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day in a high school

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living is the hardest part

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I grabbed my school bag and stormed out of the house making sure I slammed the door hard enough.
I just had another row with my mother, these fights wore me out long ago.
We fought about anything and everything: my grades, friends, clothes, hair color, food, hobbies, you name it we probably yelled about it. I couldn't wait to get out of this shit hole.
I rushed down the stairs so I won't keep my friends waiting much longer. I found Mikey and Gerard leaning on the building wall.
Gerard smoked his morning cigarette and Mikey kicked around a random stone.
"Finally Skyler", Mikey stressed out my full name.
"Sorry. My dear mother freaked when she saw Gerard smoke out of the window, she's convinced we're going to skip school and get stonned or something", I shrugged.
"Sorry", Gerard finished his cigarette and put it out with his foot.
I shrugged again and we started walking to school.
Mikey was my best friend in the whole wide world , he's skinny, wears glasses and is the sweetest guy I know.
We became friends in the sixth grade when I shared my lunch with him after Ray stole his, later on we became friends with Ray too after we were sure he's not a thief.
We had this little group, Mikey, I, Ray, Bob, Frankie and Mikey's brother-Gerard.
We don't fit well with the rest of the students but frankly none of us give a fuck as long as they leave us alone.
Mikey and I chatted away through out the way to school. Gerard walked quietly on Mikey's side, I think he was bored with us since we both were younger than he is, and because we have a tendency to talk about things only we found interesting.
People find us amusing but tiring at times. When they don't call us freaks that is.
We arrived at the school and Gerard hurried to his classes, I suspect that the reason wasn't the fear of being late but our fascinating arguments about pen types with Mikey.
Mikey and I entered our English class finding Ray already in his place. Napping.
Mikey and I grinned evilly at each other knowing exactly what went in both our minds.
We made our way quietly between the rows to the back. I took out my cell phone and pressed a few buttons then I held it close to Ray's ear and pressed one more button. The loudest ring I had on the phone blasted through as we watched Ray jump off his seat with pure horror on his face.
It made us laugh every time.
"That's not funny anymore", claimed Ray rubbing his ear, "I swear you'll get me killed one day".
"Oh dude, it's fucking hilarious", I manage to spit between laughing fits, "It's classic!".
Ray mummbled something under his breath that sounded much like 'fucking idiots', the bell rang and we took our places behind him.

The classes passed quickly and next thing I knew the bell rang for lunch time, Mikey stopped to take his lunch from his locker after which we headed to the deserted emergency staircase that most of the time was deserted except for well, emergencies.
Frank and Gerard were already there. Mikey and I sat on one step, Gerard and Frank sat a few steps above us and Ray positioned himself in the perfect middle.
"Where's Bob?", asked Ray loudly stealing one of my apples.
"Detention", Frank filled us in.
"What?", asked Ray even louder.
"Detention!", Frank raised his voice which echoed through the deserted staircase.
"Stop mumbling and speak clearly", Ray yelled now.
Gerard leaned on Ray's right side and whispered, "Bob's in detention".
"Ohh why didn't you say so in the first place?", Ray took a bite of my apple.
That sent Mikey and I in yet another laughing fit.
"You idiots did the phone thing again?!", smirked Gerard unsure whether he should laugh or be mad at us.
"Oh you should've seen his face", Mikey laughed into my lap and I giggled into his back, "That stuff is priceless".
Frank shook his head disapprovingly, "How many times have I told you not to do this shit to poor Ray", he paused for a second, "When I'm not around to see?!".
We laughed even harder.
"That's not funny! My hearing is half damaged by now. I'll have my mom come after you", pouted Ray biting my second apple.
"Oh the horror", I pretended to be afraid, "My mom is going to come after you if you keep eating all my food", I waved my now empty lunch bag.
"You can have my lunch, I'm not hungry anyway", Gerard handed me his toast over Ray's head who was eyeing it eagerly.
"Thanks", I smiled at him, he always gave me his meals when I was left without.
I maneged to finish the toast despite Ray's attempts to deprive me of yet another meal.
The bell rang for the next period, I had art with Gerard so we said bye to the guys and headed for the art studio.
Gerard and I settled in the back seats with white canvases in front of us. I sucked at art, it was only thanks to Gerard I passed this subject, he would always do double work, one for me and one for himself .
I could do what they called nowadays "Modern art", the one with weird shapes and paint splashes but when it came to actually drawing or painting something I was lost, so Gerard did it for me and I helped him with other subjects.
I spent half of the lesson trying to look busy and avoiding Mrs.Ryneed looks. I think she figured out what we were doing but never said anything because I was straight A student.
I peeked at Gerard's canvas, he was doing my painting now. It was of beautiful winter day.
"You're really talented, you know?", I whispered making sure Mrs. Ryneed didn't look over.
"You say it every art lesson, compliments would not get you laid Sky", giggled Gerard.
I blushed. Wait why am I blushing?.
"That's because your work amaze me every art lesson and not because I want your body!" , I turned back to my splashed canvas, I was doing modern art again just to look busy while Gerard put the finishing touches to 'my' artwork.
"And I love winter", I said looking over again.
"I know", was all he said.
We switched canvases quickly when Mrs. Ryneed went to examine students work at the other end of the room.
I looked at the picture Gerard painted. It was beautiful painting of empty street covered in snow, it was amazing and detailed I couldn't believed it took him only 20 minutes.
I was looking over at the new painting he started, this time for himself when I heard Mrs. Ryneed comment me from across the studio, "Ms. Skyler please be original and don't peek at other students works". I saw Gerard smirk before I looked away.

It was sonny by the time school day was over, I walked with Mikey and Gerard to their house. I practically lived at their house as my mother often yell at me, she probably thought we do nothing but have wild sex all day long.
As we walked in, Gerard went down to his basement and Mikey and I went up to Mikey's room. We threw our bags and headed downstairs after a while to eat whatever their mom prepared for us.
She always prepared for three, I felt welcomed there.
We almost finished eating when Gerard came up looking somewhat drunk, lately he drank way too often.
Mikey and I exchanged worried looks, it always made me sad seeing him all giddy and cheerful and knowing he was drunk.
Mikey sent me up to his room to spare me this but it was too late, I felt down already, he stayed a while with his brother and then came back. I was sitting on his bed staring at my hands.
"He fell asleep, he'll be out of it until the morning", sighed Mikey sitting next to me.
"Why does he do it?", I looked into mikey's eyes, he was sad as well.
"Low self esteem I guess, he feels like crap", explained Mikey, his whole manner was of deep sadness.
"He don't know how great he is", I said looking out of the window, it was still sonny.

We finished or homework and I was getting ready to go home. I gathered my belongings, put on my coat and went down stairs to wait for Mikey.
Gerard was passed out on the sofa in the living room. I felt sorry for him, he looked bad and ill.
His skin tone was even paler than usual and his facial expression showed misery even in his sleep.
I looked up to see if Mikey wasn't coming and covered Gerard with a blanket he dropped on the floor in his sleep.
Mikey coughed behind me and I jumped almost tripping over the coffee table but managed to stay on my feet in last moment.
Mikey was smirking.
"Oh shut up", I rolled my eyes at him heading for the front door.
Mikey walked me home , we said goodbye and I went up to my mothers flat. I haven't called it my home since I don't know how long.
"Skyler, welcome home", my mother met me at the door. Oh boy here we go again.
hours later I laid in my bed, the tears had dried long ago. I was just watching the dark ceiling now.
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