the streets. But if it will help find Gabriel, she would do it.

Carl shrugged, hearing only a groanto his sharp question, as the two continued walking, holding onto the leads of their horses. The sky was dark up above and Budapest looked grim, perhaps from all the battles it went through over the centuries. The grim feeling continued as the horses beside them neighed a couple of times uncomfortably. Though there were people, the town seemed a bit hollow and suspicous gazes turned to their direction as they continued through the path.

Carl looked uncomfortable as the horses as the people around the place continued to stare. Anna, who was also feeling the eyes boring into her, decided she would think about Gabriel. That soft and caring face that looked up at her with worry whenever something happened, or that passionate way he had kissed him, holding her tightly in his arms. But the feeling quickly evaporated as Carl shook her shoulder.

"Anna, where exactly are we supposed to meet the person helping us get to our rooms? I'm feeling rather eyed at from all directions," Carl spoke, his eyes staring back nervously at the watchful eyes of the people. Anna raised an eyebrow and sighed. With that floating happy feeling gone, she had to deal with staring eyeballs. How strange, she thought. She had fought with vampires, werewolves and evil creatures and she didn't know what to do when eyes continued staring non-stop at the their direction. The only way to make them stop is to ignore them, a voice told her and she noddedto herself.

"We're almost there, Carl. Try your best at watching the sky."

Carl, biting his lips, looked up at the sky and tried his best at ignoring. Unfortunately for him, it didn't seem to work.


"Arr youzza peeps I'm to velp?"

A tall but plump man came up to Anna and Carl, with a smile that looked more like he had recently stuffed an rotten apple into his mouth. Carl looked at him with a disgusted look and Anna also wore a similar expression, though faint. She quickly let it get trampled by a rigid friendly looking smile she had stored up somewhere inside of her.

The plump man laughed and bowed a little before grabbing for the reins of the horses. Suprisingly enough, the horses didn't seem to mind being pulled away by him as the man continued to talk.

"Vell, of courze you arez! Youz za gypzy princezz I keep hearingz of, are you not? And youz, za small monkz vat trailz alongz with Masterz Van Helsing!" the man shouted and Anna saw, with a worried expression, how blue Carl had turned. Anna herself was looking a bit rigid then usual. She didn't dislike this man, but she didn't like him very much either. And the way the man said it, it worried her a little.

"May I ask what your name is?" Anna spoke politely and the plump man chuckled outloud. So loudly that eyes yet again continued to stare. Anna bit her lips and waited until the man stopped laughing.

"Don't know mez? Me'z name Bilvilaje! But all callzI Bivil!" the man, Bivilaje spoke after coughing a bit from laughing too much. Anna nodded and then looked back at her front. She could see they were nearing towards a small but cosy looking inn. For once she was happy to see it, though it looked as dark as the grim surroundings.

"We'z here, vaye!" Bivil roared and laughing, continued pulling the reins of the horses. This time the horses grunted irritably.

Anna sighed quietly in relief as she saw Carl do the same behind her.

A/N: Sorry it must seem this chapter was a bit hastened! But I have to sleep now and I'm writing fast since my head seems to work better in the night! So I will edit some parts on here again later:) Or maybe not, it depends! I'll update soon! Please review! :D Edited 11/20/2005.
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