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Tulips-He's not here with Me Interlude

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Bert's POV

Its been a month since I have seen Bella, I tried calling her but she won't answer. Who could blame her, I am the one who chased her away. I love her I really do but I'm not sure if I can give her the love she needs; while my thoughts danced around in my mind Sara sat down next to me. Since the bands on break we got an apartment together in Orem.

"Hey, Berty!", I didn't like it when she called me this, only Bella could pull it off

" Hi Sara."

" Baby what's wrong? you have been moping around for the past month. I hope it isn't over that stupid girl Isabelle!"
" Fuck you!"

" It is her isn't it?"

" And what if it is?"

" Step back into reality Bert, she isn't coming back to you. Why do you think she went back to Canada? I can tell you, it was to get away from you!"

" Leave Now! Get out I can't deal with you anymore, you're the reason I chased her away in the first place!"

" Fine, Bert I know your going to come crawling..."


She grabbed her purse and cell then stormed out the door, I have chased away everyone now.

At this moment I was missing her Birthday.

Bella's POV

Pete woke me up with breakfast in bed; blueberry pancakes, toast, and a cupcake with a candle in it...perfect. After I finished he gracefully picked me up and carried me into the bathroom, in front of my eyes was the most beautiful thing. The bathroom was darkly lit with lavender candles, the bathtub foamy while lightly layered with tulip petals; my favorite. Swiped across the mirror in red was "I Love You", before enjoying the sight I grasped Pete in a bear hug while giving him affectionate pecks all over his face.

This was a great beginning to my bad my best friend isn't here to celebrate it.
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