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Paradise Forsaken

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A story about my favourite Animorphs character, Aftran 942, from her first host right up to the end of the war. Part 2 is AU, and there are quite a few spoilers throughout. Please R&R. It was my fi...

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Disclaimer: I don't own Animorphs, the characters or anything else about them.

This is also posted on I am the same person, so please don't flame me about stealing someone else's story. It's mine!

Author's note: Sorry if this is awful, but it is my first fic so please R&R. If you don't flame me, I won't flame you!

My name is Aftran 942 of the Hett Simplat pool. I was born with a thousand other siblings from the decaying bodies of my three parents. In my natural state I am blind, deaf, mute... and vulnerable. No human could possibly imagine the terrible decision we Yeerks must make between living like that and taking another's freedom for our own.

I will never forget my first host. I was given a Gedd, like most low ranking Yeerks. I was quite relieved about this- the Gedds, after all, come from the same planet as we Yeerks, and infesting them is natural, just like a human eating meat.

However, I still felt some pity for this Gedd I had infested, whose name was Samilin. My friends and siblings thought I was far too sentimental. At the time I thought they were right.

Exclaimed Milan 258, one of my group of friends, < you really are the most soft- hearted Yeerk in the pool! It's a GEDD for Empire's sake! It's not even intelligent! It's barely sentient! >

Today was my feeding day. I luckily had the same schedule as my friends.

I interrupted Milan's pointless raving. She was actually one of my best friends, but you'd never guess it from listening to us!

Milan gasped in shock. Of course, we Yeerks don't really gasp, we communicate with squeaks in our natural bodies, but they do still have tone!

I repeated. < She is a Gedd for Empire's sake. She is not even intelligent. Not it. >

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