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Chapter Ten

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Anna and Carl fight Isis as they try to bring back Gabriel from the darkness...

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Alas She Lies

A/N: First of all, I'd like to thank my reviewers for their wonderful reviews! They were just awesome! Thank you!!! And I'm so sorry I haven't updated!! But here it is now!! It's almost nearing the end, ::sniffle::, it's really sad.. :( Sad but wonderful in a way, hehe. Please review and love ya all loads!! OwO!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything I write here except the characters I have invented.

Summary: Every angel has their dark sides... Gabriel disappears in the middle of a mission and he is believed to be dead. Anna and Carl goes to Budapest to investigate and finds out that not only was there an evil plot behind Gabriel's disappearance but someone is trying to summon a ancient power hidden within the angel.

Warning: A bit of a kissy kissy scene going on, lol. It'll finish, and be replaced with action but that small part of the scene was just inevitable to erase. It was too important to the tale and plot, lol. So sorry about that, hehe. O.o;;

Chapter Ten

Anna's eyes lit up in hope as she looked at Gabriel tearfully. Though he was transformed into a thing that neither Anna nor Carl could recognize, Anna could still see he held his former shape. Anna stepped forward and this time Carl didn't stop her. He knew there was something in Anna that would bring Gabriel back. It was love.
Gabriel was on his knees, his dripping wings covering him from any attack from the outside. Every droplet that fell from the wings burned holes on the ground and pooled an acid puddle around him. But for some reason he was unharmed. Gabriel gave out an hiss, and he digged his claws onto the floor as he writhed in agony. Something was... burning inside of him... What was it? He wanted it out, out! But did he? Was it just his other side... telling him it was horrible? After all, it was so warm and comforting... yet it felt deadly. Deadly and dangerous for the dark creature that started ripping its way through Gabriel. It needed to destroy the pain. Destroy.
Anna took another careful step closer, tears blinding her eyes. But she didn't care as she wiped them away with the back of her hand. All she cared was Gabriel. Gabriel, her husband-to-be. Her true love. The one who had helped her escape the lonliness in her heart. Gabriel...
"Yes, it's me, Anna!" Anna spoke softly. It was answered by another hellish roar that was filled with agony and confusion. Anna dared to take another step closer, so close she was also touching Gabriel. Gabriel's expression was etched with an evil glare and baring of fangs, as if he was a cat that was warning Anna to stay away. But Gabriel didn't attack.
Anna leaned forward and before the monster inside of Gabriel could do anything, Anna slid her face near Gabriel's and kissed him softly on the lips. Anna winced painfully at the acid substances that dripped over her flesh, but she didn't even look to see if she got a horrible wound as Anna deepened the kiss. She closed her eyes, thinking of Gabriel, the Gabriel she knew and loved with all her heart.
Gabriel squirmed in her grip, but something in him didn't let go of her grasp. He wanted to have it, to have Anna, to be her's and her to him. Anna was his love. His one true love that saved him from the darkness when he was doomed to die. The only one he'll ever love. Realization grasped him as the blood red color in Gabriel's eyes started to vanish, from mildish red to a thin silver coating, that was soon to be broken from its spell. The fangs protruding out of his lips were starting to push back, changing back to normal. He also leaned more closer to the Gypsy Princess as he wrapped his arms around Anna, his wings protecting them from any dangers outside.
Two lovers were locked together in their immortal kiss, so full of warmth and love that seemed to radiate out, pushing back the darkness off to where it should have stayed.
And the enemy didn't like it. She didn't like it at all.
Isis hissed threatingly as she screeched in anger. Eyes glowing with the color of burning fire, her fangs grew long, so long it looked more venemous then her eyes. Carl, who had been watching this all happen in a quick blur, guessed what was happening next.
Isis wasn't going to take a failure to her plan.
"GABI! You traitor! You are mine! You do not belong to that ugly whore you are kissing so passionatly!" Isis roared, and her dark hair rose around her, as if someone had put life into them. It floated, an invisible force bringing it up as Isis bared her fangs dangerously at Gabriel's direction. "Hear me, Gabriel. Hear me call.... Audite the dominus illud voco fatus vestra obscurum!"
Gabriel was forced to pull back from the kiss as something powerful pushed him, pushed him towards the very edge. His eyes flickered back again, glowing back to the familiar color of red as Gabriel pushed Anna away from him. Anna, bewildered and shocked, quicky got up, her back burning painfully. The creature, Isis, was doing something to Gabriel again... She needed to stop her!
Anna turned to face Carl who was quickly thinking of a plan to save Gabriel and escape the clutches of Isis's grip. Unfortunately, Anna didn't know this. Carl was forced to snap out of his thoughts as his gaze focused on her. "Yes, yes, what is it!"
"We need to defeat Isis-!" Anna began but Carl interrupted.
"I know that already!" Carl snapped, a rare reaction for him to do so. But Anna had no time to ponder on it.
"Carl, listen to me! Do you know any spells to outrun her? Any spells, weapons, anything! I'm guessing a bullet on the head won't work!" Anna shouted, annoyed to have been easily interrupted. She pulled out her pistol, which shined with its brilliance. She heard a horrible scream that she knew erupted from Gabriel as her eyes focused over Carl. Carl was the one who knew most things. He was the only hope to save Gabriel now.
"A-A spell? A spell!" Carl shouted quickly over the noise. The scream had made Carl's insides hurl like a whirlpool. He licked his dry lips as Anna's eyes widened for the answer that came next. Hope flickered in her eyes again. This was the answer to their escape and rescue.
"A spell which I have no clue about..."
"I'm sorry, Anna, but I don't know anything about-" Carl stopped. "Actually, I might have something. But I need to remember it, give me time Anna!" Carl spoke hastily. He could see Anna was frantic now as she looked back over her head. Isis was completing her task, finishing what she started. The monster she was now building was almost free, free to rule and obey her every command. To worship her and love her. Free to destroy, even if it meant the ones he had once loved so dearly.
"I-It was... Isis spoke words in latin...! She said, 'Hear the master that calls for your darkness.' If we change it backwards, turn the spell upside down, Gabriel may be able to come back before she is finished with him!" Carl shouted quickly as he started now in turning it backwards.
"May...! MAY! What do you mean, may? We need to get him back, or Gabriel will be just a tool, an instrument of evil used to destory and build a more darker world!! There won't be an 'us' if we don't hurry and save him!" Anna shouted as she waited for Carl's next answer.
"I-I know, Anna, I'm trying! 'The Master', we can change that to 'Your Loved Ones'. A-And... replace it with 'bring you back from the...the... darkness! That's it! Say the words, 'Hear your loved ones bring you back from the darkness!' in latin! Actually, I'll say it! AUDITE VESTRA DILECTIOD ONES PERFECI TE TERGUM FROM THE OBSCURUM!" Carl shouted suddenly after muttering to himself.
Anna and Carl looked at Gabriel and found him rising to his feet covered with dark smoke that curled around his ghostly looking form. The fangs that had once vanished had grown back, along with the evil burning look of blood red eyes that glared down at his prey. But as soon as he heard the latin words, Gabriel clutched for his heart in a panic-stricken attempt to be released from the heat that burned in his heart. Anna and Carl smiled triumphantly at each other but they could see the spell was quickly wearing off. Anna copied Carl's words, reaching forward for Gabriel, shouting it with all her might.
A sudden burst of blinding light erupted from Gabriel, as the black acid wings burst apart, turning back to its glorious color of white as Gabriel's angelic side rushed forward, rescuing him from the darkness. Eyes turned back to its normal color as the devilish tools that had grown out of him vanished with a flutter of light that looked almost like feathers. Gabriel was bathed with what looked like heavenly sunlight as not a spot of black was to be seen from him.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Isis screamed hideously, a scream that sounded like a thousand of lost souls cry in fright, pain and most of all, hate. Isis was worn from head to foot from the spell she used and her youthful features were also wearing off. Isis was turning back to the monster she really was.
She stepped into the circle, which had fused out. The room was golden with light as Isis hissed hatefully at the light. She craved darkness, and that was what she will get. Isis raised her fingers, and the skin ripped apart, revealing claws so sharp it looked like the hands had never been there. Isis's eyes stayed the same color, but the lengthened fangs stretched out towards the three in front of her.
Gabriel, bewildered and confused, looked around at his surroundings. Where was he? It was the very first question that popped up in him before his mind was blurred with memories he thought he didn't have before. He saw memories of meeting Anna and Carl again as Gauthier, but not being able to remember it... The last thing he rememebered of being trapped by a creature he was supposed to be capturing. And then the cold pitch black darkness, where Anna's voice alone saved him from being overcome by complete shadow. And what he knew clearly as he saw through the memories was the creature. Isis. The creature that wreaked so much havoc and broke peace, attempting to use him for a dark purpose.
A tool to destory God's beautiful world.
Gabriel, finally released from the grip of the memories, glared venemously at the figure... a figure that was transforming.
Anna and Carl watched all this change with such shock they were frozen in place, eyes wide with the look of disbelief crossing their eyes. But after a few seconds, Anna ran towards Gabriel, without even flinching from her wounds. She dodged Gabriel's new brilliantly white wings and jumped for him, hugging him as Gabriel caught her in his grasp. Gabriel gave out a delighted laugh and both of them leaned forward for a kiss, but they were interrupted quickly by a mournful sounding hiss that made it hard for them to listen to. Carl also ran towards Gabriel as Gabriel ushered them behind him.
Isis was complete. She was now transformed into the creature she truly was. A real monster. Long and wide black wings had ripped its way from her back, all pointed with deadly claw like things that made up her wings. The human face that had made her more realistic was no more, replaced with a gruesome looking snake like feature, the nose turned into something small. Razor sharp fangs dripping with poison extended out of her unearthly jaws, and her body had turned into coal black scales, her hands turning into claws. The only thing that still held it's humanity was her feet. It was still human, but it was dripping, splashing a load of poisounous acid. Red vicious eyes glared like burning jewels at Gabriel.
"We could have been together, Gabi! We could have ruled the world with our powers! But you chose the hulye kurva over me! ME! I gave you a chance, my beautiful Gabriel, my once angel of darkness!" Isis roared, spreading her wings.
"And you broke. my. heart!"
Gabriel immediately moved as he pushed Carl and Anna out of the way. Isis was on him before the two knew it as they fell on the golden floor. Gabriel was fighting the creature like they never seen him before. Without weapons, he dodged just about every attack from Isis. But Isis was not as weak as she looked. She gave out a war cry and slashed at Gabriel's chest, and three deep cuts blazed through. Isis gave out a hiss of triumph as she flew back a little. She licked her claws, tasting angel blood and laughed cruelly as she saw Gabriel stagger onto the his knees.
Anna gasped and rushed over, glaring at the creature. She immediately took out her pistol and aimed, releasing a few bullets towards Isis's directiong. It whizzed past her easily, as if she was playing a game with Anna. Anna gave out a loud curse as she leaned over to check if Gabriel was alright. He was holding onto his chest painfully, but ease came over his expression. Anna looked at him in confusion. Gabriel's hands parted from the wound and Anna saw why. The wound had magically disappeared, healed by the light that sew Gabriel's skin back together. Carl looked at it with wide eyed wonder. God is helping us! he thought in utter amazement.
Gabriel, finally healed, gave Anna a reassuring smile. He seemed also amazed with what was going on, but he had a task. And it was a task that required him. Out of nowhere, light shaped something in his palm and as the three all watched, it formed into a arrow and bow, as golden as sunlight and as rich as gold. Sparks jumped out of it, flying its way back into either the bow or arrow.
Now feeling a new confidence welling in Gabriel's brightened heart, he reached for the arrow and bow. Even though he didn't know how to use it, somehow his body responded, as if he had used one before in his life. Perhaps he had, in his previous life. But it didn't matter. What mattered was that he was going to shoot her. Shoot the creature perfectly in the heart of Isis's cold mind.
He wasn't going to miss. He couldn't.
Isis was watching all this with interest. But fear split her heart for the first time. This situation smelt strangely familiar. And then her eyes widened. She could see it coming now, that golden arrow that had paralyzed her and dragged her back to whence she had come from. Her mind replayed the first time she had actually died, her heart bleeding with an angelic arrow pierced through her heart. Memories brought back fresh tears to her eyes, blood red tears that slid down her scaly cheek. Her love.. Her angelic love had killed her. They're forbidden love was true and pure, even if she was a born monster. And now history seemed to be repeating itself again. She was going to die again, in the hands of an another angel she loved and cherished secretly in her cold, locked heart.
Gabriel readied himself to shoot, but he saw something he probably shouldn't have seen. He saw one tear roll down Isis's cheek. His eyes widened for the very first time, an guilt immediately gripped him. He didn't understand... but something told him not to shoot. A monster was not supposed to feel. A monster was born hollow and bloodthirsty, without ever having to worry about feelings. And yet, Isis had shown tears.
He lowered the bow and arrow, and it vanished out of his grasp. Anna and Carl, who had expected Gabriel to shoot and kill the creature, looked up at him with confusion. Gabriel's hands curled into fists. He couldn't kill Isis. Even for what she did. He would never be able to. Looking up at Isis's eyes, though hollow looking, were like looking through a soul, a soul that never got to rest. It was not fair to kill her, when she might repeat what she did to him.
Realization dawned over him as he knew the anser. Gabriel's task was not to kill her and return her back to where she was born. He was there to redeem her.
Slowly and carefully, Gabriel stood up, and with his newly wings, flew towards Isis, who cowered back, trying to fly away from him. But Gabriel caught her clawed hand softly and Isis felt peace fill her heart. She watched as Gabriel smiled angelically at her.
"Isis, you will redeemed... freed... from the existence you have become. Away from all the hate and pain you have gone through. You will be forgived for you sins and become one of living mortals existing on Earth. You shall not remember what happened, but you will do good while you are alive. Be faithful and help any in need," Gabriel spoke, but he felt like someone else was speaking through his lips as his other reach forward and touched Isis's forehead. Isis watched him with wide eyes, shocked at his speech.
"But...But...! I have sinned! I have wreaked havoc and even tried to use you so I can destory this pitiful world! Why do you help me?"
Gabriel smiled, his eyes softening. "Because you saved me. You made me realize the most important things in life. And I thank you for that. Live life with honesty, Isis, for you may never have another chance to do what you want in just one lifetime."
His fingers traced Isis's forehead and then it brightened with a marvelous light splashing into Isis, enveloping her with warmth and love as Isis exhaled deeply. She closed her eyes, and for the first time in her life, she felt real peace. She was able to dream... dream of the life she would have now.
Isis's form quickly disappeared inside a beautiful light and Isis was gone after a few seconds, the light bringing her towards her rightful place as one of the mortals.
Anna watched this with mixed feelings, but she smiled. Isis was living creature. Even if she were a monster, a monster still deserved to be treated equally. She felt happy for Isis.
Carl couldn't believe it. The creature was gone, and Gabriel had done it. Gabriel was now a full angel now.
"Anna, Carl..." Gabriel began as he flew back towards them. They looked back with smiles as Gabriel grinned.
"Thank you. Thank you for saving me."
"Who wouldn't want to save you!" Carl said and laughed as Anna and Gabriel also laughed with him. But Anna and Gabriel glanced at each and then this time kissed, a kiss that wasn't going to be interrupted.
Carl grumbled but the edge of his lips twitched, hiding away a small smile. Peace at last!

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