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Ostia's new tactition

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Hector and Amber havea chat and Amber decides to be Ostia's new Tactition

Category: Fire Emblem - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Hector - Published: 2007-03-28 - Updated: 2007-03-29 - 732 words

I sat on a log and sighed as I stared up at the moon. After the tent fiasco and seeing Pricilla and Guy kissing, I didnt really feel like heading back to my tent. As always, my thoughs seem to drift to my life back home. I giggled airly as I thought about it. My father was a powerfull sage and my mother was a renouned bishop. My sister was a troubador and my brother a druid. As I thought about my parents, I growled a bit. They always hated me, they never had time for me. They were always so proud of my magic using siblings. The only ones who ever really cared for me was Uncle Alexander, Cousin Christopher, and my brother. As I thought about my brother, I couldnt help but get sad. All my life, he was the one who supported me the most. I couldnt use magic, but that didnt stop him from loving me like an older sibling should. Not like our little sister Emily. She hated me, thinking I was insuperiour. My parents hated me due to all the fights I got into. The trueth was I didnt hate Pharae, but going back there ment I would have to see Emily again who is training there. If I went to Ostia, I would be right back were I started. I could live in Calien then, but I wasnt exactly enthusiastic about it. Maybe I should just travel again? I mean, I love camping.
"Amber?" A voice said from behind me. I turned to see Lord Hector.
"Yes Milord?" I said in an honoring, but blandish tone. He didnt seem effected by it.
"I just wanted to ask what you were planning to do next." He said as he sat down next to me. As the moonlight reflected off of him, I couldnt help but think he was pretty cute. I lightly blushed.
"I-I dont know. Maybe I should go see my parents again, but then again, I'm unsure on how they would react to me comming home." I swear the look of thought on Hector's face was adourable. Wai, look of thought? HE CAN THINK? Bad joke, I know.
"Hmm. Why not come and be Ostia's tactiiton then? Your parents wont be so upset then." He said. thought about that option. If I did go through with that, I ould becoume to a rank that is almost as high as Lord Hector's, but if I did except the offer, that ment I would most likely be kept in the Ostian castle for Elmine knows how long. However, if I didnt except the offer, and went to see my parents, I would probably get roasted by my dad. Well, I do have to see my parents, and I do kinda like Hector anyway. Wait. Did I just think that I like Hector as in the term 'I like hector more than a friend'? Huh, maybe I do.
"Alright. It would be better than wondering with no sense of direction." I said. I left out he part were if I didnt and I ever sa my parents, I might end up like a roasted turkey. I would rather NOT be a roasted turkey thank you very much. Lord Hector smiled as he stood up.
"THank you so much Amber. I am sure I will give you no reason to regret your desision." huh. Didnt Eliwood say sometihng similar at the start of our journy? I watched him walk off. Why was my heart beating so fast? My pulse was racing, but why? I read in books how the characters show these symptoms when they fall inlove. Could I have fallen for lord Hector?


I am so bored! Well, With this comes some of the plot with the story. You see, Amber loves Hector, and Hecotr may like/love amber. But why would Amber's parents not like this? well you will just have to find out.

People and places:
Uncle Alesander - Amber's uncle. He lost his wife some time after Chris was born.
Cousin Chris - Alexander's son
Amber's mother and Father - evil. pure evil. That is all i will say for now.
Emily - basically, she is a Serra clone, just twice as noisy (if that is possibal) and Hates Amber.
Amber's Brother - Amber's older brother. Cares for her. More will be revieled later.
Like it? I work hard!
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