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Chapter 4

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Damn quick answer systems.

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Monday morning

"It's an all girls school," you continued to babble, feeling like a dork in your green uniform. Completely green. Green blouse, green jumper, and green skirt because your parents refused to buy you the black trousers. Oh but you had a black blazer which only had one of your many badges because you didn't feel like being told off. "But we have guys in the sixth form."
"Did you just say sex form?" Gerard inquired half teasingly. You flushed a bright red.
"No! Anyway, you can hang in the library." You started to reach for the eyeliner then remembered the warnings you'd already had. Even though you were classed as a misfit; a loser; an outcast; and your friends weren't the best-behaved people in your year, you still were a good girl underneath. "Just one thing," you started. "If my friends freak you, not my fault."
He raised an eyebrow. "Have you seen the people I hang with?"
You nodded with a quick grin, remembering his face when he'd seen your walls plastered with band posters. Especially the MCR posters. "Yeah. But have you seen the people I hang with?"


You slowly trudged down the stairs that lead to your locker, Gerard following you. The gang Asian girls glanced at you, and then their gaze turned on Gerard. First he got the once over, them some gave him a twice over. One girl even gave him a small smile. You rolled your eyes and dumped your bag on the floor, kneeling down next to it getting your things out. You opened the door of your locker and roughly shoved your bag in to it. Just as you stood up, you almost fell over as someone cannonballed into you.
"Mikey!" Ah. That's who it was. It was Ebony, one of your best friends and My Chemical Romance fan extraordinaire. So much so she'd decided that every body had a counterpart. You were Mikey. As in Mikey Way.
"Charlie. Hey," you said, recovering from the mammoth hug. "Good concert?"
"Fucking awesome," she replied seriously. You nodded.
"Where's Frankie?" you asked, referring to another of your friends.
"Here," a voice said in your ear making you jump. You turned to see Katie with her short brown hair and brown eyes grinning at you.
"Dude don't do that," you smiled. You looked over shoulder to see that Gerard had disappeared. "Hey where'd Gee go...?" You trailed off.
"I'm here," Ebony said curiously. "You okay?"

At the end of the day you found him in the library.
"You comin'?" you asked, almost icily. Well he'd been the one to disappear. He glanced up at you and nodded almost exasperated. You walked home in silence. It was only when you got back to your house that he let rip.
"You know what you are, don't you?" he snapped, hazel eyes blazing . "What you and your fucking friends are?"
You gazed back at him and folded your arms, emotionless. "Well you're obviously dying to tell me."
"Fucking fangirls. You give fans a bad name. Squealing and cooing; thinking you know us but you don't. I bet you write fanfic. You know fuck all. You're nothing but fakes. Do you even like our music?"
You stared calmly at him. You'd been expecting this. But compared to things said by other people, these just bounced off you.
"Yeah, I do like your music. Liked it for a while now. I don't coo over you nor do I squeal. Yes, I write fanfic, I'm a writer that's what I do. You're an artist. Supposedly. But this is my life. If you wanna go, go. I'm not stopping you. I don't even know why you're still here." You turned away and started singing a Good Charlotte song. "If they could spend a day or two, walkin' in someone else's shoes, I think they'd stumble and they'd fall."
Gerard glared daggers at you, and then turned on his heel and stormed off. But not the way you expected. He stormed up the stairs, not down the street. You bit your lip, thinking maybe you'd gone to far. After years of being yelled at in the street you'd developed a built in quick answer system. He'd just triggered it. That was all.


An: Don't know what you'll think of that. For those who read it Magnolia Hair Dye, I'm afraid to say, did NOT come true. And the sequel to Just Your average Non Groupie has been put on hold.
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