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Chapter Four

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Anna goes to wake up Carl and they both find a important clue to finding the creature and Gabriel.

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Alas She Lies

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Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter Four

Since it was getting dark already in Budapest, Anna had decided to sleep. After getting out of the bath, she dressed herself and actually collapsed onto the bed without saying much as a soft goodbye towards Carl's room, since she knew he was asleep, because she could hear loud snoring from the next room. She closed her eyes, thinking about Herthagors and Gabriel until morning came the next day.


Anna groaned loudly and then rubbing her eyes, she slowly opened her eyes, shading them from the blinding sun she thought she would be seeing. Instead, she saw shadow and darkness, and she could not hear one bit of birds chirping outside. Groaning again, she got to her feet a bit wearily and then ruffling her hair hastily, she opened the window in her room. Cold wind blew at her face and she shivered, quickly shutting the window back in its place. Her curly hair a ruffled mess, her legs automatically led her to the small bathroom. Anna took out a brush and then combed her hair, tugging it a bit so it'll come loose. Some of it did, but not much of it became straight.

/Typical/, she thought at her hair and then blinked a couple of times. She was still sleepy, but she was here for a mission. She couldn't just stay in bed all day. She ran out of the bathroom and grabbed for her high heel boots, jerking the boots into both her feet. Quickly strapping the laces back and forth, she straightened up her hair as much as possible and sighed, breathing in air. It was musty and the bleak feeling in the room blended with the smell.

/I should probably check if Carl is awake/, Anna thought and then opened the door of her room, shutting it with a small lock before heading to Carl's door to knock.

"Carl, are you awake?" Anna shouted and she heard a grumble from inside. She raised an eyebrow, a grin creeping up her lips, and then knocked again, a bit more loudly now.

"Noo..." a groan returned her knock, and Anna sighed. She had guessed something like this would happen. Rolling her eyes, she opened the door, which suprsingly was not locked, and saw that Carl was still fast asleep. Feeling a bit ashamed to be seing another man's sleeping form, Anna blushed guitily. Thinking about Gabriel, she walked forward towards Carl's sleeping form and shook his shoulder. Carl's lips moved as if he was eating something and then his eyes opened slowly, as slowly as a turtle would walk. And when his eyes focused to see Anna's face near him, he yelped in suprise and fell out of his bed.

Anna laughed out loud and kept laughing as she saw Carl scrambled on the ground. His feet somehow got Carl to stand and then Anna knew why Carl was so suprised to see her in his room. He was naked from head to toe as Carl continued trying to tug at the clothing stuck on the floor, which unfortunately had snagged the cloth in a small crack. The blush on Anna's face became deeper red as she immediately turned her back at him, unintentionally feeling her lips widening into a smile. "Sorry, Carl."

Carl, who was burning with embarassement, finally clothed himself and then angry at himself for not locking the door, he said, "It's alright. Just uhhh... next time, maybe you can knock again, a bit louder so I'll wake up on my own?"

"Alright Carl," Anna said and then rushed herself out of the room, shutting the door tight. A quick sound of locks was heard behind her and she chuckled softly as she thought about something not many woman thought of often.


"Ready Carl?" Anna shouted, knocking the door and then the door swung open as Carl, in his usual brown robes, came out smiling a bit uneasily. "Did you get the photo, Anna? Because that will be the key to finding the creature."

Anna nodded and then set off, her black trenchcoat hiding her equipment, which consisted of pistols, holy water, crosses and many more. Carl followed, looking about quirkly as his eyes went to and fro, examining his surroundings. They walked out of the pub, before seeing Bivil's unreadable expression on his face, and then out to the streets. The wind and grimness hit them hard and they both grimaced as they saw there was no one to be seen.

"Who are we going to ask?" Carl said, now looking worried and Anna shook her head questionably, furrowing her eyebrows with frustration. If there was no one to talk to, she would not be one bit closer to finding her Gabriel. And even if they were to ask Bivil, she knew it wouldn't help that much. Fiddling with the photo inside her trenchcoat pocket, she continued to walk forward, her eyes alert on anyone she could ask.

Fortunately for her, she caught sight of one peasant who suprisingly was not as grimly dressed as the town itself. Anna and Carl ran for her and the peasant in question, who was a tall slim woman similar to Anna. The woman looked up and her brown clear eyes were visible through her long wavy hair. She held a medium sized bag in her hands and her wavy hair was also brown as her eyes and her clothes. She smiled at them and then looked at Anna a bit confusedly.

"May I help you?"

Anna quickly took out the photo and then nodded, which got the woman's attention. She leaned forward towards the photo, looking thoughtful. "Have you seen this woman in the photo?" she asked in Hungarian.

The woman pursued her lips suddenly and her expression darkened. Something about the expression told Anna that nothing good was coming in the future for them. Still holding the photo high in the woman's face, the woman finally leaned back and then opened her lips slowly. "Yes I do."

"Would you please tell us where we can find her?" Anna said, her eyes brightening with hope. If there was any chance that they could find Gabriel, she would grab for it. Any clue and sign was her ally to the dangerous mission she and Carl had ahead of them. The woman replied with a deep frown and then looked closely at Anna's desperate expression. The woman's lips twitched and parted again, this time a clue that would get Anna and Carl moving.

"She always visits the Törött Sárvédõ bar... And miss..." the woman spoke and looked up at Anna, whose eyes clouded with bitterness at the name of the bar. She looked at the woman, who smiled weakly, took her hand and said. "Take care."

"Thank you, I will," Anna spoke softly and then the woman, carrying the bag, went, looking back at them again before disappearing through a corner. Carl was frowning but his eyes was filled with hope at the name of the bar. After all, they had a lead now. Anna only raised her head high with a reassured smile.

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