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We are messing It

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"Well, hello Bella."

She said this in her little squeaky voice


" Yep its me."

The girl in front of me wasn't the frail pale girl with black hair anymore, she was blonde , tan , and skinny..

I knew what she was here to do...she was here to steal Bert away; again.

" Can you tell me why you are here?"

" To see Bert of course."


I stepped off of the bus and pulled Quinn off along with me.

" Quinn, where the hell did Sarah come from?"

" Somehow she was already on the bus when it pulled up."

" You didn't tell her to get off?"

" How could I do that, she seems different now."

" I cant believe your falling for her fake act. I am not getting on that bus unless she leaves."

" Oh come on Bella, your being unreasonable."

" Quinn you know I don't like that girl, After what she did to Bert, how she made me feel, tell her to leave."

" Fine."

While all this was going on Bert was still in the house taking care of last minute things, not knowing his ex Sarah was on the bus. I was glad he didn't know, she always found a way to mess things up. Bert and Sarah met a year ago backstage. I thought he was just using her to get over Kate, but it seemed as if he was really starting to love her. Behind scenes she was ruining my life, always making up lies about me and how I treated her badly. Sadly Bert believed the bitch, this put a gap between us for the longest time, she was like a another Kate, I guess that's why he was with her; a replacement Kate.

I started to hear yelling from Sarah, she stomped off the bus.

" I cant believe I cant stay because of that bitch."

" Don't call me that Sarah! You don't belong here!"

Bert ran up to me

Looking at me

" What's wrong?"

I pointed in front of me

" That."


Sarah Grasped Bert into a hug.

All of this was delaying us leaving

Walking off in anger I could hear footsteps behind me trying to catch up

It was Bert

" Bella, Stop."

" Why should I ?"

" I have to tell you something."

" ERG! Fine."

I stopped, I started...


" Bella Bear, why are you crying?"

" I don't want to lose you..."

" Lose me to what?"

" To Sarah, she just came here to take you away from me."

" Awe, don't worry she is gone. I know what she did to you in the past, I am not going to let her mess things up okay?"

He wiped my tears away.

" Okay."

We walked back to the bus, we were off- thankfully without Sarah.

I thought he was going to fall for another Kate all over again.

___________________5 Days later- In California_______________________

I was sitting in the tour bus watching TV when the boys came in drenched in sweat. Jepha came over to me and plopped his sweaty self right onto my lap.

" Ugh I am so hyped up lets do something!" , Jepha said whining.

Yep that's right the guys and me ended up in some club.
I sat at the bar in laughter watching Jepha and Quinn booty bump random people along to the tacky techno music. The laughter ended when my eyes fell upon Bert, I felt like spewing all of my contents .There was Bert with some trashy groupie grinding up against him, I just sat there and watched in horror wondering why this bothered me so much in the first place- it wasn't like he is my property or anything. .But you just turned away; out of the corner of your eye you could see someone staring at you.

" Okay, just for the record its is really creepy for you to sit there and fucking stare at me!"

Turing around it was someone familiar.
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