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I Really Hate You Now

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Atlanta gets hurt because of Ellanna (she doesn't seriously injured). But Ellanna getting Atlanta hurt, just makes Archie hate her more. And, it seems that Atlanta hates Neil even more. Theres ...

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It's been 5 days since Atlanta made that promise to Archie, and since Archie made that promise to Atlanta. So far, they're doing great. They've managed to stay away from Ellanna as much as they can. The only problem is when Atlanta goes to the girl's washroom, Archie can't go with her so he can protect her. Luckily, Ellanna isn't in the washroom whenever Atlanta is in the washroom. They had their own little piece of luck, and Neil isn't even with them. But there's one problem that's been racing in the teen's heads. How long can they keep this up? If they really work hard, they can probably do it until Ellanna get's really annoyed and gives up. Because, knowing that she's a descendant of Eris, she can't be a goody-little-two shoe. Ellanna's hobby might be getting others into trouble, just like her ancestor. So they have to be extra careful. Just now, they almost screwed up. Atlanta and Archie were walking down the hall, when they came to a turn, and they turned, Atlanta saw Ellanna walking down the hallway they were going up (get it?). Archie noticed too. So they both ran and Ellanna chased after them, since she was trying to ask Archie out again, but when she came to the main hallway, which Archie and Atlanta ran down, they weren't there. And the school was huge so it would take a couple of hours to find them. But luckily they escaped.

"That was a close one." Archie said, trying to catch his breathe.

"I gotta get to class." Atlanta said as she got up and walked to her next class, after giving him a good job punch in the arm.

'Be careful. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you.' Archie thought as he watched Atlanta walk down the hallway (man, how many hallways do they have?).

Thankfully, Atlanta made it to her next class without bumping into Ellanna. But she forgot one BIG important thing. It was science class and Ellanna and her had the same class at the same time. 'Oh shit!' "Atlanta thought. Thank God that one of her other friends, Hillary, went to sit down with her, so Ellanna couldn't sit by her. "Thanks Hillary. I owe you one." Atlanta whispered to Hillary. Hillary knjew about Ellana and Archie and Atlanta's plan to stay away from her, and much to Atlanta's displeasure her 'little' crush on Archie. So she was helping them.

"No problem. Ellanna is a real bitch anyways."

ATlanta smiled and Ellanna growled (that sounded weird. 'Atlanta smiled and Ellanna growled. Hm. Weird).

Science class was over (I'm being lazy again), and they managed to ignore Ellanna. Plus, it was their last class. Yes! Now they could go home and ignore Ellanna for a good eighteen hours and a half hours (3:00 in the afternoon, to 8:30 in the morning. Thats eighteen adn a half hours. Cuz they get out of school at three and they got o school at eight thirty). Atlanta went straight to Archie's locker after class. Turns out that Archie wasn't there yet. 'Great. Archie's not here yet and Ellanna could come any minute.' She thought. She wiated for 15 minutes, and he still didn't show. Where was he? Oh there he is. He was on his way to his locker until Archie saw Ellanna sneak up behind Atlanta.

"Atlanta! Look out!" Archie yelled.

Atlanta gave him a questioning look and turned around. Before Atlanta could back up and run away, Ellanna punched Atlanta on the temple, knocking her out.

"Atlanta!" Archie cried as he ran towards her.

Ellanna saw Archie running towards them, she figured since she hurt Atlanta, Archie would kill her (you know not literally, just get really mad and want to hurt her). So she ran away. Archie saw Ellanna run away and she slid on his knees and stopped in front of Atlanta.

"Atlanta can you hear me?"

Atlanta didn't stir.

Archie noticed and sighed. He picked her up and carried carried bridle(sp?) style and carried her to the boy's washroom. He didn't bring her in with him, instead, he gently put her down beside the door and he went to we some paper towels. When he got back he placed her on his lap and laid her head in his arm while his other hand cold, wet paper towels on her bruise (in case you're wondering, everyone went home before Ellanna punched Atlanta). Archie wished this moment could last forever, with Atlanta in his arms. The only bummer, was that she was unconscious. He sat like that for almost an hour, keeping the paper towel on her head (okay that sounded odd). He had to wet it a couple times and his PMR kept ringing because the guys wanted to know what was taking him so long. Archie just itnored all the rings it's been making. The bruise on Atlanta's head started to go away, but the purple turned into a light brown. If Atlanta wasn't unconscious right now, and she didn't mind being on Archie's lap, and in his arms, he could stay like this forever.

His thoughts ended when he heard groaning sounds coming from from the beautiful redhead in his arms. "Atlanta?" He asked if she was awake. "You're awake. Are you okay?"

"Hm? Ya. I"m......fine." She groaned. "What happened?"

"You mean you don't remember?" Archie asked.

"No. All I remember is waiting for you at your locker. Until Ellanna came up to me. Then everything went black." She groaned some more, in pain. "What did she do?"

"She punched you and you went unconscious."

"That explains why my head hurts."

"You're sure you're okay?" Archie double checked.

"Ya. I'll live. But Ellanna won't once I see her again." Atlanta threatened.

Archie chuckled a bit.

"Were you the only one here? Are we still at the school?"

"Yes and yes. When you went unconscious, I put by the boy's washroom door adn got a wet paper towel and ketp it on your head. We've been here for almost an hour."

"So let me get this straight. Ellanna knocked me out. You got a cold, wet paper towel for my head, adn you stayed with me for almost an hour?"

"Ya. When you put it that way."

She quietly giggled. "Thanks." Still on Archie's lap, she laid her head on his collarbone. "Did the others call at all?"

Archie blushed because Atlanta's head was on his collarbone. "Only 14 time, encounting." Seeing Atlanta on his lap and her head on his collarbone, made Archie blush even more. "Come on. We better get back. The others should be calling any minute now." Archie said, thinking this moment was a little odd since she was awake now.

"Don't ruin the moment." Atlanta said sweetly. "Besides, I don't wanna get up. I'm too comfortable."

Archie blushed a bit more at her first comment. He didn't want to get up either, but he had to, the others could call any minute soon.

Since Archie didn't want to disappoint Atlanta, he unnoticabley (that a word?) turned off his PMR, so the others couldn't keep calling them. Now it was just him and Atlanta. Now that Atlanta's awake, he wished this moment could never end. I mean, he only gets to do this with Atlanta once ina blue moon (or in other words, never), it was 4:30 (in the afternoon, mind you), and the others were really getting worried now. So they decided to drive to the school, to see what was taking them so long. When they got there, they saw Atlanta on Archie's lap, with her head on his collarbone. Plus, they wre both sleeping. They all sighed and thought of something funny (this isn't the funny part, but it's comin' up). They all tiptoed over to them and Jay counted wit his fingers '1, 2, 3' and they all yelled, "WAKE UP!!" Archie and Atlanta screamed, or in Archie's case, yelled. When they woke up, they saw what positoin they were in, and to make things worse, the others were watching, they turned beet red and Atlanta quickly jumped off of Archie's lap, much to Archie's displeasure. Atlanta and Archie were both breathing heavily, still shaking from the yell. they looked at the others and they were beet red also, from laughter, Herry was about to say something, but he couldn't. He was laughing too hard. So Neil siad it for him.

"Yo guys sh-should've s-seen your f-f-faces!" Neil barely managed to say through laughs.

"Ya? Well you should see your face when I'm done with you." Atlanta threatened as she chased Neil around the school. As always she jumped on Neil and started messing up his hair.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk. My hair! My hair! Get off! Get off!" Neil screamed.

The others heard Nei's scream and started to laugh some more, even Archie. Whenever Atlanta's mad at Neil, she usually does something that's really bad or painful for Neil, while it' hilarious for the others.

Finally the gang settled down a bit adn Jay asked, "What was taking you guys so long?"

"Okay. Atlanta was waiting for me by my locker when Ellanna was sneaking up behind her. I told her to look out when she turned around. But before she could run away, Ellanna punched her on the temple, knocking her out. So I went to get some cold, wet paper towels for bruise. I put her on my lap and held the paper towels on her bruise. She woke up, bur didn't want to go when I told her that you guys called 14 time, encounting, So, we must have fell asleep. And that's where you guys come in." Archie explained.



That made the others laugh even more. This had to be good if Atlanta had him for this long.

"Guys! Come here! You have to see this!" Atlanta yelled.

The others came running over to them. When they saw what Atlanta had done to him, they were laughing so hard. (Try to imagine this. It's probably really funny). Neil's hair was messed up, alot and his shirt had holes in it, so you could see his breasts. They were laughing so hard, they thought they would lose their voices from all the laughing they've been doing so far.

Atlanta smirked herself and said, "What did you learn?"

"To stay away from you when you're mad."

Atlanta groaned and said in annoyance, "Well, there's that and what else?"

"To never laugh at you again."
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