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Lets just make Love

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That was 2 years ago. Things are finally back to normal, for now anyways.

"Agh! Bert get off of my back....Mr. fatty you might look skinny but you way a ton!"

"That hurts....I thought my body was pretty hot, just look at this ass....!"

"Awe, did I hurt you little ego? huuuuh Mr. Bwerty?"

He pounced on me again only laying on top of me instead of on my back, tickling me to death. Bert is back to his normal self, we are the now the best friends like we use to be. Bert is like me in so many ways...I really love a friend of course. Just as I was about to make an attempt to get Bert back the gang busted in on the fun.

Quinn came in with a smirk on his face," God guys control yourselves go do the naughty somewhere else!"

I felt my face turn red.

Jepha teased

" Oh looky, Quinnifer I think we made miss Isabella over here blush. awe how cute!"

Me and Bert parted from each other and sat on the couch turning the TV on.

Bert shifted towards me.

"Ya know Branden isn't in the band anymore right? "

" What why?"
Even though you didn't really know him as well as the rest of the band he was kind of a shoulder to lean on at times.

" He needed to concentrate on his personal life."

" Well that sucks, I will miss him."

We both sat in silence for a while flipping channels.

Quinn walked in and sat down next to me.

" I think you should start packing Bella, we have to leave early and we wont have time for you to take long."

" I never take long to pack..."

Bert chimed in

" Oh yes you do."

" Well, fine just for that you get to come help me pack my stuff."

" Awe fine."

We got up and walked to my room to start packing. It took about 2 hours to finish packing, and it was now 10:00. Both of us were tired so we plopped down on the bed.

" Gosh that took forever Bella."

" I cant help it, I have a lot of shoes."

" Unneeded shoes..."

" Hey you have been picking on me all day, now its my turn to pick on you."

Straddling Bert, I tried to tickle him but he grabbed my hands and laced them with his before I had a chance.

" Bert, I am suppose to be getting you back not holding hands."

" Too late."

We stared at each other in silence for a moment, meeting half way our lips entwined. Letting go of my hands he gently tugged my body closer, unstraddling him I pulled him on top of me. His started to tug at the rim of my pants.

I whispered

" Bert we cant."

"Lets just make love."

" It will change everything."

Giving up he got off the top of me and laid next to me, wrapping his arms around me falling asleep.

My alarm started to go off, flashing the words wake up on its screen.

" Bella, erg! Turn that off."

" Bert its time to leave, we have to get on the tour bus, right this minute!"

" No."

" All right you asked for it..."

Grabbing Bert's ankles I pulled him off the bed, he hit the floor with a thud.

" Damn, Bella I was going to get up if you gave me a chance."

" Yea right.."

Quinn walked in.

" You two love birds the buss is here."

" Bert and you can grab my bags for me."

With facial expressions full of protest they slowly pulled my luggage onto the bus.

Hopping on the bus was a girl, a girl I never wanted to see again.
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