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world war I

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one afternoon

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I was still running around the house, cleaning it up when the bell rang. I shoved the socks that were in my hand behind the fridge and hurried to the door.
To my surprise Gerard wasn't alone, Mikey stood right there besides him smiling widely. He walked past me the minute I opened the door heading for my room.
Gerard looked grim, "I tried to lose him but he SQUEALED so hard I couldn't do anything", he raised his voice so Mikey would hear.
I smiled, "That's OK", and led him to my room. Mikey was already snooping around my room, I didn't like it so I gave him a look, he ignored it and continued opening drawers and picking up random items.
Gerard sat on my bed looking around, he wasn't as frequent visitor as Mikey was.
"Anything I can get you?", I asked trying to be the perfect hostess. Mikey was having none of that and headed for the kitchen instead, I look at Gerard who shook his head.
I heard Mikey move in the kitchen, opening doors and taking out things and left him to it.
I sat on the bed next to the grim looking Gerard, "So where did we stop?", he took out his books and opened a notebook handing it to me.
Except for the title 'world war I' written in Gerard's handwriting, it was blank.
"Right then". We started working on his essay ignoring Mikey who came in and then out, inspected the house then finally settled in front of the TV.
Gerard was moody and answered my questions with a yes, no or a short nod. Surprisingly we finished fairly quickly.
I watched him gather his books which covered half of my rooms floor and put them in his bag one by one, "What's wrong?".
"Nothing", he didn't even stop.
"Obviously something is", I insisted. He continued picking up his books dismissing me with a 'Nothing' again.
"Look if you had plans we could have finished this some other day", I looked down on him from my position on the bed.
He finally stopped and looked up, "It's really nothing".
I shrugged. He was obviously upset by something , Mikey will know, I decided to ask him later.
"I better get going", he rose off the floor scanning the room for any lost books. My heart sank for whatever reason.
"It's still early, we can hang out a bit", I said trying not to sound too disappointed.
"Some other time", he loaded the bag on his back and turned to leave, "Thanks for helping me".
I smiled sadly, "Anytime".
He left without even saying goodbye to Mikey.
I joined Mikey in the kitchen who was eating his 125656th sandwich. Let me tell you, those teenage boys ate a LOT.
"What is it with your brother today?", I wondered aloud.
Mikey shrugged, "He almost bite my head off today when I wanted to join him, just face it he's a weird dude".
I nodded trying not to show my disappointment.
We sat in silence, Mikey ate and I watched him eat stealing bites every now and then.
"Oh have I told you? I got a job", he said suddenly.
"No you did not Mr dude", I was the only one who was allowed to call him that.
"Yeah in some bookstore, I'm starting tomorrow!", he announced chewing the final bite of his sandwich.
"How cool! you can get me a discount", I started to think about all the books I can read for free.
"They sell Cd's and coffee too", he laughed.
"Oh heaven!", I cried punching him on the arm.

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