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Why is Everyone Crying? *tear*

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i can't be bothered.... she meets frank.. same old!

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A/N: sorry again guys about the crap chapter. This one will fill u in =)

I looked over then at the guys. Gee rolled his eyes, Mikey scoffed, Ray turned around and Bob shook his head. I felt the tears brimming in my eyes. I felt like my legs would drop out from underneath me at any second. Why? Why would he do this to me? Why....
He didn't even see me, so I turned toward the door. I grabbed it and pulled it open, my cheeks now covered in tears. I couldn't take it all in.

I ran through the hall and out to the car park. I felt my knees go weak beneath me and I collapsed next to my car crying. I cried out all the feelings I've been bottling up inside me these past 5 years. I cried out all the sorrow I felt for not only myself, but for Emily.
I cried and cried.
How could you do this to me?
Why would you leave me for her?
Why did you use me, just like everyone else in my life?
I thought you were different...

I felt everything go cold, but I didn't care. I just lay there, letting darkness engulf me, just like my sorrow and pain.

------------------------FRANKS POV----------------------------------------------

I looked around the room to see the guys giving me dirty looks, Mikey even scoffed. I don't know what the fuck I did, I was pissed off enough as it was. The nerve she had. First she runs up and kisses me in front of paparazzi , then she goes and walks around, telling everyone about out so called, 'relationship'. I am so pissed. Then I saw the door quickly open and close. I can't be bothered even asking what that was.

'What the fuck is your problem?' I asked her, sitting her down on the chair, facing me.

'Nothing. You know you have feelings for me, don't hide it!' She said. Oh man, she is going to get something in a second..

'I don't. I never have. And I never will Brooke.' God dammit why does her name sound so familiar!?

'Yes you do!' she was close to tears.

'Get out! Get out and never fucking come near me again, ok?' I said, I was really losing my temper with this chick.

'Fine! But I'll be back... although, your precious girlfriend might not be. And with that she smirked and walked out the door. What the hell did that mean? I turned and look questioningly at the guys, only to get dirty looks in return.

'What the fuck did I do wrong now?' I asked.

'Do you even remember Mary?' asked Ray. I took in what he said. Of course I do. I've been thinking about her non-stop ever since the day I left. I've been really depressed ever since I found out that because of safety reasons we aren't allowed to contact anyone. I looked up at him.

'Yeah..... yeah I do.' I said. Ray just sighed and turned away. What was he on about? What the fuck!? ........... That's it. I can't take anymore of this.

'I'm going for a smoke, be back in 10' I said. They just nodded and I walked toward the car park door while pulling out my cigs. I got outside and leant up against the wall, lighting one and taking a drag.
I'm in Jersey, so why aren't I looking for her?
Does she sill remember me?

I was broken from my thoughts when I heard loud sniffling. I looked up. I saw the bus. I saw a strangely familiar car next to it. That's where the noise is coming from. I walked over slowly, and quietly. When I got there I peeked around the car to see a person on the floor. I walked up close to her and when I saw her face I gasped. It was her. She was as beautiful as ever , but looked as though she had been crying. I rubbed my thumb gently across her cheek and picked her up.

Carrying her to the bus I heard her sneeze. She must have passed out from the cold. I quickened my pace up the stairs of the bus and went quickly to the lounge, where I laid her down gently, covering her in a blanket I found in the cupboard. I ran my fingers through her hair. She was so beautiful. I smiled and just sat there with her, waiting until she wakes up, waiting to see her smile again.

----------------------------------MARYS POV-----------------------------------------------

I felt warmer, and more comfortable. I just remembered passing out on the cold, concrete floor. But now I was on a soft couch, with someone stroking my hair. I opened my eyes slowly. I couldn't see anything at first, but then everything came into focus. I stared into a pair of hazel eyes I hadn't seen in a long time. I smiled, but then I remembered what had happened earlier and I started to cry once more.
'Sshhh, it's ok. Remember me? Please don't cry.' He said. How could he ask such a thing? Of course I havn't forgotten him. I never have, and I never will. I wiped my eyes.

'Where am I?'

'You're in the bus'.

'Why did you get me? Where's Brooke?' I looked at his face. He looked like he was in shock, then he was thinking of something. He looked down.

'Because I still love you. Brooke has gone'.
'Oh, so now when Brooke goes, it's all Mary, but When Brooke's around it's all Brooke!' I was getting angry. How could he? He looked up, eyes red and tears running down his cheeks.

'I didn't know you knew about Brooke. Anything you've seen or heard isn't true, she's a crazed Teenie and I don't love her at all. How did you know she was here anyway?' He asked.

'Because, I was backstage, waiting to see you guys when you walked in with Brooke. Frank, that was Brooke. The one whose boyfriend bashed me up in high school. Remember when I told you?' I asked. He thought for a while, before a new set of tears formed in his eyes.

'I'm so sorry. I had no idea. We weren't allowed to contact anyone because of safety reasons and I've missed you so badly. I was hoping you wouldn't see Brooke and get the wrong idea because Love you. I still love you, I always have and I always will' he said, before leaning in and kissing me gently. I was shocked at first. Could I start a relationship with Frank after 5 years?.....definitely!
I leaned over and pushed him back, kissing him deeply. I felt him smile against my lips and I felt the happiest I've felt in a long time.

'Oh my gosh you two, get a fucking room!' we heard from the doorway. It was Danielle and Mikes.

'Dude, like you're any better!' I said, sitting on Franks lap.

'True, but, you're talking about Frank here'. She said. I laughed.

'Damn Straight!' I said, before kissing him again. I was so happy. Nothing could wreck this moment, or how I felt then...well... there is one thing.

'Mary, what's up? Something has happened while was gone and you're not telling me' said Frank. Damn him and his mind reading! I must have looked really shifty because he leaned over and put his arm around me.

'Tell me.' He said. I looked deep into his eyes. There was so much emotion inside them, so much happiness. It would be almost illegal to take that away from him. But I had to.

'Frank, when you left for tour, You remember what happened the night before, yes?' I asked.

'Who wouldn't?' He asked. I forced and small laugh.

'Well, 3 weeks after, I went to get a check up, and they told me I was pregnant' I said.

'Wait... does this mean..?'

'You're a daddy Frank' I said. I looked away, tears were forming in my eyes once again. He hates me. I can tell from the silence. What have I done? I felt some ones hand lift up my chin and kiss me gently. I opened my eyes to see tears in his as well.

'I'm a daddy!' he said, and smiled. Then he got up and ran outside, straight Into Gee, Ray and Bob.

'I'M A FUCKING FATHER!' he said, and I watched out the window and he ran around in circles through the car park. I smiled and gave Danny a hug.

'You did good' she said. Then her and Mikey disappeared around the back of the bus. I laughed.

'I know what you two are up too!' I yelled and went outside to calm Frank down.
I finally had him settled in the bus, though a huge grin was plastered on his face.

'Who wants cookies?' I asked. Big mistake. I was tackled to the ground and the cookie box was stolen by Frank. Oh God.

'Frankie, put the cookies down, NOW!' I said smiling. He just shook his head like a little boy and ran out the back giggling and locking himself in there. I shook my head and counted down to the others.


'AHHH IT BURNS! SAVE ME!' we all looked to see Frank running out from the back, cookies in hand and a distressed look on his face.

'Th..they..t..hey..they were were...' then he ran over to me and pretended to cry on my shoulder. I laughed and yelled, 'GOOD ONE DANNY!' out the back. I laughed again and sat Frank down.



'When Can I see Emily?' He asked.

'Tonight.' I said smiling. He smiled back and I rested my head on his shoulder.

Me: Happy now?
You: Maybe...
Me: I give up! I can never please you people! walks away
You: Wait! noooooo! come back! chases
Me: moves
You: runs into wall
Me: rofl. hehe. Next chapter wee gooooo!
You: weeeeeeeeeee
Frank: weeeeeeeeeee
Me: Omg, you random.
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