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Chapter Five

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Anna and Carl enter as someone else as they go inside the pub to investigate the creature. To their suprise, they meet someone totally different as well.

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Alas She Lies

I do not own anything I write here except the characters I have invented.

Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter Five

Anna and Carl crossed towards the /Törött Sárvédõ/, wearing nervous looks on their face. They had to get around to find someone to ask directions to the bar for one thing and another thing was because they had found the 'supposed' creature Gabriel had been sent to Budapest to vanquish.

They both wore rather unsteady looks on their faces and they knew if they couldn't find something that day, then they had no such lead to find Gabriel. It was luck or chance at this point and all they could do was wait for the roulette to stop turning and land on the right score. When they had finally found the bar, it was already getting dark.

"Is that it?" Carl asked with a wavering smile and Anna nodded, looking down at the rusty map one of the peasant's had drawn for her. She looked up at the bar and knew they needed a plan.

The bar was a large and grand one at that, and many well dressed aristocrats were going in with their beautiful trailing dresses and suits. Carl looked with distaste at the black suits the gentleman wore and then at the cars around the bar.

Just for one simple bar... Anna thought, rolling her eyes and then biting her lips, thought. If they could get in, they would be able to see if the creature Isis would be there. But how can they get in without being noticed that they weren't invited?

Anna nudged Carl's shoulder, who also looked thoughtful and then dragged his arm so they were hidden from the customers of the bar. But she led him closer in so she could hear the people letting the customers in talking. And she got her prize and thanked her instincts just then.

"Madame and Monsieur Rohovin seems not to be here," said one of the men and walked closer towards his staff member, who also shook his head in question. Anna's eyes immediately brightened into a mischievious glint and her face slowly turned towards Carl. "Carl, I need you to do something with me."

"I'm not gonna like this am I?"


"Anna, what am I supposed to call you?" Carl whispered, eyes looking around nervously as he clamped onto Anna's arm tightly. Anna was dressed in a dress she had quickly purchased and Carl was in a black suit, which Anna had bought swiftly as a hawk. He looked uncomfortable in them but he shut his lips, trying best not to complain.

His hair was combed back, so a hint of his friar-ness was gone for a moment and Anna's curly hair was tied in a simple ponytail, along with small curls of her bangs. Her dress trailed rather irritably with her, which was colored in a delicate light blue and she had a small bit very delicate light purple shawl over her shoulder. It seemed like the old warrior like princess everyone knew was gone, replaced with a beautiful woman. Anna smiled patinently and then also grasping Carl's arm tightly, moved forward together.

She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, saying, "Elanor Rohovin is my name. You are Phillipe Rohovin. I saw it on one of the notes they held."

Carl nodded quickly and then the two married 'couple' moved forward, smiling fake grins. The two men in front of the grand golden door stopped them with a hand and Anna's smile faltered a bit.

"You are...?"

Anna smiled and moving one more step, she breathed in deeply and then spoke in a womanly manner. She giggled and then acted as if she was hugging her Carl's arm in a loving way. The back on Carl's hair immediately perked up and he became as stiff as a stick as Anna giggled again and then looked up at the man's eyes with a sly grin plastered on her lips.

"Ohhh hogyan ostoba -ból én! Én Asszonyom Nekibuzdulás Rohovin és ez az én -m férj Phillipe Rohovin. Aren't mi , szerelem? (/Ohhh/ how silly of me! I am Madame Elanor Rohovin and this is my husband, Phillipe Rohovin. Aren't we, love?)" Anna spoke in Hungarian, though her now faint Romanian accent stung a bit with her Hungarian.

She nudged Carl softly in a rather desperate manner and Carl, smiling rigidly as well as standing rigidly, nodded rigidly. The men nodded in reply and let them pass immediately and they quickly walked in, feeling warmness flow through them again.

Their eyes widened in suprise, despite their worry, at the grandness of the place. But it didn't suprise them as much as most people would have. After all, they had had a glance at a place similar to this palce. And that was the Masquerade Ball Dracula had hosted.

"Wow. How are we going to find uhh the creature in here?" Carl spoke, still staring at the grand bar, slowly turned away from it and looked at Anna, who's eyes gleamed in determination. Carl felt quite reassured with the look and remembering to stop looking stiff, wiggled himself softly for a second.

"Asszonyom Rohovin! (Madame Rohovin!)" shouted a voice and Anna, forced to turn at the voice, looked to see a plump woman running, or rather, having difficulty running towards her direction. Anna secretly backed away inside of her as the other half of her walked towards the woman.

The plump woman was clad with gold and riches, most of them including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and precious diamonds that many would not have been able to afford. Anna nodded slightly and straightened herself, raising her head high. The woman smiled with her chummy lips and opened them.

"Ó õrölök, hogy találkoztunk végre személyesen , Asszonyom! ÉN akar szerelem beszélni minden a dolog amit volna történt -hoz teendõ az utóbbi idõben , de férjem akarat tart és csicsergés -val a teendõ már van nekünk most! De nem anyag , Nekem van találkozott ön most! (Oh it is nice to meet you at last in person, Madame! I would love to talk about all the things that have happened to the business lately, but my husband will go on and chatter with the business we have now! But no matter, I have met you now!)" the plump woman said and Anna half grimaced and smiled politely at the woman.

She saw to her distaste a flash of greed in the woman's eyes as the woman continued to chatter with Anna about 'the business'. Anna nodded her head politely and looked back at Carl, who had followed along with her so he would not be led astray by a gentleman he didn't know. Anna looked annoyingly at the woman, hoping she could get rid of her.

And when Anna (along with Carl) was led to meet a certain gentleman by the name of Gauthier, they never even suspected they would be seeing the one and only.


I know! I'm sorry for the cliffie! I am so mean, aren't I? I hope you liked it! And as for Anna being all dressed up and so, how do I call it, unlike Anna, I'm sorry about that. I hope I haven't insulted anyone with that one! Please review and ciao for now! I'll try my best at updating soon:)
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