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Chapter Six

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Anna and Carl find Gabriel, only to find that he doesn't remember them. Isis comes in between their discussion.

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Alas She Lies

Thank you for your reviews! I know I'm updating real fast, but I really want to keep writing:) So I will do that! Thank you so much for your reviews again, it is greatly appreciated! Sorry it took a day or two, I was hurrying about updating another chapter for my story! By the way, if you were wondering what Gauthier meant, it means strong ruler. You'll know more about it once you keep reading further:) I wish you enjoy this chapter as much as the previous and I will see you around! Please review and thanks for reading! ;D

Disclaimer: I do not own anything I write here except the characters I have invented.

Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter Six

"G-Gabriel?" Anna blurted as her eyes widened, Carl following the same example. Their mouths hung open as the man they knew looked up with what looked like inquiry. Gabriel was dressed in nothing he would have usually wore. He had on a dark suit, with a small black bow making him look aristocratic. His hair was combed neatly down until his shoulder and he looked so unlike Gabriel Anna and Carl knew that they couldn't believe their eyes.

"No, my name is Gauthier Nexus, nice to meet you Madame Rohovin," Gabriel, or Gauthier, spoke in Hungarian and took Anna's hand gently, and then kissed it, leaning his face down so he looked like he was bowing. Then he leaned back and then smiled, his eyes glowing light brown as Anna remembered when she had last kissed him. She really wanted to jump into his arms but she knew she it wouldn't be proper. In this state, she would have to keep acting as 'Madame Elanor Rohovin'.

"Monsieur Nexus here has come all the way from Europe to greet all these guests. Isn't he just a charming man?" the chubby woman drawled and her eyes flicked away, to walk away from Anna. Carl glanced at Anna's direction in a 'what should we do?' look and he only got wavering look of confusion mixed with happiness glow in her eyes.

"G-Gabriel, come on, stop acting! I am so happy you're alive!" Anna spoke in a sort of whisper and the man looked confused. He took a small step back, an expression that looked like he didn't remember Anna. Anna's eyebrows rose and a flicker of doubt now spread through her eyes. Her hands started to get slippery from sweat and the stupid white gloves she wore.

"My... My name is not Gabriel, Madame. You must be mistaken! I have never met you! And yet..." Gabriel cut off. Anna immediately looked hurt by this reaction. What did he mean, he didn't remember her? What on earth was he talking about? Of course he remembered her! Doesn't he? Anna thought, feeling tears suddenly flow up to her eyes. She blinked them back. What did it all mean?

"Gabi, dear?"

A woman's voice was heard and the woman came up. She was slim and beautiful, draped in a black elegant dress. Her long hair was jet black and the pupils of her eyes were coal black. She wore dark red lipstick on her plump lips and her eyelashes fluttered and flicked towards Anna and Carl, who was just looking a bit like a dumbfounded dummy.

The woman stroked Gabriel's hair and a sly smile slithered its way towards her lips. She then leaned even more forward Gabriel's neck but to Anna's relief, his hand brushed away the woman from near his neck. The woman gave out a theatrical gasp and then she leaned back grom Gabriel. Then her eyes went towards Anna and her eyes glowed in what looked like hint of red. "Whose this, love?"

"This is Madame Rohovin, my dear Isis," Gabriel said with a gentlemanly smile, his eyes looking to meet Anna's, which showed how perplexed she was. Gabriel couldn't help but stare at this strange and beautiful woman. He could recognize that this Madame was truly not from Budapest. She had a strange accent when she talked with Hungarian. And her eyes, it made him feel all disoriented. She looked /familiar/...

Anna bit her lip hard. She recognized the woman, /creature/, immediately. She was the Herthagor, Isis. But what didn't make sense was why Gabriel didn't remember her and Carl. Why? Questions swirled in Anna's head as she took her chance to glance at Carl's direction. He just stood there, looking puzzled and thinking hard. Anna looked up to see Gabriel again. Something must have happened while she was finding him. But what?

"Õk egy csalás! Fog õket! (They are a fraud! Catch them!)"

A loud shout cut through the air as it echoed through the room, even cutting through Anna's thoughts. She looked up to see what was going on and saw to he suprise a load of policemen running towards them, with a man leading them through toward's Carl and her.

The woman Isis and Gabriel, or Gauthier, immediately looked at them in suprise, but Gabriel looked more shocked. He didn't move in to grab Carl or Anna. He stood there just staring at Anna as Isis screamed and pointed to the two.

"Run!" Anna hissed loudly to Carl and both of them immediately pushed through the suprised crowd, towards whatever exit they could find. Shouts were heard as Anna managed to run towards the door and slip two of them out, slamming the door behind the policeman. Frustrated growls were heard from inside and loud footstep was heard afterwards. Carl looked at Anna in a mixture of shock and perplexity. Anna nodded at Carl's look as the two panted out of the /Törött Sárvédõ/.


"What-why-/how!/" Carl exclaimed immediately after they ran all the way towards their room. Anna managed to get the dress off of her and dress back to her usual self. But she looked in tears now that she did. It was so confusing! She wanted her Gabriel back! That awful creature Isis had brainwashed her love and taken him as her husband! Why did the creature do that? It was so unbelievable!

Anna started to crumple to the floor, her hands in her face as she started to sob. Noticing this, Carl brang him into his room and patted her back, trying his best to reassure her. But she was overwhelmed by her thoughts to hear his comforting words. That creature had stolen the most treasured person Anna had met besides her family. She didn't understand. Why would Isis want to make Gabriel forget his past life? Why?

Finally Carl got so sick of it he roared in anger himself, which got Anna's attention immediately. Suprised to see Anna looking up at him, actually listening to him now, he calmed a bit and said, "It's not use crying if we don't act Anna. We have to find Gabriel. We know now where to find that damning creature who made Gabriel forget about us! Take Gabriel back from that ugly woman! Gabriel knows inside of him and he loves you! Make him remember!"

Anna wiped her tears and slowly nodded. Carl was right. She couldn't just be sniffling away on the ground, feeling sorry for herself. She needed to act. And if she suceeded, she will get her Gabriel back. She looked up into Carl's courageous glint in his eyes and feeling reassured, she smiled. She got herself up and with a widening grin, Anna nodded one more time.

"Let's get Gabriel back."

A/N: Like it so far? Please review! And Gabriel's 'last' name means 'a link or tie; the core or center', so thats one hint as to what's going to happen next:) The name 'Gabi' also has a meaning and it's 'pet'. Well you think youknow what's going to happen right? WRONG! You have no idea! lol I think at least, lol. I'll update soon! ;D
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