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Chapter 3

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Damn hard lines.

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You came downstairs still in your jeans, but with your brown hair tied back in a neat ponytail; your eyeliner applied carefully; with your favourite top (Turquoise polo neck) on and your black fleece tied round your waist. You slipped into your red converse and grabbed your bag, heading for the door.
"Hey hey hey," came a male voice. "Where you going?"
You turned round, your face flushed. "Drama club," you told Gerard quickly. "Come on."

It was a strange sight. A girl running towards a primary school on a Saturday perused by a gothic looking man. In fact, it was quite unusual no one stopped him, but then again this was Birmingham and not a very good part of it. You stopped outside the door of a primary school and turned to Gerard who was just catching up and was very out of breath. You always knew cigarettes weren't good for you and here was your proof.

"You're Gerry, okay? Gee for short," you told him shortly. You took a pair of glasses out of your pocket and handed them to him. "Wear them," you instructed him. It helped that he was wearing normal clothes i.e jeans and a t-shirt so hopefully the MCR fans wouldn't recognise him. You sighed. Who were you kidding? You took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Immediately your best friend engulfed you in a hug.
"Jay! Hi," you beamed. Jay smiled at you, his ginger hair painfully obvious, against the blue of his tracksuit. You turned to Gerard. "Gee, Jay. Jay, Gee," you introduced them.
Jay's grin faltered. "Hey," he began uncertainly.
"Gee is my mom's cousin," you tried to explain. "Came for the awards."
Jay nodded, believing you. Why wouldn't he? You never lied to each other. Then a guy with blonde hair and drainpipes came up to you.
"Yo Katie," he smiled. You bit your lip. "Matt," you began. "The purpose of a belt is to keep your trousers up." He looked down and shrugged, before pulling his trousers up.
"Katie! You paid?" a voice came from somewhere near the front.
"No," you called back. "I'm coming!" You dumped your bag and fleece by the wall and ran over to the short woman dressed from head to toe in Pineapple. The label, not the fruit. You smiled and handed over the 75p that was required. "Who's the guy?" the woman, Kim, asked.
"Mom's cousin. Mom can't make it for the awards so..." you trailed off before your voice became obviously bitter. She nodded. "Fine. Will you put some chairs out though?"

You nodded and soon, between you and Jay you'd put out enough chairs to fill half the hall. When you turned around Gerard seemed to be in deep discussion with the resident goth/emo/indie/punk rocker, Rach. You bit your lip. This wasn't good.
"Guys! Sit down!" That was the very loud voice of Simon the leader of the group. You suddenly realised that while you'd been putting the chairs out several parents had come into the hall. You took a seat on the floor next to Jay. "Where're your parents?" he whispered.
You gave him a look. "Guess," you replied bitterly.
He nodded understandingly. "Okay."
You didn't really pay attention to the certificates that were being given out. Really it was just so the younger ones felt like they were worth something to the group and that they'd done something worthwhile. You, however, just loved the adrenaline that pumped through your veins when you stepped on stage. You didn't come here for the applause or the socializing, although that helped. You came because you loved what you did.
"And the next award is for the person with the hardest line. Please give it up for Katie, Little Miss I Swallowed the Dictionary."
You cringed as you struggled to your feet. The line hadn't been that hard. Just a definition. "Would you care to repeat the line Katie?" Simon smiled at you, handing you the piece of card.
You smiled uneasily. "An oxymoron is a rhetorical figure in which an epigrammatic effect is caused by the conjunction of contradictory or incongruous terms." There was a smattering of applause from the parents and as you walked back to your seat there was a piercing whistle. Your head snapped up to see Gerard smiling. He shrugged as if to say 'you're not the only actor around here.'

The rest of the day was spent trying to persuade him to stay in the loft. It struck you that it was very Anne Frank like. What you didn't want to tell him was that he'd be stuck in there for all of tomorrow. By the time you collapsed onto your bed you were so tired, your eyes closed straight away.


An: Hey guys. Thanks to everyone who's read. Hope you're enjoying. I have re read this one this time so hopefully all grammar is okay, sorry if it's not. I don't have anything against Birmingham. Honest! Just some parts of it aren't very good. That's all, I swear.
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