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Chapter Nine

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Anna and Carl find Gabriel... but they realize then they were lured into a horrible trap.

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Alas She Lies

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Summary: Anna is alive but when Gabriel doesn't come back from a mission, he is believed to be dead. She goes to the place where he was last seen to find a terrible plot behind Gabriel's disappearance.

Chapter Nine

"Oh my god, Gabriel!" Anna cried as she ran up the stairs, Carl following her steps up the Törött Sárvédõ. Anna's eyes were filled with relieved tears as she stumbled the steps upwards but Carl didn't seem to wear the look that she wore. It looked more like worry as the familiar scent of burning candles reached his nose. A hint of rosemary lingered in the air as Carl carefully climbed the stairs, taking care not to trip over. Anna, on the other hand, didn't seem to bother as she continued up the winding stairs of the second floor.

"Anna!" Carl shouted as his worry deepened but Anna didn't hear it as she pushed the door open. Instead of light, a shadow creeped through, stretching down the stairs like a creature trying to escape. Carl moved out of the shadows way as Anna pushed the door wider. Mist and shadow brushed through their feet as a huge blast of wind blew at their faces as Anna gave out a loud piercing gasp.

Gabriel sat on a darkened chair in the middle of the room, with nothing but twilight surrounding his slumped figure. His head was bowed so a veil of shadow darkened his face. But a small beam of light poured down from the up above. But other then this, there was only darkness.

"Gabriel!" Anna screamed and ran towards him but Carl didn't follow. He didn't like it... There was something strange about it. He could smell the whisps of smoke of a burnt candle. He stepped forward into the room and he stepped onto something he dared not look down to see. For all he could see was the color of black.

He lowered down onto the floor and blindly started to touch the floor, only to give out a yelp. He quickly withdrew his hand away from whatever it was that he had stepped on but gulping down his fear, he kneeled down so he could get a good grip at the thing. His fingers traced what felt like bone as he continued to follow its trace. Then it stopped right where the trace of light seeped through. Carl gave out an exhale as he recognized what exactly it was.

"Gabriel...?" Anna whispered, trying to shake Gabriel awake. Not a sound escaped from his lips nor did he move as Anna touched Gabriel's cheek gently and raised his face so he was facing her. And a choked gasp echoed through the room.

They were in a room where not only were they inside the circle of dark magic but Gabriel's eyes were hollow, colored completely in the color of silver like the full moon that poured light down Gabriel.


Red eyes flicked open inside the darkness as a sudden burst of flames burst from the candles surrounding Carl, Anna and Gabriel. A ghostly wind enveloped them as the door Anna and Carl had come through was slammed shut, the click of a lock sounding as if to prove they can't escape. Carl's eyes focused from the sudden brightening light coming from the burning candle as he looked down at his finger. It was slimy with white candle wax dripping over his hand as he glanced towards Anna's direction and he could see Anna opening her lips to say something.

"Foolish mortal! Did you think you can come here and take away my angel?" hissed a voice before any of them could say anything. A triumphant chuckle sounded from the voice as both Carl's and Anna's eyes were averted towards it.

There stood Isis, cloaked this time all in black and red. Both of them couldn't see exactly what she was wearing because dark mist was covered around her, hiding away only her face, whose eyes glared at them with a wicked grin curving up her lips.

"What did you do to Gabriel!" Anna screamed and trembled terribly as she slowly got up to her feet. Isis only grimaced in distaste at her.

"Every angel has their dark sides, mortal. I just picked this one because he was the most powerful and clueless of all angels."

Anger roared into Anna's eyes as she glared menacingly at Isis, whose lips parted in a cruel grin. She raised on finger to her lips in a teasing way as her eyes continued to glow darkly red.

" are going to wake poor Gabi!"

A horrible chuckle filled the room as the incense of candles burned strongly in the room.

"Don't you dare call him with that ridiculous name! You evil monster, what have you done with Gabriel? Bring him back!" Anna snarled loudly as Carl's eyes flicked towards Anna. Something about the glimmering look on Isis's face made him feel concious to the fact that she was brewing something bad. Really bad. His eyes then went back to Isis and at her expression.

"Anna, I d-don't think that's a very good idea..." Carl began but he was cut off quickly by Anna.

"Why not! You said yourself that we should get him back!"

"That's not the point..." Carl tried to continue but then he was interrupted by a piercing laugh.

"Suit yourself!" Isis hissed and she flicked two hands up the air as if she was trying to summon a creature. Which, techincally, was somehow true. She closed her eyes, hiding away her blood red eyes as she started to chant away strange latin words. Carl's eyes widened in horror at the words and he shouted for Anna to get away from Gabriel. She refused at first but when Carl shouted again, this time desperately, she did as she was told and leapt back from Gabriel.

"What the hell is that monster doing?" Anna demanded as she reluctantly backed away towards Carl. Gabriel's body was slowly trembling from an invisible force that caused him to slowly float onto his feet without using any of his hands to get up. Something was forcing him up.

"She's trying to bind Gabriel and bring forth his darker side!" Carl shouted as a burst of dark fire burst from Gabriel's feet, crackling threatingly at his feet as it grew larger. Anna watched in horror as she saw her beloved Gabriel turn into some kind of... monster. A monster that Gabriel feared he was becoming. Carl was punching at an invisible barrier in front of him and he gave out a curse as fear leaped into his eyes. Both of them faced Gabriel's changing form.

Isis cackled as she saw to her evil delight her spell worked on her soon-to-be pawn. Pity, her other one was rather handsome. But Gabriel... Gabriel was much more stronger, and he will a perfect servant. An angel with the darkness overwhelming more of his angelic side instead. Her angel of darkness.

"GABRIEL!" Anna screamed as fresh tears started to form in her eyes, blinding her vision. Carl, on the other hand, looked in gaping horror at his friend.

Slowly and crudely, white bright wings ripped out of Gabriel's wings. But the beauty of it soon seemed to vanish as slowly the white feathers started to fall apart from his wings, revealing coal black acid dripping through like blood as huge droplets of it fell, burning any of the brilliantly bright feathers. An inhuman roar escaped Gabriel's lips as the silvery eyes he had just now slowly turned as red as Isis's. Long fangs digged its way through Gabriel's teeth as something that sounded like pain and a glorious laugh echoed through his roar.

Isis looked away from Gabriel to the girl, the woman who came for her Gabi with her small friend. Gabi was hers. No one was going to spoil her plans. No one.

Anna could only sob in terror and pain for Gabriel as she saw her love turn into a person she didn't even recognize. The monster in front of her was not her Gabriel, the one she loved with all her heart. But yet there might be some of him left in the monster that he got turned into.

"Gabriel, baby, can you hear me...? Love... It's Anna..."

A sudden change came over Gabriel's monstous expression and a choked gasp came over him. Anna watched with bleary tears as she saw one word escape Gabriel's lips.


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