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candy wonderland

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I woke up exactly by noon to the cheerful tunes of metallica. I love metallica but not first thing in the morning. Or noon. Whatever.
I groaned, trying to block the sounds with a pillow but could still hear the music.
I dragged myself out of bed and looked at the mirror. My eyes were swollen and had dark circles underneath it.
Mikey and I had a wild night in, I had to push him out at 2 AM just in case my mother decides to come back earlier.
We were having so much fun, we made pizzas and watched movies and had a pillow fight with feathers flying all over the place and girly squeals (mikey's). Gerard doesn't know what he missed.
I brushed my teeth now humming along to metallica, had breakfast and dressed up. I decided to clean the place up and spent good portion of the day scrubbing the tomato sauce off the walls and floor. I forgot to mention our mini food fight.
After the flat looked like it's usual self and not like a war zone I decided to go visit Mikey at his new work place. I took my phone and like the good girl I am wrote a note to mommy explaining that I'm with Mikey but we're not having wild sex and Gerard isn't teaching us to take drugs and that I would be back in the evening.

I made my way down the street, it wasn't far from where I lived and in matter of 10 minutes I stood in front of a huge book/CD/coffee/anything else known to man kind store.
I pushed the door open or at least I tried to push it open, but then I noticed the huge sign that says 'pull' and blushed ,praying that no one I know noticed my lost battle with the door.
The store was packed with people. And they say that people don't read nowadays.
I scanned the crowd for Mikey but couldn't find him so I decided to hang around until he show up somewhere. He must show up at some point, it's his work place.
I browsed some of the titles when I felt someone grab my shoulders and yell 'BO' in my ear, I screamed causing people to stare in my direction. I turned around facing one very pleased Frank and three giggling boys.
"Don't do it", I punched him slightly on the arm.
He giggled. He sounds like a fucking girl when he giggles.
"You sound like a fucking girl when you giggle", I decided to let him know.
"Have you seen Mikey?", Gerard decided to interrupt us. He knew that when Frank and I start our mockery fights there's no way stopping us.
I let him distract me and shook my head. We walked around the shop some more looking for Mikey, joking around.
Then out of nowhere Mikey materialized in front of us grinning "Can I help you?".
Frank looked closely at Mikey's name tag as though he doesn't know him, "Well Michael. I'm looking for a Britney Spears CD, can you show me around young man?".
We all burst up laughing our heads off attracting more stares from people around. After Mikey showed us to the Britney Spears section he left to help some real costumers.

We walked around aimlessly, laughing at Frank and Ray who behaved like weirdos.
I found a comfy armchair and sunk into it, grabbing some random magazine. Ray sat next to me on the empty chair reading comic he found and the others gathered in the music section laughing at something, I suspected that they actually listened to the Britney Spears CD Frank looked for earlier.
One by one the boys left the store until the only ones left were Gerard and I, and Mikey obviously but he was working and not much of entertainment.
I found Gerard sitting on the floor between the comic books shelves sipping coffee.
"What you're looking for", I leaned on the shelf looking at the titles. I startled him.
"I thought you left with the others", he smiled. I liked it when he smiled, kinda gives you the feeling everything is okay. But what am i saying??.
I smiled back sitting on the floor besides him. He showed me the comics he found.
"I'm gonna hide them and come back on Mikey's pay check day", he grinned happily telling about his master plan.
"You're evil", I laughed browsing through the pile he was showing me.
"Want a sip?", he drank from his plastic cup.
"No, I'm in the mood for ice cream but haven't brought any money and they don't sell any", I counted 10 comic books in his growing pile.
"It will probably cost Mikey all his salary", I pondered aloud.
Gerard stuck them underneath the bottom shelf and made sure they can't be seen, "Let's go".
"Where?", I was confused.
"For ice cream", he rose ,reaching out to help me stand.
"No really Gerard, it's OK", I took his hand.
"Come on I want some too", he already made his way toward the exit.
I followed him protesting.

We walked down the street talking about nothing in particular.
The sun began to go down on the horizon, strangers passed us on the street, families were chasing their children down dragging them away from the homeless people begging for a dime. Teenagers of all kind passed us, avoiding eye contact.
Gerard stopped near a ice cream place. He smirked ,"You see the pull sign?, it means you have to pull the door to gain entry and not push it".
I covered my face with my hand mumbling, "Don't tell me you saw it!".
He laughed and opened the door for me, I walked in lowering my hands and looked around.
"So what will you order?", he joined me at the table I choose, in the far corner of this place.
"Vanilla", I said reading the menu they had stuck to the table.
"Boring", said Gerard scanning his.
"I love vanilla",I looked around. It was a small place with square tables and gloomy looking staff.
For ice cream place this place wasn't so cheerful.
"That's why you always smell of vanilla". I turned to look at Gerard and found myself looking at his hazel eyes.
I lowered my gaze to the menu again, "So what will you take?".
He hummed for a while, "I'll take the black forest surprise".
I looked it up at the menu, "Interesting. Than I'll take a walk on the wild side as well and order candy wonderland ice cream".
"You wild beast", he joked and went to order the ice creams.
I followed him with my eyes and felt all fuzzy inside, it felt weird and warm at the same time. I decided to read the menu again to distract myself.
Gerard came back quickly with our ice cream bowls. They were huge, "Why didn't you tell me the surprise meant an elephant portion?".
Gerard laughed and began eating his ice cream.
"Want to taste?", I offered knowing I couldn't possibly finish it by myself.
Gerard nodded and dug in with his spoon in my bowl and offered me his.
We ate the ice cream talking about random stuff.
It was always like this with Gerard, ever since the day he dragged Mikey to my house so we straight things out after the 13th birthday cake incident. We became friends even though he was older, he was always gentle and sweet to me.

We finished the ice cream and stepped outside, it was really cold. Not so much because of the weather but more because of the ice cream. I wrapped my arms around myself, Gerard noticed and took off his jacket, wrapping it around me.
He was really close, I could feel his warm breath on my face smelling of chocolate. I had a sudden urge to hug him but I didn't.
he walked me home in silence.

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