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Chapter Seven

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Anna and Carl lose their weapons. Their guide is not who it seems...

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Alas She Lies

Decided I'll update one more chapter! And the last is a bit of a cliffie, I know, but I will update very soon for writing such an evil cliffie:D Anyways, continue reading and I hope you enjoy! Cause I certainly enjoyed writing this chapter:P It's full of my evil devilness in here! I kind of wish I can be Isis, since I want that name. -looks down to see I wrote some rather disgusting there- Never mind! LOL! Continue reading and please review! Thanks so much for coming to read!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything I write here except the characters I have invented.

Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter Seven

Isis swore under her breath as she continued to soothe Gabriel's curiousity by whispering words into his ear, which in fact were binding spells. He was like a child about to run off to find out what the object he has just seen was all about. But she was the master. She had the leash around his neck though, and he would not escape from her grasp. Perhaps it was wrong to have brought her 'husband' with her to the party.

Those two strange visitors, the frauds of the real Madame Rohovins, what had they come here for? She had never seen them before... and yet, she couldn't help but bite her lips angrily. The strange woman in the blue dress had kept staring at her as if she was here to meet Isis herself. But most of all she was straing wide eyed at her trapped like archangel. Maybe it was the angel's real lover? No it couldn't be, she had searched through his weak mind if there was anything to do with a lover of his.

Her eyes glowed for a second from deep red to deep coal black and then back to human eyes again. I should have finished the ritual after all. But I need the full moon to do so... Isis thought irritably. No worries, the full moon will come tomorrow...

Isis's grin widened maliciously and she leaned over to Gabriel's neck, licking it with gruesome excitement.


"Carl, where's my gun!" Anna shouted as she shuffled to find her equipment. She had dumped it on the bed when she had dressed into that blue elegant dress of hers. Where did it go?

She heard a 'no' come from Carl's room nearby and she also heard him shout where his own equipment had gone. Anna bit her lip hard. Someone had somehow gotten into both of their rooms and stolen their objects. To her somewhat relief, her clothes were here, since she was wearing them right now. The thief that had come into the room must have had a key to get in. But who would give anyone the key. Unless...

"Carl, we're going to go down to meet Mr. Bivilaje!" Anna shouted, closing the door and locking it shut behind her. She heard a rustle inside Carl's room. Carl's head poked out of the gap and his eyes were looking a bit frantic. "M-My precious scrolls! M-My new invention! It d-disappeared! Someone s-stole them! No-no-noooo!" He moaned and she couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for Carl. After all, Carl's inventions were a rare antique weapons.

"Carl, we have to go down and meet Mr. Bivilaje. We'll ask him some questions," Anna spoke and Carl's expression screwed up a bit in irritation. He had lost his precious scrolls and Anna wanted him to go down and meet that silly old man? But he followed Anna down the stairs anyway. At the counter Mr. Bivilaje sat on a seat, scratching out names and checking things inside a fat book on the desk. His eyes looked up towards Anna and Carl and a small by recognizeable frown appeared on his face. A bead of sweat appeared on his forehead as Anna's eyes narrowed. Yes, Mr. Bivil was definetely suspicious.

"Mr. Bivil, we would like to ask where our belongings have gone."

"Uhh, I-I'z wouln't-tz knovz of zis! Vhy's look accusingz ov poor old'z Bivilaje! I tis only'z dovzing-gz myz jov here'z!" Bivil spoke quickly. He seemed to have some difficulty speaking for some reason and he stumbled a bit on his words. Now Carl's eyes were narrowing in suspicion and his hands were clenched in fists now that he saw the stuttering look on Bivil's face.

"Mr.Bivil, we won't ask again. Where did you put our objects?" Anna said, hissing the word you as if she painted it on Bivil's forehead. Bivil's chubby body seemed to shudder, as if he was cold. Sweat poured down his forehead as he stood out of his chair. He looked at his two 'guests' stiffly and managed a quivering smile.

"Youz... Youz no ideaz vhat'z the vittle ...vitch'a willz dov ifz she vinds out ze voly vorder hadz vound their very ownz hunter! That ugly vitch iz intellivent and cleverz! Jihe shallz killz me for tellinz you!" Bivil stuttered awfully and Anna's expression softened a bit. So... Mr. Bivil knew about the creature, Isis.

"Will you give us back our items? Then we will destory that creature for you and you wouldn't have to fear any longer!" Carl spoke, his eyes also softening a little. Pity was what he felt until he saw a devilish glint spread over Mr.Bivil's face suddenly.

"Why would I want to do that, dear little monk?"

Anna and Carl immediately backed a step as they saw a ugly dark blue glow in Mr. Bivil's eyes. A wide and evil smile spread on his face as slowly stood up more gentlemanly and serene. The figure that had once been Mr.Bivil vanished to spot upon a blonde man, his head bowed a bit. But what made him unhuman was the very long fangs or tusks that grew out of the man's mouth. His eyes glowed in a glowing blue, with the stretching feral look of a cat. His eyes swirled for a second before looking back at Carl and Anna who glared at the stranger in determination.

"Now did you really think I am the same 'Mr. Bivil' you knew, dear Holy Order members?"

A/N: Sorry I know, cliffie there! But you didn't expect that one did you? Well, I will explain all of it in the next chapter, if there would be any explaining to do. The story is slowly coming to an end. And I know it must look rather short, but there would be a few more chapters coming! Please wish me good luck, for if I finish this, it would be the first VH fanfic I ever finished in my record:D Please review and I will update very soon! And I mean very soon as possible! -grins evilly-
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