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The Night Club

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The girls get to New York and Lindsey and Daryan meet some mystery men.

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Soft snoring could be heard in the car as the five girls drove on their way to New York.

"Guys! Wake up, look at this, isn't it amazing?" Daryan exclaimed.

This quickly woke everyone up as they pressed against the windows to their first view of the city at night. The skyline was lit up beautifully with the lights from all the buildings. However, everyone was quickly brought back to earth as the first car horn sounded and the girls began scrambling to figure out where they were going in the foreign city.

Shouts of "Left! No, your other left!" and "You need to get into that lane not this one!" and "Watch out for the biker!" could be heard for the next hour as the girls fought their way through downtown New York to their apartment they were renting for their stay. Parking in the garage underneath the building, they all let out a sigh of relief. " I don't think I will ever get used to that." commented Miranda.

With renewed energy, the girls grabbed as much of their things as they could and began their trek up the building to there room. Getting to their door Lindsey pulled out the key and put it in the lock and swung it open.

"Welcome to our home for the next month you guys."

The apartment was a decent size for New York. You walked in and were right in the living room which had hardwood floors. At the far end of the living room was a kitchen in front of a whole wall of windows that showed off New York's impressive skyline. On the right hand wall there were four doors the far three were the bedrooms and the closest one to the front door was the bathroom with a full bath tub and shower with 2 sinks. It was going to be quite a trick for the 5 of them to share one bathroom. The whole apartment was white with black accents.

"I call first pick!" was heard as Alex dashed off to the bedrooms. This began the race for beds. Lindsey and Alex ended up sharing the far bedroom Miranda and Daryan got the middle one and Amanda got the closest room to herself.

After the girls were unpacked they all came out into the living room and sat on the couch. " So, what do you want to do first, it's only like 8 o clock lets go somewhere!" Amanda exclaimed.

"Lets go check out the clubs in the area. See what's around and if they're any good" Lindsey said. With that all five girls retired to their bedrooms and got ready to go out.

"Hey! Give me my hat back! " Patrick's yell could be heard throughout the whole house.

"If you can catch the Joe-an-ator you can have it!"

Pete and Andy just rolled their eyes as the duo came tumbling into the room. Pete quickly grabbed the hat and threw it out of the room.

"Fine, kill all the fun Pete.. whatever" Joe pouted.

Trying to stop the upcoming fight between the two Andy quickly said " Some on you guys, lets go out tonight. I think being in this house with no other people is starting to get to us."

Brightening up Patrick, Joe and Andy raced for their rooms with Pete grumbling behind on his way.
Walking into the place they were not easily recognized because of the amount of people that were in the club. Andy and Joe immediately went to the bar to get drinks which left Pete and Patrick to look at the people. Now normally, there was the same people every night because it was a private club. However, tonight there were five new girls that were catching some appreciative glances. Pete and Patrick could see why too. They were sexy as hell. A red head two brunettes and two blondes made up the group. However, the two brunettes were what help Pete and Patrick's attention.

"Hey look at those hot chocks over there!" Pat said excitedly to Pete " Think the tall one would dance with me?"

"Hell yes. They look like their just having fun just go up and ask her. Tell you what, If you ask the tall one I'll ask the short one. But, can we not tell them who we are? I really don't need another stalker." joked Pete

Patrick laughed, "Sure that's the last thing I want to deal with. Some girl throwing themselves at me because I'm the lead singer from Fall Out Boy."


Finally, the five were ready to hit the streets armed with cell phones, money and purses.

Always being the mom of the group Daryan said " Okay guys, if we get separated from each other call someone's cell phone and we'll meet back up ok? Everyone keep there cells on please!" She said with a glare at Lindsey.

"Hey it's not my fault that the power button got pushed when it was in my purse.. I didn't mean to shut it off! I mean ... its not as if I was with some hot guy somewhere... "she trailed off noticing the angry look on Daryan's face. "Umm right then, let's go!'

The girls ended up at a hot club called MisShapes. Immediately after arriving the girls hit the dance floor. Soon they had many guys coming up and asking for a dance. Waiting until one was worthy of their attention the girls soon began to separate from each other and dance with their new partners. They would trade stories after at the bar. Soon everyone but Lindsey and Daryan had found someone they though appropriate. Just as the two were about to go over to the bar for drinks they both felt arms wrap around their waists from behind. Looking at the guy behind Daryan Lindsey gave her the nod that he was ok but she had the feeling that she recognized him from somewhere..

The guy behind Lindsey began to dance with his hands resting on her hips, suggestively yet not so much as to be offensive. She felt him breath on her neck "I'm Peter and who might you be?"

Lindsey. I'm new here do you live around here?" she questioned.

"I live all over at the moment but yes for now I;m living here with four of my friends" Peter answered vaguely.

"Are they here right now?"

"Actually one of them is dancing with your friend over there." He motioned over towards Daryan and the other mystery man. "He'd been eying her all night. But I have to admit, I haven't been able to keep my eyes off of you either" he confessed.

Tired of conversation Lindsey settled herself back against him and began grinding into him to the music. The two couldn't get enough of each other on the dance floor. Every time she gyrated against him she could feel him shudder. In retaliation he leaned forward and began nibbling on her ear and sucking on her neck. The hands that were once on her waist were now on her hips guiding her against him. She could feel the bulge against her as she moved which only served to turn her on more

'Now this isn't fair. You know exactly what I look like and yet I haven't even seen your whole body yet" She pouted. " For all I know you could have three eyes or something. You don't do you?" she teased him.

"No, I definitely don't have three eyes. Somehow I don't think my fans would like that too much."

"Fans..?" she asked confused.

Seeing her friends begin to move towards the door though she glanced at her watch. "Shit!" she swore. It was already 4 o'clock. I seemed as if she had just begun to dance with Peter. Turning in his arms she gazed up into his face. She could not make out much about him other than he had dark hair and hark colored eyes because of the lights. Leaning up she nipped playfully at his ear "Thanks for the dance Peter"

He smirked "No problem Lin"

Making her way over to her friends she couldn't help but smile. Even she didn't really see what he looked like she had felt an immediate connection. Now whether that was just physical or not she didn't know but she hoped she would get the opportunity to.

"So how was your night you guys?" she asked. "Hey Daryan, did you fun out the guys name who you were dancing with?"

"All he told me was that his name was Pat and that he was going to be in New York for a while with friends. I didn't get a good look at his face though. He was absolutely amazing! We have so much in common it's weird! I really hope I see him again. He said him and his friends would be here tomorrow night too." she trailed off. " I see you had found yourself a hotty too eh?" she laughed.

Lindsey blushed "His body was nice but I never got to see his face either. But he was really nice and a great umm dancer.." she hid her flushed face as she remembered her dance. "That guy you were dancing with looked kind of familiar though.. hopefully we will get to see them again though, and get to meet their friends."

The five girls walked off into the night sharing stories, Lindsey's and Daryan's minds were filled with thoughts of the men they had been dancing with and wondering of they would see them again. The same thoughts were running through Pete and Patrick's head as the band left the club.

"We are so going back to that club again tomorrow night. I want to see Daryan again. I;m sure you want to see her friend too eh Pete" Patrick smirked. "And hot people hang out together right? "

"Then why am I hanging out with you guys?" Pete said with a laugh on the ride home.

Ignoring Pete, Patrick continued, "Daryan said she was here with four friends and Lindsey was pretty good looking too! Maybe we could set you two up with the others?" Andy and Joe looked at one another.

'We'll see Pat."

The four guys spent the rest of the ride talking about the club looking forward to the next night.

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