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A Different Helm's Deep

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AU, movie-verse. What if Arwen had gone to the battle at Helm's Deep? And some of Aragorn's kin had also gone? The story is better than the summary.

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Tolkien's universe, or the idea from the movie.

Authors note: I know this will be awful, so please don't flame me! I also posted this on the Council of Elrond website, and on Don't flame me for stealing off someone else, because I am that person.

Arwen sat staring out of the window towards the East. Her hair was gently brushed back by the breeze, and a single tear fell down her cheek. It was a grey, overcast day, a reflection of what she felt. She missed Aragorn so much. Everything hurt inside her, it hurt to breathe or eat, and sleep would never come to her. Amongst the hurt, there was a flicker of anger. Not against him, she knew he had to go, but that she could not do anything to help him. Arwen longed to do more than just sit around in Imladris. She wanted to go to war. Then, if he died, she could be there with him, and let herself follow him. Arwen also hated not to be doing anything in the fight against Sauron.

While Arwen was sitting by the window, her father had been at a council meeting with Haldir and some other important Galadhrim and Rivendell warriors. They had decided to go to Helm's deep with an army of 900 to help against the Uruk- Hai army of Sauron. Finally, the council had finished.

Elrond walked down the hallway towards Arwen's room. Quietly pushing open the door, he went and sat down beside her.

"Why do you weep, my Evenstar?"

"You know why, Ada."

Elrond sighed. "Will you not go to the Havens?"

A thought suddenly occurred to Arwen. She could be with Aragorn, after all! She swiftly turned to face her father. "I will. But I must leave now. Everywhere I look reminds me of him, and I cannot bear to stay here a moment longer."

Elrond was amazed! What had changed her mind so quickly? "Will you be okay alone?" he asked.

"Yes. I can use a sword well, you know that."

In an hour, Arwen was ready to ride. She had packed most of her belongings to fool her father.

In the stables, her favourite grey mare had already been saddled and was awaiting her. Swiftly, she mounted and galloped out of the gate.

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