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Chapter 2 Dodger

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Why is there a panther in the closet? Why am I being thrown in a coffin? and WHY DOES THE PANTHER TALK???

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Without warning, Blaze screamed. He had put his hand on my collarbone, where my necklace rested under my black T shirt. It was a metallic cross.
Blaze moved his hand, his flesh smoldering. There was now a small burn hole in my shirt, and the cross shone underneath.
"Damn you! I'm going to kill you, bitch!" Blaze screamed.
"Blaze! Destiny is here!" called Fran, interrupting Blaze's death threats.
Blaze gave a small growl then his eyes locked with mine, "well, it looks like you may live another day," he snickered.
I blinked, staring back at him with my cold silver gaze.
Blaze's eyebrows knitted together in slight wonder, "A human with silver eyes...." he muttered. Without another glance he got up and turned towards the kitchen, stepping on my hand as he made for the kitchen.
Fran passed him in the hall and came in to see me laying on the floor, "Hi," she greeted, as if none of this was unusual.
"Yo," I replied.
"Are you having fun lying on the ground?"
"I'm hoping to merge with the floor."
"Ah. And how's that going?"
"Not very well."
"Would you like to get another shirt?"
I lifted my head, "Are you sure you don't want to eat me?" I asked.
"First, I drink blood, second, if I wanted to do that I would have don't it while you were passed out. I was actually afraid Blaze would, he seemed to have an internal argument with himself as he sat with you, making sure you weren't going comatose," snickered Fran.
I blinked and said automatically, "Vampires don't exist. There is no scientific explanation of them in the natural world."
Fran gave me a strange look, "You actually believe that after today?" she asked skeptically.
I shrugged, "Not sure. By the way, what time is it?" I inquired.
"Nine P.M."
"So...can you all stay active during the day?"
"Not between ten and six."
"Ah," a plan was forming in my head. Maybe, if they were as cracked as they appeared, I could slip out during the day.
"Are you thinking about your family?" Fran asked suddenly.
I jumped, images of a white wolf flashing into my head, "No," I replied.
"Oh. Will you tell me your name?"
"Izumi Motosua," I said, sounding oriental.
"Since you're not going to tell me your name, I'll call you Puppy," Fran concluded.
My heart jumped, "Why?"
"I don't know. You just seem like a puppy, getting into all sorts of trouble," the woman shrugged.
"Do you think I'll be around long enough to warrant a nickname?" I asked.
A look of sadness passed over Fran's face and my heart sunk, "I'm not sure," she answered slowly.
I let out the breath I had been holding and got up, "so, can I get that shirt right about now?"
Fran nodded, "Wait here," she told me, already jumping up the stairs. I heard her walk down the hall and close the door behind her.
I waited a few seconds and then I turned, walking in a random direction. I ended up in a kitchen. It was completely bereft and looked like it hadn't been lived in at all.
I heard a small gasp and then a moan. I flattened myself against the wall, my heart fluttering. I was on the edge of Panic Mode.
I peeked around the corner and I think my heart actually stopped. In the next room sat Blaze. He had his shirt off and had his mouth pressed against some girl's neck. The girl was against the arm of the sofa, so I couldn't get a good look at her, all I could see was her face. She looked extremely terrified. My gaze switched back to Blaze and I saw him lick a droplet of blood that was running down the girl's neck. He looked up, but I had already flattened myself against the wall again, so he didn't see me. I hoped.
I heard someone coming down the steps and I scampered quietly back to the foyer.
"Hey, I found this for you," called Fran. She threw me a black tank top.
I looked at it and shrugged, "Where should I change?" I asked.
"Well, unless you're afraid I'm some kind of Pedophile, you could change here," Fran suggested.
I really wanted to keep her happy, maybe if I did she would tell Blaze the Ripper to let me go-maybe.. I took off my current shirt, having
a bit of trouble getting it over my head, due to the fact that it was
Cool hands grabbed the fabric and lifted it off. As the shirt came
off, I saw Fran still standing in front of me, her face blank. So unless
they were like the Addam's Family and Thing, there was someone behind
me; someone who was now breathing down my bare neck.
"Uhhh...." I trailed off, my pulse quickened.
"Are you planning on walking around without a shirt on?" snarled Blaze.
I whimpered and threw the tank top over my head, managing to put it on
With a snort, Blaze shoved around me and went up the stairs.
I stood there, watching his retreating form. I yawned and Fran
said, "You can go upstairs if you like and get some sleep."
She must have noticed my face because she added, "no coffins, and I
hear Blaze taking a shower."
I nodded and walked up the stairs, wondering how she heard Blaze from
a floor away. It must have been a lucky guess. I realized that she
hadn't told me what room to go in, so I opened a door and went inside.
The room was decorated in deep burgundy and black. The bed was large and
covered in a silk comforter. There were velvet pillows at the head. I
went over to it, shrugged, and laid down; hoping this was no one's room
before I fell asleep.
The sound of a door opening awoke me. I blinked, my vision bleary.
"Why are you in my room?" a voice growled.
I sat up quickly, seeing Blaze standing in the open a
towel. That was it, a towel around his waist. His body was dripping and
beads of water ran from his hair down the hard planes of his chest.
"I-I-I-I-I Fran told me I could come up here and sleep. She didn't
tell me a room, so I just came in here and-"
"Why did you come into the Den when I was with Destiny?" Blaze asked
suddenly, cutting me off. He took a few steps forward, crossing his
arms. The towel slipped a bit but thankfully stayed around his waist.
"Um, well. You know, I just....." I muttered incoherent things for
about thirty seconds.
"You just wanted to find an escape?" offered Blaze silkily. He
actually seemed no too mad.
"Yeah," I said quickly, then I clapped a hand over my mouth, eyes
I could almost see the fake niceness fall from around the man. His
eyes started to glow and his hands clenched into fists. He took a few
steps toward me and gave a roar that made my skin crawl.
"I'm sorry!" I yelled. I struggled backward, pressing myself against
the wall in an attempt to stay away from the angry man. My heart rate
was speeding and my blood was racing. My vision seemed to lose color.
Blaze launched himself onto the bed and tackled me, pressing me into
the mattress. He snarled in my face, his fangs extended.
I screamed and punched upward, catching him in the nose. Bright red
blood dripped onto my shoulder as his eyes widened. With my other hand I
let my cross spill out over my shirt. It started to glow like the sun,
making me have to squint.
The glow made Blaze have to jump off of me. He writhed on the floor
as his nose bled and tears streamed from his eyes.
I had a feeling he wasn't going to be a happy camper when he could
move again. However, I put the cross back in my shirt, praying that it
would make him a little less mad.
The door flew open and Fran strode into the room. She cast a glance
at me and the corner of her mouth tugged upward. Then she bent down and
picked up her brother, carrying him from the room. I heard a click and
my heart sank as I realized they had just locked the door.
I tried it, just to make sure and then went to the other door. It was
a huge closet that reminded me of the magic wardrobe from Narnia. Ah,
sweet hopes how they die hard. Anyway, I went in, closed the door behind
me and hid behind a trench coat in the back corner. Maybe they'd forget
about me. Or maybe I was delusional and only had about ten minutes to
I heard footsteps on the stairs, and let me tell you, they weren't
the light pitter patter of soft feet; they were the STOMP of some really
pissed guy by the name of Blaze.
"WHERE ARE YOU?!" he yelled, slamming open the door. He stomped into
the bedroom and I heard him pause. Then he came into the closet, leaving
the light off.
"You know girl," came his velvety voice, "I can see perfectly well in
the dark, and I can be deathly silent. You can't escape me."
I tried to move back further, but when I put my hand on what I
thought was a shoe, it moved underneath my hand, hissing. I bit back a
yelp as something uncurled.
It looked like a cat as it looked around, its gaze finally settling
on me.
I heard Blaze trip over a box; maybe his night sight wasn't as
wonderful as he said.
"Oh for Heaven's sake," muttered something beside me.
My heart beat faster as I saw the cat sit up and jump onto a box. It
wasn't a cat- it was a freaking panther!
"Yo, Blaze. Back here," it called in a low voice. Wait, had the
panther actually TALKED?!
"Dodger?" growled Blaze. He started moving in my direction.
"Right here, Could you tell me why there's a girl sitting on my tail?"
the panther, Dodger, asked.
"Hmmm. She's hiding from me. She broke my nose and shoved a cross at
me," snarled Blaze. Suddenly he appeared in front of me, thankfully now
wearing a pair of black jeans.
I yelped and grabbed the big black cat, which gave a growl.
"Get off of Dodger!" yelled Blaze. He lunged at me, grabbing my arm
and wrapping his other arm around my waist.
"NOOOO!" I screamed obstinately. His grip on me tightened and jerked
me upward, making me release the panther.
"Wait. She broke your nose?" asked Dodger, he sounded amused. His
tail flicked back and forth.
"Yeah," he growled. He threw me over his shoulder and stomped out of
the closet, the cat at his heels.
"Put me down!" I yelled, kicking and writhing.
"Fine," agreed Blaze. He dumped me onto the floor and walked over to
the bed, sitting down and leaning back against the wall. "You are so
troublesome. Killing you now would be a waste, I just ate. But if I let
you live, next time you may break a rib," he contemplated.
"You could just let me go," I offered. I struggled to sit up. The
panther came over to sit in front of me. It's eyes were solid blue, no
iris or pupil.
"Hey," the cat said, well it didn't exactly open its mouth; the words
just came out. I just sat there, staring at it with fear on my face.
"Yo, are you deaf or something?" Dodger questioned, it reached up and
batted my face with a paw.
"Naw. She's just stupid," snapped Blaze. He gave a yawn and looked
out the window. "Damn. I'm going to have to go to sleep soon," he
growled. His gaze shifted to me.
I crawled backwards, soon hitting my back against the wall. The
panther stalked towards me and cocked its head.
"Blaze, are you sure she's mortal?" Dodger asked.
"I found her in an alley," Blaze replied. He got up, walking forward
to stroke Dodger's head. This brought him within two feet of me.
"Hmm. Well, maybe I'm mistaken. By the way, what are you going to do
with her while you sleep?" the great cat asked.
"I'm not sure. I could go on and kill her," mused Blaze.
I gave a small whimper.
"No. Don't do that. She's interesting, keep her around for a bit, just
until I can figure out why I think she's special," argued Dodger.
Blaze sighed, "All right." He came to stand in front of me and
ordered, "Get up!"
I stood up quickly and started pleading with him to let me go.
The man rolled his eyes and pressed his hand against my mouth. He
wrapped his other hand around my waist and picked me up, bridal style.
He removed his hand from my mouth and pressed me against his hard chest.
Dodger followed behind as he opened another door in his room and walked
in. He set me down, but kept hold of my arm. He spun me around and my
heart stopped. Against the wall stood a coffin. Probably the same one I
had been in before.
I collapsed to my knees, tears running down my face, "Please don't.
I'm claustrophobic; I'll do anything!"
"Take the cross off," bargained Blaze.
I looked up and said quickly, "No."
Blaze shrugged and picked me up by my arms. He swung me over to the
coffin and threw me into it, slamming the lid as soon as I was low
enough to avoid being hit.
"Sweet dreams," he laughed scathingly. The lid slammed down, almost hitting my head. I was encased blackness again.

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