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Frank meets Emily. Emily meets Frank. Summerised.

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The drive back to our place was silent. We had dropped Danielle and Mikey back at her house, while Gee, Ray and Bob had stayed in the bus. Though were going to park out front of our place. I turned my head and looked at Frank. He was concentrating on the road, though had this smile playing across his lips as he did so. I smiled to myself and sat back for the rest of the journey.

I suddenly felt the car swoop upwards as Frank drove in through the driveway. I unbuckled my seatbelt and pulled the handle on the car door, only to be pulled back and kissed hard. I smiled and pecked him softly, then got out and headed toward the door. I unlocked the house and straight away heard music coming from the living room.

'Emily! Emmy!' I yelled

'I'm in here!' We walked through the hallway and into the living room, where the TV was blasting.

'Emily, could you turn that down for a sec? I want you to meet someone'. I said.
She nodded and turned down the TV with the remote. She walked over just as Frank came in. I knelt down so I was level with her.

'Emily, do you remember when Mummy told you that your daddy was on important business and you might not see him?' I asked. She thought for a bit, so I looked at Frank who was leaning on the door frame, a smirk on his face. He was looking Emily, and then I saw it too. When she was thinking she had one arm across her chest, and the other leaning on it, while her hand was on her chin. I smiled again. That Is exactly what Frank looks like when he thinks.

'Yeah, I do mummy!' She said.

'OK, well, Guess who came back from that important business?'

'Where? Where is Daddy!?' She asked, looking around franticly for something, maybe a flashing sign pointing toward her father.

'This is Daddy' I said, and I pulled Frank up by the arm, who also knelt down to be at eye level with her.

'Hi Emily' He said.

'DADDY!' she said, and wrapped her arms around him in a hug, showing no signs of letting go. Frank laughed and hugged her back. I saw tears brim in his eyes as he held her close to him.

They finally broke apart and I gave Frank a kiss.

'I think she likes you' I said. He nodded and kissed me again.

'Ewwww' we heard from the couch. I laughed and lent up against the doorframe.

'Hey, what song!?' Asked Frank, pouncing on the remote and turning it up.

'Rock this Party, Dance everybody make it hot in this party, Everybody Dance now!'

'I love this song!' Said Emily, getting up and jumping on the couch. Frank smiled and joined her. He was still a kid at heart, he always has been.

I watched them dance around until the song ended, and Frank ran over and pounced on me. I laughed as I nearly lost my balance.

'Hey, Daddy?'

'Yeah Sweetie?'

'Is that you?' She asked. We all turned our heads toward the TV where Frank was going crazy with Pansy on stage.

'Erm... Yeah' said Frank.

'Wait.. so... Is my Daddy a rock star!?' She asked. Frank had to restrain himself from laughing and turned away.

'Yes Emmy' I said. I watched as her jaw nearly hit the floor. Her mouth soon turned into a huge smile and she ran over to Frank and tackled him.

'Yay, I have a Rock star for a Daddy! I have the best Daddy in the World!' she said. Almost bouncing on the balls of her feet. I laughed, and Frank kissed my cheek.

'She is so much like me' He said, awe in his eyes as he watched little Emily jump around the lounge room.

'You think that's it? Watch this' I said, and I walked into the kitchen. As I came out I rattled the box I had in my hands. A very special box, that can contain only one thing...

'COOOOOKKKIIIIIEEESS! GIMME GIMME!' she yelled, and ran to me, then began to try and pry the box out of my hands. Frank laughed, then soon realized that I was indeed holding a box of cookies, before I had 2 pairs of hands trying to retrieve them.

'Fine! Have them!' I said. Then let go and watched as the two of them fought for them like animals. Emily growling and Frank playfully showing his teeth. Then soon, they talked and came to an agreement to have them put on a plate and shared. Them and their cookies.

---------------------FRANKS POV---------------------------------
I looked over at Emily. Aww, she's so much like me. The way she acts, the way she eats..her eyes.... I smiled as I watched her slowly fall asleep on the couch. I sat up carefully and gently brought her into my arms. I walked upstairs and found her room, gently laying her on her pillow and kissing her head before going to walk downstairs again.

As I shut the door gently, a pair of hands found my waist. I smiled and turned to kiss Mary. She was more beautiful than ever. We went back to our bedroom and I opened the door, smiling at her. Then we heard a gasp and looked toward the window.

'Ermm... hi' Said the person. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She had one leg inside the bedroom and one out of the window, which is obviously where she had come through.

'Umm, can we help you?' I asked.

'Yeah, erm, Gerard doesn't live here does he?' She asked.

'No.. sorry' I said. She just nodded and was about to go out from which she came until Mary spoke.

'Wait..... Michaela?' She asked.


Then... the girl scene. I took one step back and watched as they both ran to each others arms and hugged. I looked away. The girl stuff. Ew.

'Frank, Frank Babe this is Michaela! You remember? The girl who was my friend in primary school?!' She asked. I shook my head.

'Well, this is her! Frankie, Mickey, Mickey, Frank!' She said happily, so cute. He cheeks were a bit red and you could see a bit of her teeth.

'Hi Mickey' I said.

'Hey.. Frank. Frank.. Iero?' She asked.

'Yeah' I said.

Then I watched as Michaela looked at Mary, gave her one of those looks that only girls would understand. Then Mary nodded, and gave Michaela a look. Then Michaela hugged Mary and gave her another look. I was so confused.

'Well, Sorry for the intrusion, but.. where exactly does Gerard live?' She asked me.

'Erm, in the bus out front' I said.

'Thanks!' She said, and Mary went and took her downstairs so that she wouldn't have to climb down the window.

I sighed and walked to my old set of drawers. I opened them to find that they were exactly how I had left them.. nothing was touched. I smiled and pulled out a pair of Black and Green Boxers before changing into them.

Mary walked in just as I was slipping into bed and she smiled. I watched as she walked to her drawers and pulled out a pair of black and purple boxers and an oversized 'Iron Maiden' T-shirt and got dressed. She too slipped into bed and I wrapped my arm around her waist, as her head lay on my chest.


'Yeah Babe?'

'I Love you' She said. Then I watched as she closed her eyes.

'I love you too' I whispered and kissed her forehead gently before dozing off myself.


Me: Sorry. But.. the story needed a random put in there!
You: ohk.... Where did Mickey go?
Me: to find Gee.
You: ahhh, nxt chapter?
Me: Yes, next chapter sigh
You: cheers and waves flags and banners
Me: what in the name of all that is holy..?
You: keeps cheering
Me: oh..k... omgosh, he gave them to you didn't he???
Frank: I did nothing I tell You! runs away
Me: Come bacckk! You know they can't have too much cookies! chases
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