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Chapter Three

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The creature called Isis has Gabriel trapped. Anna has a little flashback at what happened before she set foot out of the Vatican.

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Alas She Lies

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Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter Three

Gabriel Van Helsing was consumed. Totally in darkness that nobody would have pulled him back. He was in a nowhere and his heart was emptied with a nothing. And the creature that had entrapped the Left Hand of God and Archangel Gabriel was a creature by the name of Isis.

The creature watched with satisfaction as the knowing of Gabriel's eyes turned to silver until it turned to a dark and hollow color that looked as if someone scooped his soul out of him. Isis grinned with hundreds of tiny dark red fangs protruding from its vile dark lips.

It had been to easy, trapping the archangel. Just too easy. She wondered why God had made one of his best angels, the agent to work on this earth, weak. Isis vaporised into black smoke and landed right next to Gabriel's floating body. He looked asleep, except he looked ill and his skin was turning a bit dark and pale.

It will be soon now... Isis thought with a fanged grin, eyes slowly turningblood red asshe touched Gabriel's soft pale cheeks. Perhaps she would test her skill on him? Yes, she would do that. She cackled loudly and snapped her fingers, as dark black smoke spread over them and blackened their surroundings.


"Well that was a relief. For once, we can rest in peace," Carl said and Anna nodded. She swung her belongings on her shoulder but she grimaced at the stink she waws covered in.

"Smelling like fish?" Anna inquired and Carl grinned.

"Well I'll be right next door Carl!"

Carl nodded with a smile as Anna shut the door. She ran towards the door in front of Carl's room and sighed in relief as she saw a cosy bed and a few chairs, with a bath.

Sighing, she dumped her stuff on the bed and then locking the door of her room, she took of her trenchcoat and corset, along with her clothes and then went into the bath, letting the water flow in the bath. She could feel warmth flowing through her as she dipped her feet into the hot water. She stayed in the bathtub and pondered on her first mission.

Before heading for Budapest, she had asked of the creature Gabriel was to go after to the Cardinal and he had explained that the creature was a Herthagor, a hybrid creature of a human and ghostly beast. Anna shuddered a bit at the thought of seeing her love trapped with a creature called a 'Herthagor'. She digged deeper into her mind and tried to remember the details.


"Cardinal, I must ask before going. What creature was it that may have took Gabriel?" Anna asked, narrowing her eyes at the faint saddened expression the Cardinal's face. The Cardinal seemed to have already known something like this would be asked from Anna'slips. Carl, who stood right next to Anna as well, looked a bit worried and nervous. The Cardinal fell silent for awhile before opening his lips slowly.

"It is called a 'Herthagor', a hybrid of a human and ghostly beast. The one I had sent Gabriel after was a creature named Isis, a rather vile and dangerous creature that had been killing the people in Budapest." Anna nodded for him to continue and the Cardinal sighed silently.

"The creature seems to be quite intelligent, from our knowledge, but we did not know that whenwe had assigned Gabriel to this mission. The Herthagor was not exactly killing the people of Budapest just for food. It had captured living humans as well to do some sort of ritual. But we knew none of this. And it may have been trying to lure Gabriel in particulary, for he is the Left Hand of God."

"Do you know what its powers is?"

"Most of our files are quite unsure of the power and strength of a Herthagor, but it is guessed that the creature can stay invisible and shape shift willingly into its true beast form and to its human form. Here's a faint picture of the creature we had gotten hold of," the Cardinal explained and then handed a fuzzy photo of a small womanly figure, with long straight hair and a slim body. But the photo was too fuzzy and dark to see anything else.

"Thank you Cardinal," Anna spoke, smiling gratefully at the Cardinal and he nodded with a weak guilty looking smile.

End of Flashback

Anna sank into the clear hot water, closing her eyes before putting her face inside the water as well. She needed a plan, and she needed one fast. If the Cardinal was right, the creature was doing something horrid to Gabriel. And she couldn't bear it.

I'll find the woman in that picture. Most likely someone knows about her. And the name Isis, probably the creature would call itself that whenever it went out into the streets, she thought and sank even deeper into the warm water, her lips widening with a hopeful smile.

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