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A Chance Encounter

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Lindsey and Daryan find out who their mystery men were.

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Slowly the bedroom door creaked open and soft footsteps could be heard. Giggling, Amanda Miranda and Alex walked over to the other girls bad and each grabbed a piece of the mattress.

"On three!" Alex whispered. "One, two, three!" Suddenly the mattress was lifted up and thrown onto the floor. A pair of grunts could be heard from the bed occupants.

"What the hell! What was that for?" Lindsey groaned rubbing her head. Daryan just yawned.

"Oh stop complaining there's coffee in the kitchen." Amanda said as she walked out of the bedroom laughing. The other two girls followed her out.

Grumbling, Daryan and Lindsey made their way out into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. "So, was there a particular reason you guys woke us up or what? Cause you know pay back is a bitch right? Don't you remember what happened last time?" Daryan smirked and the scared looks on her friend's faces.

Lindsey laughed, "You guys don't want us to hide all the aspirin the next time you get hangovers do you? No I didn't think so."

Satisfied that they had scared their friends enough, Lindsey glanced at the clock. "Wow its only 9 o'clock? What do you guys want to do today?"

Daryan began to jump up and down. "Oh there's the coolest museum here! They have all these awesome rocks there. We could go to that!"

"Freak..." Lindsey looked up innocently at Daryan "Hey! I was just saying what we were all thinking"

"Psh! We'll see who the freak is when I hide all the coffee one morning," Daryan mumbled

Lindsey's eyes widened "You wouldn't!" she gasped.

"Oh I would"

Lindsey stuck her tongue out at her. "Okay then now that you guys are done with your little argument, why don't we have a tourist day. We can go around with our cameras and do touristy stuff. Ya know, go see the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building. Come on it will be fun! We can act like little kids." Miranda suggested

Alex nodded in agreement. "It will help us get to know our way around the city better too. So far we only know how to get to the club."

"Yes! Now all we need is a pair of suspenders some shorts and a hat with a feather in it!" Lindsey laughed "But yeah that would be fun and we will get to know the city better. How about we leave at around 11 ish?"

The other four girls nodded in agreement and went to their rooms to get dressed.


Pete opened his eyes with a groan. Yawning, he stood up and walked into the kitchen and grabbed himself some cereal. "Morning."

A chorus of mornings was heard as the four guys sat blearily at the table.

"We have to go into the studio today. We might as well get something done seeing as though we're going to be here for a while." Patrick said with a sigh.
Murmurs of agreement were heard as the guys finished their breakfasts and went to get ready for their day in the studio


The five girls were having a blast as the walked down the sidewalk. So far they had already gone up the Empire State building, seen Ground Zero and central park. Now they were on their way to the Staten Island Ferry. One of the very few free things in New York City.

Lindsey heard something fall on the ground. Turning around to see what it was she walked into someone. Flinging out her hands to grab hold of something her hands made contact with a human chest just as she felt hands on her waist. Catching her breath, she took a step back and began to thank her savior.

"Hey, thanks a lot for catching me. I'm not really that used to all the people," she said with a laugh. Looking at the ground, she quickly looked up when he began to speak and gasped finally recognizing him.

"Hey it's not a problem I don't mind catching beautiful girls in my arms," Pete said with an anxious look on his face. He had recognized her from the club the other night and was waiting for her to realize who he was.

"Peter...? Well, Pete I guess. Wow, umm I never would have guessed. You're Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy... This is amazing... "Lindsey stammered. Blushing, she continued. "Um Hi then. I now have no idea what to say..."she trailed off.

Pete shot her a shy smile. "Well I'm not too sure either but we could figure it out over coffee if you'd like?"

"Oh that would be great! But..."

"Lindsey where the hell did you disappear to! One minute you were right behind us and the next..." Daryan looked up at the guy Lindsey was talking about and her eyes widened. "You're talking to Pete Wentz like you've already met him..."

Lindsey laughed slightly. "Well I kind of have. Remember the mystery guy I was dancing with at the club? Peter? Pat's friend?"

"Oh my god. Then that means that..." Daryan trailed off blushing.

"Yes, you were dancing with me last night." Patrick and the rest of the band had joined their group on the sidewalk.

The other girls had finally come back to see what was taking so long and stopped short. Amanda was the first to break out of the shock from seeing all of Fall Out Boy talking to Daryan and Lindsey in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Can I have your autograph?" They guys laughed.

Andy spoke up "These are the girls you were talking about last night aren't they you guys?" he motioned to Lindsey and Daryan. Pete and Patrick nodded. "Well in that case you must be the lovely friends. We'll give you an autograph on one condition. We all have to go and get some coffee then we can give those four love birds some 'alone time' "

Pete, Pat, Lindsey and Daryan all blushed.

"Hell yes we'll come. This sure beat seeing the Statue of Liberty!" Alex commented.
"Hell. We'll take you guys on the ferry afterwards. We're done for the day anyways." Joe said winking at Alex. She blushed.

With Alex and Andy leading the way, the nine of them made there way to a Starbucks down the block all caught up in their conversations.

A common thought was running through Daryan, Lindsey, Pete and Patrick's head.

I can't believe this...

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