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Dirtiest Clean You'll Ever Know

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New one!

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Now for the latest installment! This is sooo new! And its dedicated to WhatKatyDid! Love ya!

Chapter 20

Upon exiting the tub Arissa heard voices and a rustling of packages. She grabbed a towel and listened as she wrapped it tight around her lank body. She reached for her brush and ran it through her less than perfect hair wincing as she caught a tangle. Pulling it away from her head she noticed new streaks of gray throughout her hair and gasped. She had never had gray in her hair before and it was just more evidence to her stress. She reached for her body cream and proceeded to rub it over her arms, legs and stomach while willing herself to better hear the words being spoken on the other side of the door.

Arissa knew it was Andy and Joe as well as Patrick and another voice she knew but couldn't quite place. A women's voice. Possibly that of Andy's girlfriend or Joe's newest experiment. She wished their presence away and waited a time before exiting the bathroom to find them still there, sitting casually on her bed. The voice she now labeled as Joe's latest flame spoke first.

"Hi!" She bellowed enthusiastically. "I'm Reyna! I can't believe I'm here meeting you."

"I can't believe I'm here meeting you!" Arissa droned sarcastically while turning to a Fall Out Boy. "Joe what in the hell possessed you to bring a fan over here?"

"She isn't a fan." He answered while looking for words to explain her happiness differently. "She is an Arissa Ryan music enthusiast! Yeah... Um... Right."

"Which basically means what?" Arissa caught the sun seeping in through the curtain on her back as she turned to her dresser to pull out undergarments. It bounced off her skin causing a glow the Reyna had always seen there. She wasn't a fan. She was an OBSESSED fan and as Arisssa continued she stood amazed. "She heads up the LA Region fan club and you wanted to get laid so you told her you would set up an intro?"

"So... Arissa..." Andy started only to be cut off by Joe and the gleam of sarcastic wit in his eyes. It was time for round 5,347 of Joe Vs. Riss. The fight was currently in favor of Arissa, but by the look in Joe's eyes Andy could tell he aimed to change it.

"So, Patrick told us about your little incident." Joe claimed. "Wading in the deep end with a couple crazies, aren't we?"

Patrick stood still and watched Arissa's shoulders rise and fall carefully as Andy scooted farther from the tiff and closer to Arissa's bedside table. He avoided everyone's eyes by looking down and focusing on something shiny as she turned back to Joe, bra and panties in hand, and said, "I don't know. You tell me." Arissa's whole body was on fire and even Reyna backed away. "I know you like to visit your mother there every so often." Patrick gaped at Arissa's shot and mentally begged her to take it back.

Joe was stupid and everyone always expected him to say the wrong thing or go to far, but Arissa usually exhibited some form of self control. Bringing up Joe's ill mother was just as low as Joe's attempt. Arissa wasn't one to regress.

Joe licked his lips, casting his gaze to floor and took a breath. "Yeah... I do." He whispered. "And it's just as nice as Pete told me." Patrick turned to him with a glare and Andy sighed before before becoming more interested in his shiny object.

Joe: 2,000,000,000

Arissa: 0

One thing about Joe... You could always count on him. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse there he was to pick up all the pieces and redistribute them unevenly to all the wrong people and at very bad times. He was a walking disaster. He should be made to wear a shirt that says: Having a bad day? I can make it worse!

Tears brimmed in Arissa's eyes and she moved towards Joe slowly. "Why don't you take your STD infested slut and leave?!" She said through gritted teeth. "Lord knows you'll need some rest, or at least a blunt, after working your brain so hard. I wouldn't want you to get off track with your addictions." Turning on her heel she walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

"That was a lame comeback!" Joe yelled before taking Reyna's hand and pulling her out the door and through the condo to leave.

"Well, thanks for coming to visit!" Patrick said looking at Andy.

"Yeah... Where else could I go to see people get broken and then run through a blender?!" He laughed uncomfortably and clapped Patrick on the back. "Nothing a little angry sex can't fix though, right?" Andy tried.

"What?!" Patrick asked immediately feeling accused. "What are you talking about?"

"Joe and Reyna..." Andy said in almost a question. "I'm no expert, but I'm sure she is pissed off about being called an STD infested slut. You know... I told Joe not to bring her. He said it would do Arissa good to hang with a fan when she's feeling low. I said now way, but..."

Patrick interrupted, "Oh... Yeah. Right." He sighed with a chuckle and looked at his shoes.

"Yeah..." Andy started inquisitively with an accusing smirk. "Plus, I don't imagine Arissa is the type to enjoy angry sex. Is she?"

"You'd be surpr..." Patrick stopped to look Andy in the eye and his mouth dropped open. "I mean, I wouldn't... Uh.... Wouldn't know..."

"Sure you wouldn't. Just like I didn't find a condom wrapper by her bed ten minutes ago." He whispered angrily and grabbed Patrick's hand dropping the wrapper into it. "But hey, at least you're being safe!" He yelled as he stomped out of the condo.

Patrick looked at his hand and closed it into a tight fist before screaming frustrated. He backed up and collapsed into a chair just as Arissa came out of the bathroom clad in his favorite thing.

A hat.

"I guess I am pretty unpredictable, huh?" Arissa asked with a smile.

"Yeah." He laughed uneasily as Arissa walked toward him with a new look adorning her features. She seemed different and as she straddled him, Patrick noted the effects a shower can have on a person and readjusted himself underneath the weight. "Totally surprising."

Arissa giggled softly before reaching her hand down to unzip his jeans. If she wasn't going to be Pete's Arissa, She could try to be Patrick's.

Patrick just cleared his throat and took the hat from her head. He started to run his fingers through her hair and grinned.

Everything was going according to plan...

Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. My chapters are mixed up. I don't know how to fix it. Pay attention to numbers!
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