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The Long Fall From The Short Rope

by DetectiveDaughter

Um... Short and sweet... Or really just short.

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I know this took a while, but I've been SUPER busy. This is short. Not because I couldn't write more but because it just had to be. I'm working on the new chapter. It should be up by next week. I can't work on it every day for a lot of boring reasons. Thanks for being patient. Try and enjoy.

Chapter 18

The stairs, that led to the loft where the woman of both his and his deceased best friends dreams waited, creaked underneath Patrick's worn converse. As he trekked to the top he went over various scenarios of the conversation that was about to take place in his head. It could be intense and emotional or strained and cold. The possible outcomes were endless and head ache inducing. Either way it went it would not be good. His IPOD belted Prince and Patrick sang along absent mindedly.

"Maybe I'm just too demanding, Maybe I'm just like my father... Too bold..."

Bobbing his head to the beat and to shake away apprehension he approached the door. The song in his ears changed to Nat King Cole as he slipped the small silver key in the lock of the bright red door. Upon opening it he was greeted with a bodiless room. Arissa was no where in sight. Placing his many electronic devices and keys on the counter Patrick frowned deeply. He was hoping she was already awake.

His brow furrowed and he walked back toward the bedroom that held his sleeping beauty. "Arissa?" He called sweetly through her door. When she didn't answer he swallowed his nerves carefully and opened the piece of wood separating him from another passionate encounter with the woman responsible for his thoughtlessness throughout the day. "Arissa?" He whispered before looking up to see her kneeling on the window sill clinging tightly to the frame surrounding.

A look of panic overcame his features and he looked around the room alarmed. He wasn't sure what he was looking for, but he suspected it might be courage. A helping hand in the form of an answer or solution.

"Patrick..." Arissa said tearfully. The thin sheet covering her body was hanging from the window gracefully. Her hair fell over her bare shoulders and as Patrick took in her position his breathing slowed.

There she was attempting to end her life and half succeeding. He looked down as he began to shiver and took in a deep breath. He mentally told himself to stay calm. He tried to form words with his suddenly dry mouth.

"Arissa..." He gasped moving toward her warily. "Come down from there. Riss... What are you doing?" He asked shakily closing in on her form. The tightness in his voice was apparently fear as he let out a slight helpless whimper.

"I don't know anymore." She whispered loosening her grip slightly. Patrick stopped and watched as she cocked her head to the side. She leaned out a little and breathed in slowly. He moved closer and reached forward as she moved again. "You should have seen the way he looked at me, Trick. If you just could have se..."

Arissa trailed off as Patrick grabbed her around the waist pulling her forcefully from the inside of the window. The sheet slipped away in the process and layed half in the room and half outside blowing slightly in the breeze.

They fell to the floor in a heap and Arissa held tightly to Patrick's shirt. She inhaled sharply before sobbing loudly and springing up and out of his arms. She crawled into a corner and pulled her knees up to shield her nakedness.

Her eyes were scared and shocked. Turning to the window she shook her head before resting it on her knees in an effort to forget her actions. Patrick looked at her carefully before laying his head back on the cool wood beneath him. He let out a relieved sigh and then got up.

Lifting her head Arissa watched him through empty eyes and gulped as he grabbed the sheet from the window. He closed her escape off and locked it. Taking the sheet in his left hand he reached out to her with his right. She nodded no and put her head back down. "Riss...Please?" She looked up a little unsure. He shook his hand to insist and she took it and stood letting him wrap her in the sheet.

Patrick looked her over lovingly and she began to cry, gently saying, "I'm so sorry."

"It's alright." He whispered putting his arms around her and squeezing hard. "Everything is alright."

Arissa lifted her head and looked him in his beautiful blue eyes. The cool pools staring back were concerned and afraid. She had caused those feelings to meld. Now they had formed a memory and he would never see her the same again. The confusion in his soft expression was slight, but the disappointment was not. Biting her lip she recognized it as the very face she had once made at Peter for the exact same reason.

Soon Arissa's body went limp in his arms and she wailed and sobbed uncontrollably. Sinking to the floor Patrick cradled his new obsession as she cried for another man. "I loved him so much. Why Patrick? Why?" She screamed grasping him hard around his mid-section. "Why?!"

She begged for answers. She prayed and shouted and pushed against his strong hold needing to just release. The anger and hurt had finally broken down the barrier she'd made. Patrick was afraid the flood of emotions was just the beginning of a downward spiral.

"I don't know." He rasped into her fragrant hair. "I don't know." He repeated it over and over to her, his tone taking on a higher note of guilt with each passing breath.

Guilt can eat you up until there's nothing left...

And Patrick Stumph was more than half gone...

Alright! She isn't dead! WooHoo! Reviews?! Pretty please?!
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