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lockers to close, parties to attend

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"It's not that I'm anti social it's just that I don't like you".

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I walked to school with Gerard and Mikey in silence. I had a headache from all the crying I did last night.
Mikey saw how sad I am and understood, he didn't ask any questions. Gerard was hung over so he didn't talk anyway, our shared desire was to turn off the sun.
What a pathetic bunch we were!, all miserable surrounded by chatting, happy students.
That day you couldn't squeeze one smile out of us even if you tried really hard, even Frank couldn't.
The day passed in a miserable blur, that afternoon I returned straight home.

The next day was somewhat better, we returned to our usual selves.
We were sitting at our usual spot, on the emergency staircase when Bob approached us, greeting us with a Bobs usual half smile.
"My friend is a having a party and you're all invited", he announce smugly. The guys cheered, I remained silent.
I hated parties, hated big crowds, hated mingling and chatting with people I barely knew mainly because I was really shy, shy motherfucker as Gerard kindly said once.
"Aren't you suppose to be anti social or shit?", I tried to hide my lack of comfort with a stupid remark.
How clever am I, did I mention I am a flipping genius?!.
Bob observed me with a twinkle in his eye, "It's not that I'm anti social it's just that I don't like you".
We all laughed.
"That's so lame Robert!, where did you get it? of the Internet?, quoting avatars again?!", Mikey to the rescue. I knew bob was joking but I didn't knew quite how to handle it.
"Precisely! that's my new avatar actually", said bob pleased with himself. They all laughed again, I was no longer in the mood.
Gerard caught my eye and winked making me feel better.

"You're way too sensitive", said Gerard Struggling with his locker, his locker was possessed or so Gerard claimed. It either refused to open or won't close.
I leaned on the locker next to his, watching him shake the lock, "Oh I'm used to you assholes it's just that some times I'm caught off guard".
"Oh sure, I saw the look on your face. And just for the record we all love you .Even Bob", he slammed the door shut just to see it open teasingly again.
"I give up, this locker was probably invented by some jock to get revenge", he glared at the locker.
"Let me try", I pressed the lock, held it still for a moment and slammed it shut. It actually closed.
We both stared at it with disbelief.
"You're my hero", squealed Gerard with a girly voice, "Now open it again, I left some books there".
I pushed, knocked, kicked, swore and pleaded but it won't budge, "Sorry, I'm afraid it's locked forever", I shut Gerard apologizing look.
He sighed and shruged ,"At least I'm confident now that no one will EVER steal my things".
I looked at his fake misery and laughed giving him a pat on the back, "We'll try again next break".
"With my luck it has a secret password or something", he gave the locker one last punch and we started walking towards the library to do some of Gerard history homework, he was clueless about that subject since he preferred to read comics instead of actually paying attention to the lesson.
Before his locker disappeared from view behind the corner we heard a loud noise and turned on our heals to see what was that all about, we saw Gerard's locker wide open and his books pour out of it.
We both started laughing and turned back.
"Told you it's evil", Gerard gave me a knowing look as we picked things from the floor.
"I'm starting to believe it is", I handed him his math book.

Mikey found us in the liberty giggling behind huge pile of books, Gerard was drawing caricatures of all our teachers and we invented stupid nick names for them all, needless to say no history work was being done and the Liberian was pretty cross with us.
She kept giving us dirty looks so Gerard drew her too and I stuck a notebook in my mouth to keep my self from bursting with laughter.
"What's you've been up to?", Mikey sat opposite us and took the notebook out of my mouth.
"Oh just studying history", said Gerard innocently.
Mikey eyed us with suspicion, "Right".
I grabbed the drawing from under Gerard's book and showed them to Mikey who began laughing too. Loudly.
"Would you be quite it's a public library not your private amusement park", the librarian approached us with her arms crossed on her chest and a severe look on her face, we looked at her innocently and nodded obediently but once she turned around to leave Gerard flickered her back the middle finger which sent me into a giggling fit again. I dropped my head into my hands and the laughter shook my whole body.
I calmed down and lifted my head off my hands, wiping tears off my eyes.
"So are you going to the party?", asked Mikey returning Gerard his drawings.
Gerard nodded and I lowered my eyes to one of the books on the table, I felt mikey's gaze on my face and noticed Gerard's glances.
"What about you Sky?", Mikey pushed his glasses up his nose.
I shook my head ,"Probably not. You know I don't do parties and besides my mother would never let me go" , I mummbled under my breath.
Mikey smirked, "Don't I recall you say you're thrilled that she is going away for the weekend?".
Gerard smirked too, "Yup I recall that too".
Does smirks run in this family?
I sat back in my chair crossing my arms on the table, "Well then I just don't do parties".
"Oh come on it will be sooo much fun! And we can stay up all night watching films after the party", whined Mikey.
"How about I'll skip the party and join you after it to watch movies?", I suggested hopeful he would let go of the subject.
"But you'll miss all the action, you never go to party's..." Mikey went on and on about why I should go the the fucking party, I think he even said it's a scientific fact that people have to go to one party at least once a year and if they don't horrible things will happen to them, and with that being said he gave me a knowing look.
"But I don't know anybody", I whined.
"You know us", was the only thing Gerard said and Mikey agreed nodding eagerly.
"And there's going to be loads of free food", Mikey reasoned.
"Save that argument for Ray", I smiled. I hated the pressure he was putting on me even though I knew he was doing it because he cared, and Gerard constant staring made me nervous.
"Look I won't leave your side all night, so you don't have to worry about mingling and shit. For all I care you can just hold my hand and pout but please come", Mikey pleaded me which made me feel as uncomfortable as it gets.
I guess one party didn't hurt anyone, right?!
"Fine, but if you'll make me chat and mingle I shall fuck you", I said unaware of how it sounded.
Gerard raised his eyebrows and Mikey grinned teasingly, "Is that a promise?".
"It is Mikey, I swear I'll kick your ass!", I pointed my finger at him.
"Fine fine fine and then we'll have a slumber party", he gave me a high five and smiled widely.
Gerard rolled his eyes at us.
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