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'i want to be the river'

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After I promised my mother 54656683 times that I won't burn the house down (if only I can keep Mikey away from the toaster), won't open the door to strangers, won't do silly things at the party, stay safe and keep close to Mikey (my mother apparently trust him more than she does me) she finally left to enjoy her weekend and I turned up the volume and went to turn my closet upside down to choose something to wear for the party.
I did the whole dancing in my underwear thing and laughed my ass off thinking how stupid I must have looked.
Finally I choose my favorite black jeans and my new black top with the red ribbon, I did my make up and looked at the mirror, I decided I looked quite good.
I grabbed my phone, locked the door and stuck the keys in my pocket.
Gerard and Mikey waited for me downstairs as usual.
"Don't you look sharp", Mikey smiled looking me up and down, if I haven't knew him forever I would be rather embarrassed now.
"You look rather sharpish yourself", sharpish was our word for you-look-really-good-but-I-can't-tell-you-that-because-it-would-be-awkward.
They both looked really good, Mikey in his sweet way and Gerard in his own hot way. Wait..did i just used the H word to describe Gerard?.
I guess I did but he wouldn't ever know.
We made our way collecting Ray and Frank.

Mikey took my hand, I looked at him with my eyes widening ,"What are you doing?".
"I told you I won't leave your side tonight and I don't care if all you do is to hold my hand and pout, so you can pout now", said Mikey sweetly.
I fucking love him. I squeezed his hand gently and that's how we entered the party house, hand in hand.
Saying the house was crowded would be an understatement, we managed to slip in without injuring ourselves but how would we get out was a mystery to me.
I followed Mikey around for a while but then I got bored, I didn't knew any of his friends and was tired to deny our "new relationship", should have known that holding hands would invite this sort of questions but hey, I'm new to the whole party thing.
I spotted Gerard sitting by himself outside on the porch, I shook Mikey's hand yelling over the music that I'll go talk to Gerard, he nodded and I made my way to the fresh air.

The cool night air greeted my skin like an old friend, I was exhausted, I collapsed on the porch next to Gerard stretching my legs in front of me.
He smiled at me and raised the plastic cup in his hand to his lips.
My smile slipped away, "Drinking are we?", I wondered if it was his first since we arrived.
"We sure are", he emptied the content in one gulp.
I shook my head, "You shouldn't drink as much as you do".
Gerard looked at my face, the expression on it was a mixture of sadness and disapproval, "Fine, it's my last one. I promise mom".
"Thank you son!, I prefer you when you're sober", I smiled.
He showed me the cup and threw it away, I clapped happily.
"Why are you outside and not inside partying like it's 1999?", I eyed him.
"1999 is so 8 years ago", he laughed, "now I believe the youngsters are using the term party till you drop".
I chuckled ,"Well why aren't you doing that?".
"Tell you the truth, I hoped to drink and enjoy the beautiful night but now since I can't do the first I'll just enjoy the second", he said while getting out his pack of cigarettes out of the pocket, he caught my disapproving glance and giggled, "One bad habit at the time, honey".
I shrugged and looked up at the sky, it was one hell of a starry night.

Gerard lit his cigarette closing his eyes with pleasure, "Even better than sex".
I smirked, "Sure if dying in pain is your thing".
"Well it sure easier to get", he laughed with his eyes closed, "Speaking of which, are you dating Mikey?.
I was shocked. How was it anything to do with smoking OR sex???
"Are you serious?", I turned my whole body in his direction.
"Dead serious", he opened his hazel eyes now.
I didn't know what to say, Gerard is the last person to ask this, he knew very well the type of relationship Mikey and I had so I simply said no.
"Would you like to?". What is it with him tonight? Is it the alcohol?
"I never thought of Mikey this way, I can't think of a guy who fell into my 13th birthday cake in this sense", I looked at the passing cars on the street.
Gerard giggled, "I remember this! he didn't talk to you for a week because you took pictures instead of helping him out, it was a miserable week for me, I had to listen to all this crap and agree about how shit of a friend you have been".
We were silent for a while, I broke it first, "Why do you ask?".
He followed my gaze to the street, "I was just wondering with all the holding hands shit and you being all lovey-fucking-dovey".

At this point Ray sat, or more accurately, fell into my lap. He looked at me and it seems like he recognized me because he started singing something among the lines "I see sky full of stars and she's Skyler". So maybe he's not much of a poet but so would neither of you be if you drank as much as he did.
Frank followed the singing Ray and sat next to Gerard on the porch, "I spent the whole evening keeping him from dunking his head in the fucking toilet although a little more of him singing 'I want to be the river' and I would've help him do just that"
We laughed ,Ray put his head on my shoulder and hummed something in my ear.
"Let's just go home", I suggested and Ray sang 'Sweet home Alabama' in high pitched voice, I wasn't very pleased since he was still on my shoulder.
"I'll go find Mikey and Bob", Frank went back inside the noisy house.
We sat in silence again except for the noise from the house and Ray now singing something by Celine Dion at the top of his lungs. Still on my shoulder.
"He has quite a range", joked Gerard.
I laughed ,"He would make Mrs Dion proud".
"So are you crashing at our house tonight? our parents is out with your mom", Gerard lit another cigarette.
I wasn't sure, my mother wouldn't like it if she ever discovered I spent the night with 5 guys. But sleeping in an empty flat didn't seem too inviting.
I nodded and Gerard smiled blowing smoke in Ray and mines direction.
I coughed and gave him a look while Ray started singing "I know there no smoke without fire lalala".
Frank came back with only Mikey, "Bob wanted to stay a little longer".
I stood up dragging Ray along with me and we all went to the Way's house.
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