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stuck to eachother

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Delilah and Julius are on a routine mission when something happens. Will this bring them closer or tear them apart?

Category: Delilah and Julius - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance - Published: 2007-03-31 - Updated: 2007-03-31 - 294 words

"you'll never catch me goody and two-shoes!" exclaimed Dr.Dismay running away.

Delilah and Julius were yet again chasing Dismay, who was out to poison the world yet again.

"pony up!" Delilah shouted and started to take after Dismay. Julius was following close behind. They soon found Dimsmay in a room that looked to be a lab.

Although they didn't know it Dismay had a plan. Julius ran up to the good doctor and strated to attack him. While Julius wasn't looking Dismay sprinkled some-kind of powder on his hand. Delilah soon ran up and started to attack him. Once again without her looking Dismay sprinkled some powder on her hand too.

Dismay then kicked Julius down, then went and grabbed Delilah. He dragged her out to the porch outside and chucked her over the edge. Julius quickly got up and ran over to Delilah just in time to grab her hand. He pulled her up. But when he tried to let go of her hand he couldn't.

"uh, de can you let go of my hand?" he asked. Delilah blushed then tried.

"I can't" she said pulling really hard.

"oww!!! DE!!" Julius complained.

"sorry juls" she said. Dismay cackled evily.

"what did you do to us?!?" Julius demanded Dismay.

"oh not much, just a little chemical compound I created that makes it impossible to seperate the two objects it's touched" he said laughing evily, then jumping off the porch onto a readily accesive helicopter.

Delilah and Julius looked at eachother.

"stuck together" Julius stated.


Heyy guys it's me again, I already have this stry written out. But if you want me to continue it let me know, otherwise it will be deleted.:) please rate and review.

p.s the chapter will be longer.
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