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mother Teresa for the poor.

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saving ray

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Gerard and I helped Ray stay on his feet for the rest of the walk to the Way's house and Frank and Mikey helped us stay on our own feet, he would skip singing things like a happy school girl or simply dedicate songs to Scarlet and Johny.
"So what's your name?", Ray asked me for the 3rd time in the past 5 minutes. His breath was deadly and I winced when he spoke to me.
"Skyler and yours?", I almost slipped under his weight. Again. But Mikey caught my arm before I went down.
" a beautiful name you have", I stopped correcting him after the 5th time, "I'm Randy and I'm floating".
He turned in Gerard's direction, "And you are?".
"I'm the cloud you're floating on", Gerard panted. Ray wasn't heavy despite all the food he ate but he was moving, jumping and skipping a lot now.
"Do clouds have names Scarlie?", he turned to me again seeking my advice.
I sighed, "Yes they do".
He leaned on Gerard, "I was told that clouds have names, what's yours?".
Gerard looked at him not knowing what to do. "Just tell him your fucking name", I hissed beneath Ray's arm.
"I'm Gerard", he pouted.
"Oh...I'm floating on scarlie and Johnie, my faithful clouds", Ray burst in song again.
Frank and Mikey giggled. Of course they giggled, they're not Scarlet and John and Ray wasn't floating on them.

We finally were home. Mikey unlocked the door and stepped aside to let Gerard and I carry the still singing Ray inside, Frank followed us and switched on the lights.
Ray squinted and protested, "I'm in heaven? can II speak to god?".
GGerard and I dumped Ray next to the door, he sat there crossing his legs.
Frankie beamed, he approached Ray, "son I am god, talk to me", he said in British accent.
Gerard and I sat on the sofa, interested to see what'll happen next.
Ray clapped. He's such an easy target when he's out of it, "God, I'm Randy. are you really god?".
"That's what Mrs god always saying, if you know what I mean", Frankie winked.
Mikey returned from the kitchen with a can of soda in his hand and joined frank in the little game he were playing.
They thought it was amusing but I didn't, Ray was too drunk to get even, he was helpless and that game was unfair. So I got up from the sofa and went to get him glass of water and something to eat.
I came back with the water and a sandwich, sat beside Ray on the floor, "Here, have this. You'll feel better".
Ray forgot all about god and Mrs god (Mikey thought it was hilarious) and turned his unfocused gaze to the food in my hand.
The guys groaned, "Oh just leave him alone, it's not fair. It's like kicking someone while they're down", I snapped.
They shrugged and joined Gerard on the sofa, turned on the TV and forgot all about us, except for Gerard who was sneaking glances when he thought I didn't look.
I felt really tired by the time Ray swallowed the last bite of the sandwich, "Thank you Scarlet, you're a great cook".
I smiled and patted his back, "Any time Randy. want to watch TV?".
He nodded and I helped him to his feet, I led him to the empty armchair and crashed between Mikey and Gerard.
We were watching some movie that later faded to a blurry vision and I fell asleep, but it wasn't a deep sleep because I heard the bell ring and Bob's voice and then More movement and some more talking and someone covered me with a blanket then I completely dozed off.

I woke up the next morning startled, it took me some time to remember who I was and where I was. I looked around, everything was still and silent except for the birds outside.
The guys still slept. I was sleeping on Gerard's chest and my leg felt numb because Mikey cuddled on it, his glasses were positioned in a weird way and his hair was a mess.
Gerard and I probably shared a blanket even though only him left arm was covered and I hogged the rest.
Ray was stretched on his armchair, his hair fell on his eyes and moved in the rhythm of his breath. Bob and Frank shared the other sofa, Bob slept peacefully with Franks legs in his face. I smiled, he would be thrilled when he wakes up.
"What's so funny?", Gerard's husky morning surprised me.
I looked up to see him rubbing his eyes, I motioned to where Bob and Frank lay and he smiled at the sight of them too.
"I need coffee", he grumbled quietly. So this is how he's like first thing in the morning. Charming.
He got up and made his way carefully to the kitchen. I decided to follow him.
I carefully placed Mikey's head on a cushion, covered him with the blanket Gerard deserted and made my way to the kitchen.
When I entered the room Gerard was waiting for the water to boil, leaning on the table with his eyes closed.
I opened the fridge, took out orange juice and a clean glass out of the cupboard, poured the juice looking at the half asleep Gerard at the table. The kettle boiled making him jump off his seat, he made himself a cup of coffee and drank it eagerly.
"So what are you doing today?", he inquired between sips.
I thought for a while, "Nothing much, just head home and sleep the weekend away or catch on some homework or shit".
"Boy, aren't you exciting", he said into his cup.
I pouted, "Well thank you! what are your exciting plans then?!.
He shrugged, "I thought it was sweet of you to take care of Ray like you did". How random is he?!.
I blushed, "Just call me mother Teresa".
Gerard didn't say anything but sip his coffee, I stood there for a while not knowing what to say, then put my glass in the sink and headed for the living room where the guys were still passed out, Gerard came back too.
"Well I'm off then", I headed for the door.
"I'll walk you", he put down his cup, grabbed his jacket and we walked out. The morning was annoyingly bright and sonny.
We walked quietly side by side, Gerard smoked and I tried to develop small talk to avoid the silence.
We came to my building soon enough.
"You know I still haven't finished my history homework", Gerard leaned on the building wall like he always did.
"If you have nothing planned for today, you can stop by and I'll be happy to help you", I opened the door.
"Except me in about 4 PM", he said and walked off after receiving my excepting nod.
I got up the stairs thinking I should tidy up my room for Gerard's visit.
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