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He was There.

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" PETER! Sorry about the yelling. I am kind of on the edge right now."

" Isabelle you know I don't like it when you call me Peter."

" Old habit, but you know I don't like it when you call me Isabella."

Through Bert I pretty much knew everyone. I met Peter backstage 3 or 4 years back, besides Bert he was a really close friend of mine.

" Well, anyway what's wrong Bell?"

Pete was the only person who called me Bell.

" Its just Bert, he has some slut girl grinding all over him."

" Well, we will be buddies don't worry about him right now. I am here with you."

" I guess I shouldn't worry its not like we are together."

" True. So do you want to get out of here Bell?"

" Yea hold on let me go tell Quinn I am leaving."

I walked through the crowd looking for Quinn, but instead I got disappointment.

Bert was kissing the girl.

I was not only hurt but I was filled with anger. There was no way this girl was going to be all over Bert.

Out of anger I went up behind the girl yelling at her.

" Get the fuck off of him now!"

" What? Bert is this crazy girl with you?"

" She isn't crazy, she is my friend."

" Oh sorry."

" Like I said before, get off of him NOW!"

" Obviously Bert wants me, so why don't you go play in traffic...ha I know something even better how about you go play with yourself."

Oh god usually I am not violent, but this girl was asking for it.

Pulling my arm back I punched the girl square in the face , she tried clawing at me put I pinned her on the ground pulling here hair, got one last punch in I was being pulled off of her by Pete.

" Bell, stop!"

" The bitch deserved it!"

" Lets go."

He lead me out to his car. Safely in the car I tried to steady my fast breathing, I couldn't believe I just did that.

" Bell, have you been drinking are you okay? I have never seen you like that."

To be honest I was pretty drunk otherwise I wouldn't have done that.

" Don't worry about it."

" So what are we going to do with you?"

" I think I should go back to the bus the guys are probably waiting on me."

" I will carry you."

" Pete I really don't need you to take care of me."

Pete was use to doing this; taking care of me. For a period of time we were happily together, but as usual I screwed it up.

" I think I should."

Taking a moment to think about it, I did need him to carry me, By now I was way to tired to walk all the way to the bus.

It took at least five minutes to get back to the bus, all I remember from there was falling on the way to the back of the bus.

Waking up I was laying next to Pete , we were the only people on the bus. I gently shook him in an effort to wake him up, but it didn't work. I started to tickle him on his sides and that woke him up, it was the way I use to wake him up when we were together.

" Bell, you know I don't like it when you do that."

" Had to get you up somehow silly. Where is everyone?"

" Oh, they went to get breakfast, in my car."

" And your trusting them to drive your car?"

" Ha I guess so."

" Well, where are we?"

"Hotel parking lot, they said that they checked some rooms out, but I told them not to wake you and I would stay with you."

" Thanks, did I fall last night?"

" Yea you fell pretty hard, I checked you out and you only have a few scratches."

" Great, I am sure I looked stupid."

" Don't worry about it."

" So what are you doing in Cali anyways?"

" Photo shoot."

"Ah I see, so when are you leaving?"

" I don't know really I am on break, you know the usual drill. When on break all you do is photo shoots."

" Yea."

I was completely distracted , all I was thinking about was the girl that I punched last night. I couldn't believe Bert would let her be all over him like that, and in front of me.
" Thinking about Bert?"

" No..."

" Bell, I know you all to well. I can see your distracted."

" Yea a little, I just didn't expect for things to get carried away with that girl last night."

" Its ok things happen."

Pete was always there to listen, he never seemed annoyed by my complaining either. I missed him.

I could hear voices out side of the bus obviously the boys were back. Quinn and Jepha walked onto the bus with brown sacks in their hands.

Quinn turned towards Pete and me.

" Here you go, I got Pete and you muffins, the orange juice is in the other bag along with some bagels."

" Thanks Quinn. Where is Bert?"

Asking as I made my way to the front of the bus.

" Uh Bella don't go out...."

To late.

This was the last thing I expected; Bert turned around kissing some girl, it wasn't just any kiss, it was a kiss I had wanted so badly but instead the girl he was holding was getting it. As I got closer I recognized the girl it was Sarah.

"Bert why?"

I quietly whispered.

He turned away from Kate with a surprised look, he slowly walked towards me but I backed away and ran onto the bus. I sat next to Pete and let tears crash against the hoodie he was wearing, he reached over and held my hand.

Quinn sat next to me and held my other hand.

" I am so sorry Bella."

" You didn't do anything."

" I am sorry for the way Bert is acting."

" Yea."

Pete wiped the tears from my eyes.

" Well, I just want to tell you Bert didn't mean any of that when it came to that groupie. He loves you he really does. A lot of girls are attracted to Bert its just something about him girls love. But I can tell you are different your not into him for his career or for his looks it's his souls your into."

" Yea, I don't really care about the stupid groupie, she got it anyways, I don't want Sarah a part of his life or mine. I do love him, but he is hurting me when I see him with her."

" Yea, I understand."

" Maybe Bert and I were never meant to actually be together."

Maybe I should be back with Pete, but I kept this thought to myself.
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