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Brooke is back, Back again.

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omg, brooke is back, AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH1HH! rofl.

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'Do you have the time, to listen to me whine..'

'Frank, save that for my ring tone'

'Sorry.... I was bored' He said, giving me one of his grins. I just shook my head and laid it back on his chest.

We laid there for a while. Then a little bit longer, then a few more minutes..



'Shutup, now I'm bored! It's all your fault!'


'Dunno, just felt like blaming someone' Then it was his turn to shake his head. I was about to lay me head back when my phone rang.

'Ahh, the sweet sound of Green Day!' I emphasized the word, 'Green Day' and he just smiled and poked out his tongue. I picked it up.


'Hey Meza! It's Danny, want to go get icecream?'

'Erm.. That's a tad random.. but.. Ok! I'll bring Frank and-'

'Err, I was kinda hoping to have some girl-to-girl time..?'

'Yeah, that's ok! I'll see you in 10 minutes, Bye' I hung up and Frank must have seen the wierded out look on my face.

'Who was it?'

'Ummm, I think that was Danielle...' I said. The voice sounded different, higher pitched. More preppy... Might just be me though.

'Ahk. Where you going?'

'Ice cream, and before you give me that look, no you can't come. Girl time' I said smiling.

'Oh, I see 'Girl Time' As in, gossip about poor, innocent Frank behind his back! And notice the air quotations when I say 'Girl Time'!!'

I laughed and kissed him.

'It's ok, Can you pick me when I call you? It'll be in about 20 minutes after I get there'.

'Yeah ok, I'm just gonna chill here, with my home dogs, shizzile in da Fizzle Mizzle Brah!' He said, doing some.. well.. I at least Think they were 'gangsta' moves.

'What the fuuuuuuuckk.....?' I asked. He scared me sometimes. I watched as he just gave me a cheesy grin and pushed me off him.


'Sorry, You're still loved, just, I'm in one of those moods..' He said.. he looked shifty... too shifty...

'Omfg, where did you find them!?'

'Well, you kinda left the cupboard door open.. and saw them on the top shelf...'

'FRANK! Omgosh.. no more today, understand?' I said.

'Yes Ma'am, no more cookies until Mary comes home!' He said, saluting. I just shook my head and motioned for him to come help me up. He walked over and lifted me up and I got ready.

--------------------------------After Shower, Getting dressed and Being dropped off by Frank...---------------------------------

I walked into The ice cream place and looked around for Danielle. I looked over at the tables, to the counter and even in the car-park but I couldn't see her anywhere. I bet you this was a prank call, far out! I walked outside and was dialing Franks number when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me behind a dark green car.

'What the-?'

'Don't talk bitch. I promised your precious boyfriend that you wouldn't last long, and since my chance of getting together with him, and FINALLY getting my revenge on you from high school, I can't resist just killing you, right here, right now!' She said. I could feel her hot breath on my neck and she tightened her hold. Then I caught a glimpse of two men in black grabbed my arms from in front, one pushing me on the car, and the other punching my ribs.

'B-bitch' I spat as each blow on my body caused me to flinch and almost yell.
Then the one that was hitting me grabbed my head and held his arm against my mouth so I couldn't talk.

I watched as the other punched me in the face over and over. The pain was unbearable. I was crying and close to collapsing. I heard Brooke laughing to my left and I tried to scream, it being useless though.

The man in front of me then pulled out something... something shiny. And as It came into view, me eyes widened. I struggled to get out of the other man's grasp but I was too weak and he was too strong. And all I could do was watch.

Watch as he slit my stomach.

Watch as he slit the side of my neck.

Watch as he drew back and punched me one last time, before I was let go. Not that It helped. I couldn't run, I couldn't scream. I just.. felt blackness over take me. And The last thing I heard was a car screech....

------------------------------------FRANKS POV---------------------------------------

It's been 40 minutes, and she still hasn't rung. I grabbed my keys and ran to the car. Something wasn't right, I turned on the ignition and sped to the ice cream place. I was held up at a set of lights and I quickly checked my watch. I was worrying. It's not like her to just 'forget' ringing me.

I finally got there and screeched into the car-park. I got out and locked my car.

'Frank, Frannkkiiiiie!' I heard from my right.

Oh no, It's her.

'Fuck off, I'm trying to find Mary' I said, looking around. She had to be here somewhere.

'Oh, I saw her, she said to say Bye'

'Where did she go Brooke?' I asked, I was getting pissed off.

'She uh.. went.. to.. do.. something. But the main thing is she's not here and it's just you.. and me... and ice cream.. and-'

'Brooke, what the fuck did you do to her!?' I asked. She was in for it.

'Don't act like you're surprised. I did warn you' She said menacingly. T\I remembered back to the dressing room.

'You fucking cow, where is she?!' I yelled.

'Nowhere. Not any more' She said. Then she smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I pushed her off and ran around, where I was going, pfft, who knows. I was just so determined to find Mary. Who knows what fucking evil that bitch has in her, and the lengths she would go to..

I decided to look behind a row of cars. I ran to the side and looked around, what I saw..

It Nearly Killed me.

'MARY! OMFG!' I yelled and ran over to her. Her body was limp and she was unconscious. She had bruises and welts all over her face and body. Then When I caught red on her shirt, I lifted it up to find huge cuts all over her stomach, and when I looked up I saw them on her neck as well. Then on her arms, not only were there bruises but more cuts. There was something strange about these ones because they seemed to have kind of healed. I started crying. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911.

The ambulance arrived and they carted her off, while I dialed Gee's number.

'Fuck man, It's Mary, come to the hospital, quickly!' I almost yelled and hopped in the back of the ambulance. I held her hand, tears still falling from my face.

I stroked her cheek with my thumb, and kept this up until we arrived at the hospital.
They took her into Surgery and told me to wait outside. I put up a fight but gave in in the end. I walked out to find Gee, Mikey, Bob, Ray, Michaela and Danielle all sitting there, they look confused.

'Guys, it's Mary. Brooke fucking bashed her to death and now she's in surgery' I choked through a fresh set of tears.

'Oh my god' said Danielle, who hugged Mickey and they both started crying. Gee and Mikes both had looks of shock on their faces.

'That's it' Said Gee, who went storming out the doors.

'Oh no, he's going to find Brooke! Fucking hell!' Said Mikey who ran after him.

Bob, being the one to take things in slowly, sat back. He had a look of shock on his face but was deep in thought.

Ray walked over to me and hugged me.
'Dude, it's ok. Mary's strong, she'll live, don't worry' He said. Then clapped me on the back gently.

Bob walked over too and gave me a hug.
'Frank, she'll be right. If I were you, I'd be more worried about the bitch fight that's gonna happen afterwards. Ooo, Brookies in for it'. He said. I half heartedly smiled and thanked them.

'You guys rock, thanks' I said, then I sat down, my head in my hands.
I Hope she makes it.....


Me: Brookes such a bitch.. but how cute is Frankie?!
You: back off, I may be in surgery, but I'll ... I'll.....
Me: Ha!
You: gives evils
Me: aww. I'll let you bash up brooke =)
You: Hmmm.. Ill think about it =)
Me: runs around screaming
You: WDF!?
You: Oh k.... You had rebull...didn't u?
Me: Pfft! Of course I did! Otherwise what would explain the wings?!
You: ok..... erm.. I'm gonna back away and wait until next chapter..
Me: wwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
ACHOO! blows nose
You: ewww
Me: wipes on shirt
You: YUCK! That's festy!!!!!!!!

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