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Hospital Party.. Gatecrash anyone?

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woo, hospital party! even though someones injured.. its good to lift their spirit with some party stuf.. and a lot of people.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Parody, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-04-07 - Updated: 2007-04-07 - 1402 words

------------xFrank's Pov-------------

I was awoken from my thoughts when I heard yelling from the other side of the hall. I pulled my head up slowly and looked to my right to see Gerard storming towards us, and a smug looking Mikey behind him.
'What happened?' Asked Bob, looking questioningly at Mikey.
'Smartass here went to go get Brooke, but forgot that he doesn't have a single clue where she is' said Mikey grinning. I watched Gerard flip him off before sitting down and he too, put his head in his hands. I put my head back too and felt the warm tears well up in my eyes once again.
She's gonna make it
She's gonna make it

I kept saying this in my head, over and over. It was the only thing that stopped me from going insane. It was the only thing stopping me from barging in through those two green doors and shaking Mary awake. I still heard the sobs from Michaela and Danielle next to me as I closed my eyes slowly. Maybe when I wake up, this all could have been a dream..

-----------xMary's Pov--------------

Beep Beep Beep.
'Oh my god.. Shut up..' I muttered. I lifted my hand to my head, but suddenly felt a searing streak of pain make its way through my body.
'Ahh.' I gasped. I lifted the white bed sheets to find bruises, everywhere. All over my body. And cuts, all over my stomach and must have been my neck too. I reached up and touched the soft patch of skin. I felt around for the help button and found it after I think knocking over a bottle of water and a book off the table. Then I laid back and tried to remember what happened. It was hard, it all was blurry and my head hurt just trying to think about it.

Suddenly about 5 nurses and a doctor came rushing in to my side. The doctor asked me some dumb questions poked and prodded me, did the usual evil doctor stuff and the whole time my mind was struggling to remember. Finally they finished and I was allowed to let my head rest once again on the bleach white pillow and close my eyes for better concentration.

---------xFrank's Pov-------------

I felt some one's hand touch my shoulder and I awoke with a jolt.
'Mr. Iero?' The doctor asked.
'Yeah' I replied with not much enthusiasm. I was tired and upset. The only thing that could possibly make me feel any better right now was...
'You can go see her now if you like' He said. I felt my head raise and I jumped to my feet immediately. I walked swiftly to the door only thinking the worse, hoping she's ok and nothing to serious was done to her. I walked over to her bed and sat down next to her. Her eyes were closed and her face was scrunched up a tiny bit.
'You're thinking aren't you?' I asked.
'Look, I know it's bad for me and all..' She said, opening one eye. I half laughed and kissed her gently.
'Do you remember what happened?' I asked. I watched as her face kind of scrunched again, but when our eyes met she just broke down. I leant over and hugged her, rubbed my hand on her back.
'Shhh, it's ok, it's ok, I'm here' I said. I hated seeing her cry, it made me want to cry, then other people want to cry and well.... In the end everyone ends up getting hurt! So I just gently ran my hands through her hair and asked her for some of the details as to what happened.

--------------xMary's Pov-------------

I know he needed to know the answers to these questions. It was hard, but I managed to answer them all without braking down again. He smiled and brought me close to him again.
'Mary?' He asked pulling me away from him so I could face him.
'Please.. explain these' He said, then I felt him lift up my arm and roll up my sleeve so that my forearm was exposed. I just looked away. How would he understand? I felt tears brim in my eyes and I tried to pull my arm back. He just held, not too tightly, just tight enough so I couldn't pull away.
'Nothing..' I said.
'Mary.. please' He said. I looked into his eyes and saw sadness and want. I just sighed and turned my head to face him.

'The night of the concert.. and the night before that... and the night before that.. and..' I trailed off. It was ever since he went on that tour. The day he left, my soul went with him.
'Mary.. why?' He asked. He was rubbing his thumb gently over the scars on my arm.
'I thought you didn't love me. I thought of Emily.. I was confused' I said, and yet again looked away.

'Babe...' He said, and kissed me softly. Then he took my arm and gently kissed it better before rolling my sleeve back down. He kissed me again.
'Please don't... or I will. Understand?' He said seriously.
'Yeah' I said and smiled. He always made me feel like I could stop, like there was a purpose in everything. Then the moment was killed.

'Mary! You're OK!' We heard from the door. I turned my head to see Gerard and Mickey run in to greet me. Mickey and Gee both hugged me and I smiled at them both and told them I was fine. Mickey brought me flowers and Gerard started talking to Frank about something serious.
'Oi' I said.
'Yeah, what's up Mary?' Asked Gee.
'How come you and Michaela are together?' I asked, raising my eyebrows at Mickey.
'Well...' Started Gee. 'We had gone out to rent a movie, and when we came through the door we stopped because someone had grabbed hold of me. I turned around and this one here started kissing me for no good reason.' Said Gee, playfully poking Mickey.
'Obsessed Teenie Much?' I asked Michaela , who shrugged and kissed Gerard.

--------------xRay's Pov----------

I watched as the doctor walked over to Frank and touched his shoulder. I can't believe this would happen to Mary of all people. I shook my head and walked toward another doctor that was standing just outside her room.
'Ahh, excuse me, are we allowed in-' I stopped. She had looked up from her clipboard and she was, the most beautiful thing in the whole world. Her elbow length brown hair was hanging loosely over her shoulder, and her eyes were a dark green.
'Yeah, you are' She said smiling. God her smile was gorgeous.
'Umm, sorry, but can I ask what your name is?' I asked her.
'Alexandra, but please call me Alex' She said. /Alex.. what a beautiful name/. I thought.
'When is your break?' I asked softly.
'Ermm.. About 2 minutes. Want to get something to eat?' She asked. I just stood there smiling and nodding my head. I probably looked like a goof ball, but, what can u do?
I walked into the room to already find Gee and Frank in deep conversation over to my right, and Mary in bed talking to Michaela about something or other. I walked over and kissed Mary on the cheek. I was about to ask how she was when Danielle and Mikey, closely followed by Bob charged into the room.

It was like a miniature party in there, all of us crammed into a hospital room and ... Gee and Frank still haven't come out of their conversation yet.
I made my way over to them.
'Ray, we need your help.. listen..' Said Frank, pulling me over by the arm.


Me: ooooo, wonder what Frank wants?
You: raises eyebrows a many number of times
Me: sigh You never did get your 'scene' did you?
You: No I didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: hahaha! I don't do them sorry... maybe you can write them for me.. shudder
You: nah... kills the mood....pretends to stab at nothing
Me: runs around screaming
You: oh god. Here we go again.

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