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tent tactics

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Eliwood has Amber come into her tent, what will happen? absolute Chaos.

Category: Fire Emblem - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance - Characters: Hector, Lyn, Priscilla - Published: 2007-03-05 - Updated: 2007-03-06 - 615 words

I slept pretty soundly, unfortuanatly a mass waering a white dress and had pink hair named Serra, but should have benn named 'Screaming Banshee' woke me up. What's abanshee again? Oh right, Serra was screaming at me. Again.
"AMBER WAKE UP. ELIWOOD NEEDS YOU!!!!" Huh. she coulda just screamed it from the other end of the camp and it still would have been loud enough to make it seem she was screaming in my ear. Can I kill her now? I got up, groggly rubbing my eyes and walked out of the tent, heading to Eliwood's. I couldnt help but smile at all the people I passed. They were all in pairs, meaning that they all hooked up. I had finally come up to Eliwood's tent and breathed a sigh of relief while walking in. Eliwood, Lyn, and Hector were sitting around a table. Was Eliwood really that rich? All I had was a staw filled cot, some books, and some maps of Elibe and it's contries.
"Amber, good to see you, we wanted to talk to you about something." Eliwood said that. Great, what I do now? I'm sure I hadnt killed Serra......Right?
"We wanted to talk to you about what you were going to do next" I think Lyn saw a look of horror in my eyes to clear things up for me. Good. What I would do next?
"I dont really know. I guess I would just keep traveling like I always do." I guess I gave the wrong answere.
"Well, since it seems you have nowhere else in mind why dont you come and live in Pharae?" This is comming from the guy I 'accidently' hit across the head with a frying pan. It's Eliwood if you couldnt guess. Me? Move to Pharae permemently?
"Your kidding right? I forced my parents to move us away from there becouse I hated it there. I aint going back." They looked at me funny and I knew they were going to ask me why. Some of my hair got into my eyes. Damn hair.
"Why did you force your parents to move you to Ostia?" Hector asked. Greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat. Was there a story behind that one.
"I got into a lot of fights. Not just with boys but with knights to. My parents were upset but said nothing. The knights encouraged it by betting on who would win. Funny when they lost, even funnier when i beat the crap out of the other knights to get the monny. take in note I was 7 at this time meaning your knights needed taining. Anyway, I finally had it when the knights tried to have me drafted for your work force after your dad decided to see how good I was by fighting me....And lost." i finnished. Eliwood looked ready to rant, no suprise really, and Hector an Lyn looked confused but also amazed.
"You.. took on Pharaen knight when you were 7... and won?" Hector said in amazement. I couldnt blame them for being suprised.

Amber's past- nothin special yet, but AMber's fight with the lord of Pharae is important.
The whole conversation kinda left my brain afte that. I cant seem to recall it now. Something about Eliwood ranting at me about fighting his dad, then Marcus comming in and ranting me about how I shouldnt have been fighting the knights (even though I remember him challangin me once) and Lyn and Hector yelling at Marcus and Eliwood about yelling at me. I left the uproar in a bit of a daze. I didnt notice untill I was upon them that I found Guy and Pricilla kissing. They didnt notice as I ran off, blushing.
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