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part one

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What happens when a werewolf (Havoc) who denies her existence is captured by vampires-which don't exist- and is hunted by other werwolves? I dunno you should read it! Rated R for Possible future ev...

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"Hey Havoc, do you believe in vampires?" asked Kelsey, one of my good friends.
I shook my head, "Not at all," I denied adamantly.
"Gosh, what about ghosts?" asked Cole.
"Werewolves?" asked Rusty.
"," I said quickly.
"Eh, whatever, but remember, in debate next period you have to go up with Jon and debate against it," yawned Kelsey.
The bottle of propell I had been about to drink froze half way up to my open mouth; my eye twitched. "That's today?" I whispered.
All three of them nodded.
"SHIT!" I yelled, jumping up.
"Calm down Havoc!" gasped Rusty. He stood up with me as well.
"B-b-but I have to-I need to-" I looked over and saw Jon staring at me with a smirk on his face, "Son of a bitch," I muttered.
I walked off with Rusty, realizing it was the last day before Christmas Break.
"Havoc, Jon, you're up," my English teacher, Mrs. Voyles began, after she made sure the class was all here.
Jon and I stood up and I moved towards the left podium, Jon standing behind the right.
"The supposed world of Preternatural beings Does not exist. I am here to prove this to you all. There is no scientific evidence that proves the existence of vampires, werewolves, or whatever else haunts your closets at night. These natural occurrences are simply that: natural. Someone probably saw an oversized wolf and claimed it was a man. Another person might have decided that the Donner Party weren't cannibals, but simply vampires.
There are many explanations for these occurrences. Nothing outside of our Scientific spectrum, that cannot be described and duplicated by man, has never, and will never exist," I concluded.
Jon cleared his throat and stepped forward, staring at the class, "If theses things never existed, then why are there so many unexplained phenomenon? Why can't Science explain what has happened to a numerous count of people? And most importantly, why was it on the news last night that they found Werewolf bones in Transylvania?" Jon ended.
"It's probably some whacko who wants publicity," I countered.
"The bones were tested and found to have human and Canis Lupus DNA!" argued Jon.
I sighed, "Are you sure that's not just something in the tabloids?"
"All right, all right, enough. Havoc, Jon, go sit down. Your three minutes are up. Next up is Cole and Dakota....."
My best friend spent his time arguing about the right to put humans to sleep. I basically sat and dozed.
The bell rang, finally. I walked out the door with Rusty and Cole, only to hear my name called from a few yards back.
"Go on ahead, I'll catch up," I assured my best friends. They complied, walking off and laughing at a joke.
Jon came up beside me, his other friends were around him. This wasn't going to be fun, the only time they got together around me was when they were planning on causing me pain.
"So, you don't believe in the preternatural," nodded Jon.
"Nope," I answered boredly.
Someone grabbed my left arm-Dylan, and Jon grabbed my right; they started walking around the school.
"Hey-what the?! What are you doing?" I yelped.
"Making you a believer," answered Jon
I struggled harder, afraid they were going to beat me up.
When we got to the back of the school, Jon jerked me into an alleyway. He pushed me against a wall and pulled out a knife.
"No! Leave me alone!" my voice was squeaky.
Jon just smirked and latched onto my wrist, pulling it out in front of him. With a swift movement h had sliced my arm, blood flowed onto the ground.
Jon shoved me and I tripped, falling onto the pavement. He smirked and all of them backed promptly out of the alley.
I stood up, stemming the blood flowing from my arm. I hissed in pain as my arm throbbed.
Suddenly I felt something behind me, but I was fearful about turning around.
Someone slammed into me, knocking me against the wall. I scrunched up, throwing my arms in front of my face.
"Please don't kill me!" I whimpered.
The person, or whoever, stopped their relentless assault, "why are you here?" a male voice asked cautiously.
"S-someone played a joke on me, if you'll please just let me leave, I swear I won't tell any-AAAAAAHHH!" my words ended as a scream as the man picked me up by the neck.
"Stop it!" the man backhanded me across the face, rolling his eyes, "Do you have to be so loud?" he complained.
I just stared at him.
"Yes....there's no other option...." the man shrugged to himself and looked at me, "This shouldn't hurt for long," he gave a dry smile and punched me in the stomach, knocking me out.
Ba-bump. Ba-bump.
It's always extremely reassuring when you hear your heartbeat. I started to sit up, but instead I smashed my head on something above me.
"Damn!" I cursed softly. I reached up, feeling along the surface of what seemed like a ceiling. I kicked my feet and found the bottom of what now felt like a box. There was a small satin pillow under my head and I suddenly had a good idea of what I was in: a Coffin.
"Oh Crap, Oh Crap, Oh crap, Oh Crap, Oh Crap, Oh crap," I repeated over and over, panicking. See, I'm kinda claustrophobic....
I beat my fists against the top of the coffin, screaming incessantly.
"Will you SHUT UP?" came a muffled voice from above my prison.
"LET ME OUT!" I screamed.
Suddenly the lid opened and above me stood the man from the alley, scowling. Beside him stood an attractive woman, staring down at me with mild interest.
Oh, one more thing....BOTH OF THEM HAD GLOWING RED EYES! There was of course a logical explanation...they light up contacts! Yeah, that was it.
I hadn't really noticed that I sat there, staring up in shock.
"Well, are you getting out?" grunted the man. He had muddy brown hair and looked around eighteen.
"Uh..." was all I said. I jumped over the side of the raised coffin and fell against the man, who simply moved out of the way and let me collapse to the floor.
I stood up, taking a few steps back. I felt a few stinging pains and looked down to see my wrist bleeding again and now my knuckles were bloody. My t-shirt hung off one shoulder so I fixed it quickly, my gaze never lifting from the two people.
"Why did you kidnap me?" I asked. Without waiting for an answer I said, "I'm no one important, and you won't get any ransom for me-"
"Shut up!" the man growled.
I did.
After a moment of silence I asked, "Will you let me go?"
The man blinked, "No, you'll never see your family again," he smirked.
I turned my head, he didn't know that that was already true.....
"What's your name?" asked the woman.
I was more angry than afraid now, and a steely glint came into my silvery eyes, "Nancy O'Cullen," I lied in a fake Irish voice.
The woman sighed and too a step towards me, I flattened myself against the wall.
"My name is Fran," she began, she waved her arm at the man, "this is Blaze. Will you please tell us your real name?" she asked gently. She was quite pretty. Blonde hair flowed over her shoulders, stopping at her waist. She had beautiful alabaster skin that looked like it had never seen the light of day.
"Why bother, sister? You don't need to know every detail about your food." Blaze yawned.
My mouth opened and my eyes widened, "You're cannibals," I whispered.
Fran gave me a strange look while Blaze burst out laughing.
"You stupid girl, we're vampires!" he whooped.
I shook my head, "vampires don't exist," I argued.
Blaze looked shocked. He took a step toward me and opened his mouth in a snarl. I think you can guess what was in his mouth.
"There's no such thing as vampires!" I yelled over his snarl. Then I wondered why in the hell I was sticking around. I ran out of the room and down the hallway. When I looked back I gave a sigh of relief as I saw there was no one behind me. Suddenly I crashed into something solid, and arms wrapped around my shoulders, preventing me from falling.
"If you don't stop running you'll get hurt, and I hate my food damaged," snickered Blaze.
I screamed and....I am ashamed to admit it....passed out.
My dream was strange. Of course, in dreams the past can and will catch up with you. So for any of you sinners out there, you'll get yours.
In mine stood a huge white wolf illuminated by fire. I was nine and scared. The wolf seemed to offer shelter and protection.
I ran to it, burying my head in its fur as present me turned her head, knowing what always came next.
A scream, then the small girl who was called Mirage lay on the ground, her eyes going blank in the last stare of death.
Death would have been a blessing however, for after the little girl died, something else survived. Something like that wolf.
I could refuse the existence of anything for as long as I wanted, but the truth of what I was-what I am-won't disappear. The Mark of the Wolf cannot and will not fade away.....
I felt something tickle along my collarbone, along the scar that stretched from my collarbone to my jaw line. My remembrance. Where the wolf had sought to mark and change me, before slaughtering any living family I had.
The tickling sensation got stronger however, even as the dream faded away............
I opened my eyes and saw someone's face. It swam for a moment before I realized it was a person I didn't know. Then the day's events came back and I realized the person was Blaze; and he was rubbing his index finger up and down the mark on my neck.
"What are you doing?" I yelped, slapping his hand away.
Blaze looked startled, like he was doing the most obvious thing in the world, "finding the best place to bite you of course, girl," he replied.
My eye twitched. In the next second I was up, running faster than most humans and making my way to the staircase quickly. I started down when something hit my back, knocking me all the way down the stairs. When I got to the floor stars swam above my head and I wasn't able to breath.
Blaze crawled on top of me, his mouth was open, fangs extended. He swooped down and I clenched my eyes shut, thinking of how this was totally not how I wanted to go.
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