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6 am

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Five girls celebrating their 19th birthday go to New York... What happens when Fall Out Boy is also there because a delayed tour? *Go easy on me.. its my first shot at this*

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Lindsey tried to ignore the laughter that she heard from her friends as she attempted to sleep in the car. It was an exciting day because they were going to New York and all but still, it was only 6am and Lindsey was definatly not a morning person. Add the time and her recent family problems and for her it was just starting off as a /great day/. Finally giving up on the idea of sleeping Lindsey sat up and fixed her long dark brown hair and turned her chocolate brown eyes towards her friends. Looking at that five of them, they couldn't be more different.

Lindsey was the shortest at 5'4 a fact the others never let her forget. She was slim but with curves, which when combined with her striking eyes earned her a few looks. She was the one who came up with many of the groups more outragous plans.

Alex was taller at about 5'6 and currently was sporting red hair. She was curvier than Lindsey and was normally the one to actually put the plans into motion. When Alex and Lindsey were combined they were a dangerous combination.

Daryan was the tallest at about 5'10. She had almost black hair with red highlights and light brown eyes. She normally tried to keep everyone out of trouble and sometimes spoke before thinking which earned her a few odd looks and many embarrasing stories.

Miranda was the same height as Alex and had light blonde hair. She was always bubbly and happy and helped the group out when anyone was feeling down.

The last member of the group was Amanda. She was about 5' 7 and had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Her along with Alex were the flirts in the group. They could get any guy they wanted which sometimes earned them some resentment.

The five girls had been friends since grade nine and were going on a road trip to New York to celebrate everyones 19th birthday since Lindsey who was the youngest had just had hers on April 7th. When the five of them got together they could do anything and get out of any trouble they landed themsleves in. What one of them couldn't do another one could, they were a very powerful group of good looking women. A very scary thought in New York.

"So um yeah, who's idea was it to leave Kingsville at 6 am again?" Lindsey complained.

With a roll of her eyes Daryan shot back "You know we need to get there and find our apartment. Hopefully we'll get there by 9 and be able to go out and explore some before it gets too late. I don't really want to be out on the streets of New York at midnight."

"Oh come on, that's half the fun. Everyone needs to get mugged when they go there. It's part of the experience" Alex teased.

"Daryan hurry up and get the car started then we'll get some coffee. The sooner we leave the sooner we'll get there" comented Miranda. Lindsey perked up.

"Did I just hear you say coffee? Come on Daryan hurry up were wasting time!"

And with that comment, the five girls started their trip to New York. So full of surprises that even they wouldn't know what to do with them.


Patrick flipped his cell phone shut. "Alright guys I have bad news for you. +44 and Cobra Starship just pulled out of the Honda Civic Tour. Were going to have to delay it for a while and stay here in New York."

"Fine, but I better get my own bed if were going to be staying here for longer. Pete steals the blankets all the time." grumbled Andy.

If only they knew what was going to happen.

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