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Hate Her

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So far the gang likes Ellanna, especially the guys. Atlanta, for her part, has a strong feeling shes not going to like Ellanna and she doesn't know why, until she comes to the dorm that is. And tha...

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Finally the end of the day came and they were, as always, happy to get out of prison. Thank God that it was Friday. The gang was in Herry's truck planning their weekend. But they already got their ideas covered from all the other weekends and they couldn't think of any others. Since they couldn't think of any plans, the whole trip was silent until Atlanta spoke up.

"Hey have you guys , besides me and Archie, met Ellanna yet?" She wanted to know.

"Uuuum. Oh ya I have. Shes was in my science class today." Odie told her. "And isn't she the hottest?" Odie asked everyone, particulary the guys.

"Ew! Odie don't drool!" Atlanta squeaked.

"Ya don't get spit all over my truck. I just got the inside cleaned." Herry said, looking at the back seat.

"Well we wouild like to believe you if we saw a picture of her." Neil said smirking.

"Well, you're gonna have to wait until Monday to see her." Odie told them. Well at least the guys.

Atlanta and Theresea groaned and rolled their eyes. Atlanta, though, had this feeling in her stomach and it felt all weird, she was thinking, 'Am I jealous? I can't be, what can I be jealous of?' This was the Medelia situation all over again.


"Who wants to watch scary movies all night?" Atlanta asked. She always wanted to watched movies when she was extremely bored.

"Might as well, theres nothing else to do." Herry said, flopping on the couch.

Just as they were about to pout a movie in, someone knocked on the door.

"I'll get it." Atlanta said. She sprung up off of the couch and look throught the whole thingy in the door. There was Ellanna standing in the doorway. She must have followed them when they were driving home. Atlanta opened the door, "Oh hey Ellanna." She said with a smile. She was acting all nice because she thought she would be a nice girl and wanted to be friends, until now.

"Hey." She said with a forced smile as she 'accidentally' shoved Atlanta a little bit while walking past her. She actually looked quite pretty with her regular clothes. She had a red t-shirt with a white star in the middle (its the same thing as Atlanta's light blue rectangle on her t-shirt. Ya know) on with a white star in the middle. She had black jeans with sparkles right at the bottom. She had golden flip flops on. She also had a silver bracelet on with a butterfly charm hanging from it and she had silver loop earrings. She walked into the living room, looking for what she came here for. All they guys stared at her in shock. They have never seen such a beautiful girl in their entire life. Well all the guys were staring at her except for Jay and Archie. Whos hearts still belonged to Theresea and Atlanta.

"Hey guys." She said trying to be polite. She absolutely hated the girl, but she hated Atlanta the most.

The guys didn't say anything, they were still shocked at her beautiful frame. Ellanna looked around the room unti her aquamarine eyes rested on Archie. She smiled her million dollar smile as she walked towards Archie and sat beside him. "Hey. I, ugh, didn't get your name." She was trying to get his attention. She was acting all hottie like, but she just couldn't get Archie's attention. Well at least he gave her his name."

"Oh, its Archie." He said, his eyes still glued to the screen. He was trying to keep his respect and love or Atlanta, really he was trying.

"Archie. I was wondering if you wanted to see a movie tonight. Just you and me. What do you say?" She said as she put her soft hand on his lap.

"Oh, well um..." Archie started.

Atlanta could feel her eyes burn with anger and jealousy. Thats it! She couldn't take it anymore! She had to get Archie out of here before she blows her head off! But she couldn't just drag Archie out of the room. So she said, "Actually I'm going boarding with Archie." She said. She then said this through her teeth, "Right Arch?".

"I was askinig him not you!" Ellanna snapped.

"Actually I am going boarding with Atlanta. Ugh lets go." Archie said as he quickly got up, grabbed his skateboard and headed out the door with Atlanta.

Ellanna growled and head for the door.

"Um I can take you to a movie..." Herry said. Ellanna walked out and slammed the door. "If you want." He said slowly.


Meanwhile at the park, Atlanta was riding her skateboard twice as fast as she usually did and Archie was having a hard time keeping up.

"Atlanta! Wait up!" He yelled a few yards behind her. She finally slowed down, just enough so he could keep up. "Geez, why are you going so fast?" Archie asked. His foot was tired from pushing so hard.

"No reason." She said and zoomed off again. Archie just sighed and ran. He figured he could run faster than he could board.

"Atlanta. Somethings wrong with you, I can tell." He sounded worried.

"Nothing. Nothings wrong." She said. She walked ahead but Archie jumped in front of her.

"Atlanta." He sounded more serious.

"You really want to know whats bugging me?"

Archie nodded.

"You really wanna know?"

He nodded a bit faster.

"Its.....its that total bitch Ellanna! I just met her and I already can't stand her and I can already tell we're not going to get along! She thinks she can just ask you out like that! she can get any guy she wants! Well she can't!" She yelled and walked off again.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. What did she do to you?" He was totally confused.

Atlanta froze. She knew why she hated her, because she just tried to ask Archie out. And Atlanta knew she loved him. She couldn't just say why she hates her all of a sudden. She might get worried that he might not feel the same. (You'd be surprised Atlanta).

"I, I don't know. I just have a bad feeling about her. I don't think she can be trusted. I just think shes going to be a total ass! And that shes gonna be a total ass to me and me only! I just know it!" Atlanta was close to tears now.

"Atlanta, I have a bad feeling about her too. And if shes going to be a total bitch to you.....then." He took a deep breathe. "Then she might as well be a total bitch to me!" He then blushed a little bit. Did he just say that?

Atlanta couldn't believe her ears. Would Archie really want Atlanta to share the pain with him, the pain from Ellanna of course, just for her? Would he really do that? Of course he would, hes her best friend.

"R....Really?" Atlanta blushed a little.

"Well. Ya. Of course. You're my best friend. And if you're going throught pain from another person, that person might as well give me some pain too." He said turning a little darker shade of red.

Now this was different. This is a whole new Archie. She knew he could be sweet, but not in this kind of way. This was a whole new side of Archie that Atlanta never saw before. And the weird thing is that she liked it.

"You'd do that for me?" Atlanta wanted to make sure.

"Of course I would." He said with a smile.

Atlanta turned around. She walked towards him and hugged him. Totally surprised by her action, Archie had no choice but to hug her back.

"Thanks." She told him softly. the tears in her eyes began to go away. "You're the best." She smiled.

Archie liked hugging her. but he wished he could kiss her. He liked being best friends with her, but he wanted to be much more than just friends, he wanted to be her boyfriend. But since he hasn't confessed yet, best friends is what they'll have to stay as.


THANKS AGAIN ACE_FAN!! You are one of the best people I have ever met, online of course. Well. R&R!
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