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Oh Canada!(Interlude)

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It was a new day Pete and I went off for coffee on our own, we at in a booth in the back.

" Pete, I don't want to be on the bus anymore."

" What??"

" Sara is on that bus, and I cant stand her. You know how she is..."

" Then where are you going to stay?"

" I am going to take a plane back home to..."

" Orem?"

" No Pete, my real home."

" Do you mean?"

" Yes back in Canada, I have no other choice. I mean I love Bert but he is not ready to be with me."

" Well if your going to Canada then I am going with you."

" What about the band Pete?"

" I will stay with you until my break is over. Our touring is going up into Canada for a while anyways, so I can keep and eye on you, and don't worry about the money I will pay for it."

" Awe, Pete I cant have you paying for my place. I will get a job."

" No worries babe. It will be like old times; just me and you."

"Pete are we getting back together?"

"If you want to."

" Oh Peter, of course I do!", I said while jumping into his lap, this was my new chance to make things right again.

"Canada was built on dead beavers."- Margaret Atwood
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