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Heart intwined with Copper.

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We drove back to the bus everyone was there; including Sara. Nervously I grabbed their attention so I could tell them the news.

"Everyone, Pete and I have something to tell you!"

"Go ahead Bella, tell them." Pete encouraged me.

"I'm moving back home!"

"To Orem?" the boys asked in unison

"No, my real home...Canada! Pete is moving in with me; we are back together!"

Quinn and Jepha jumped out of their seats and grasped me in a bear hug.

"Congrats Bella!"

Sara looked ecstatic, but Bert looked like someone just stabbed him in the heart. Well...I guess I did. Bert jumped from his seat.

" Congrats, but can I talk to you outside."

" Bert, not right now..."

" Please??"

"I'm coming, wait outside."

I walked over to Pete; holding his hand I whispered in his ear.

" Your everything now." he looked back at me with a soft smile and wide eyes.

Walking outside Bert was leaning on the bus with misery plastered across his face.

" So..."

"How could you Bella/"

" What do you mean?!! You just randomly showed up with Sara, I want to be with Pete again we can actually have a chance to be happy this time. So don't try to get me back, its not working this time!"

Bert's expression was priceless, he looked as if someone punched him in the stomach repeatedly and ripped his heart out with tongs and stomped on it.

This time it didn't matter much, this time he wasn't pulling me back.

At least I think so.

"You can't serve up hearts like cherries jubilee."- Leonard Bailey
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