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Chapter Eight

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The battle between Anna and Carl with a helper of Isis.

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Alas She Lies

Wow! Two reviews! Thank you for reviewing! XD And to answer StarMage1's question, well it will come soon! Don't worry! But for now, this chapter focuses on what's going to happen to Anna and Carl! So I hope you like it:) Thanks for reading and I hope you review again:) ENJOY!

I do not own anything I write here except the characters I have invented.

Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter Eight

"Who are you? What have you done to Mr.Bivil!" Anna shouted, though she knew what the answer for her second question was going to be. She guessed by now Mr.Bivil was dead, hidden somewhere out of their view.

"Well, now that you mention it, dear lady, I am Mr.Bivil. Or was, you prickling little woman. The real one is exploring the world above by now," the man hissed, his eyes glowing wildly as he stepped closer. To Anna and Carl's dismay, claws were digging through his normal human hands. Fortunately for them, no wings grew out of his back as the man grinned at him with a wicked chuckle.

"You-! Even Mr. Bivilaje didn't deserve death!" Carl shouted as he and Anna backed a step. He saw a flicker of pleasure on the man's face and his wicked chuckle echoed louder.

"Is that so? That fickle fat 'vastard' deserved what he got. He had become very useful for the past few days," the man said and licked his lips. The monstrous orbs seemed to bore into Carl but then it looked away an settled upon Anna, who wore an angered expression on her face. "Pity, you are rather beautiful."

"You will never touch me!" Anna shouted and in a moment of seconds, she looked up at the ceiling and then grabbed the lone hard looking pole struck between the small gap. She lifted herself quickly and then attempted to kick the man squarely in the stomach. Unfortunately the creatue was too fast that he caught it in his clawed grasp. But Anna was smarter than him it seemed.

She twisted around and her other foot hit him on the face. The man gave out a frustrated gasp and let go of Anna, letting her drop with a hard 'dunk' on the wooden floor. Wide eyed with worry and horror, Carl grabbed for Anna and brought her to her feet. The creature held his face in his claws, as he shrieked in pain. Clearly Anna's boots hit him quite hard it made him cry in agony.

"Run!" Anna shouted to Carl and he immediately nodded, disappearing into a corner. He found himself staring at lots of vaults to put valuables in. He muttered a 'Oh dear' as he fumbled to open the boxes. There was a shout of anger as a rumbled shook the room, making Carl jump faster and work harder in ripping the boxes out. Many of them were empty but he saw some necklaces and watches fall down from some of them. He ignored them and continued to open the other ones out until his search was disturbed. A huge ugly clawed hand came roaring through the corner he had come from. The sharp and long claws ripped through the wood, letting dangerous splinters of it flying everywhere. Carl gave out a gasp of suprise as a horrifyingly deep voice resonated through the area.

"Where did that UGLY little monk flee to! I shall catch him as if I was a hungy cat about to eat its DINNER!"

Carl gave out a frightened squeak as the huge black claw continued ripping through the room. The claw crashed through the chairs and tables lined around. Carl was forced to lean back as he pulled out more of the vaults. Finally he found his inventions and scrolls and before long he found Anna's items as well. Just in time, Anna came out from the other door and shouted, "Carl! The gun!"

Carl threw it towards her direction and Anna ran out of the room. He followed, but not before hearing a loud 'BANG' from the other side. There was a loud screech from the deep voice and Carl stared as the claw stopped its journey through the room. It lay there as if it was dead. Carl came out and following the trail Anna ran through, found the man lying on the floor, with Anna's pistol nestled on his forehead. But what confused both of them was the evil cackle that came out of the man's lips, which was now spurting blood.

Anna looked in disgust at the man. His eyes still glowed but it was becoming fainter. She had shot him straight in the heart and still the man lived! It was truly impossible, but yet she was not suprised. She sank the pistol more closer to the man's forehead.

"Who are you! What do you want! Are you working for that monstrous ugly woman called Isis! WHY!"Anna demanded as she let her boots strike the man's chest. A pained gasp for breath exceped from the man and she looked down at him. Then she noticed something she didn't notice before. The man was still young. And yet for some reasons it had disappeared within him, hidden inside the beastly features that came forth. He looks no more than 18 or 19! Anna thought to herself in shock and her look of determination wavered at this.

"Why? Why?-"the man, or boy, startled to cackle loudly even more, but was stopped as more blood spurted from his mouth. Carl screwed his face and looked away. But Anna's eyes were locked on him."-I'll tell you why/. If what she says is true, we'll be able to rule the world with that bound spawn of her's. That spells and rituals always work! Already she is ready and she will die trying to fulfil her wish. And so will I! If I help her, I can rule with her! I will get half of the throne! /That is why! She will win/, she /always wins..."

The boy started to cackle horribly but then started to give out choking noises until his long tusk-like fangs had disappeared and his glowing eyes were lit no more. The long claws that had grew out of his fingers now turned back to normal and the life that was once in him had left completely.

Anna stared at the boy and then leaned down towards his wide open eyes and closed them. The boy, though he wore an expression that showed pain, looked at peace for some reason. The smirk on his bloodied lips had, before he died, turned into a peculiar looking smile that no one would have probably guessed. Anna gave out a terrible sigh that remided Carl so much of Gabriel. When Gabriel had killed a man or woman, he always did the sign of the cross with an expression guilt on his face, and this was exactly what she was doing.

"-May he rest in peace..." Anna whispered and then holstering her gun on her belt, she looked up at Carl, who held other items of hers in his grasp. She smiled a bit weakly and then asked if she could get her things back. Carl nodded and gave them to her, though he too looked a bit sadenned. Even if he was evil, there seemed to be that there was some good lingering in the boy. Carl didn't exactly know why he knew that, but he just sensed it, from both the expression on his face and from the last glint of life leaving the boy's body. He must really be at peace now.

"He talked about a rituals and spells... what could that mean?" Carl said, his eyes darkening at the though. He had searched and learned a whole lot about them, and he knew that many were as dangerous as the creature who has hold of the instructions to do such a spell or ritual. Anna only shook her head in distress, a frown also creeping up her lips. Then she looked straight into Carl's eyes and spoke.

"We have to leave, Carl."

Carl nodded and the two went out. Fortunately for Anna, no blood stained her clothes. Soon enough the rustling of horses and policemen rushed into the inn. Anna looked saddeningly at Carl. "We're just like Gabriel now, except our faces aren't known."

"True, but we know we did it for good."

Anna smiled, feeling a bit reassured. But she winced as something burned inside the pocket of her black pants. Carl looked with a quirky glance at Anna as she hurried to pick whatever was inside her pocket. It was a small letter but the tip of it was already beginning to scorch with what looked like black fire. It didn't seem to burn Anna's fingers as she opened it hesitantly. Inside, in curly words, wrote a single sentence that led them at once to where they needed to go.

Follow the broken wings to the heavens, there you will find the angel you seek...

A/N: Sorry another cliffie, I suppose! lol Did you get what that sentence means? It's pretty simple since I'm no good with riddles. Guess who that letter came from? Yes, the boy. So that proves it that he wasn't that evil inside. Well I hope you liked it and please review again:D
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