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Back together at one. . .

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Brendon and Chelsea are finally back together.

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Hey guys, so I'm not positive about this yet but I'm thinking this one could soon be over, tell me what you think and I'll try to make it go on longer if thats what you want. I hope you enjoy!!

'Where is Brendon?' Chelsea asked as she sat in an SUV back towards Vegas. Mr. Reeves looked at Jarrod.

'Honey, Rodney told Brendon what Bob did to you. Before anyone could stop him he was gone. We have people looking for him at the moment but as of right now, no one has found him.' Jarrod said.

Chelsea looked at her dad as more tears rolled down her cheeks, 'He's going to get hurt.' She cried.

'He'll be okay honey, we need to take you to the hospital and get a rape kit so we can put Bob Waters behind bars for a very long time.' Mr. Reeves said.

'I just want to go home and curl up in my bed with my husband and my little boy. I just want to see them.'

'I know you do baby. I know.' Mr. Reeves said hugging her as a tear rolled down his cheek as well.

Brendon stepped up the steps of the large mansion and knocked on the doors. He wasn't sure what he was going to do but that would soon come to him, the only thing on his mind was Chelsea and how Bob had taken something away from him that day.

'Aww Brendon, what a pleasant surprise. What can I do for you?' Bob asked before Brendon reared back and punched him as hard as he could knocking him back into a table back into the house.

'Who the fuck do you think you are? Where do you think you get off even touching my wife?' Brendon asked kicking him in the stomach as he did so, 'I swear to God, if you ever come near my Chelsea or Thomas again, I'll kill you. I don't care what happens but I'll kill you I swear.'

Mr. Reeves and Jarrod soon pulled into Bob's drive way only to see the car Brendon left in.

'She was a great fuck; I can see why you would want her.' Bob Chocked out.

Brendon kicked him as hard as he could again, 'You stupid fuck, you think even for a second there is anything Chelsea would be turned on about?' Brendon kicked him again, 'Let me tell you this, she loathes you, she thinks you're lower then scum, she's going to put you behind bars for so long the only sex you're going to be getting is an ass raping when you drop the soap.' Brendon said as he got ready to kick him again before being pulled off by Mr. Reeves as bob now had blood draining from his mouth, a couple of teeth missing, two black eyes, a broken nose, a few cracked ribs, and broken pride.

'Brendon.' Mr. Reeves said as Brendon tried to finish what he started, 'Chelsea is in the car, go now.'

'That stupid fuck raped my wife.' Brendon yelled as tears rolled down his cheeks.

'Brendon, go to the car, I'll take care of him, Chelsea needs you.'

Brendon looked down at Bob before spitting on him and walking out the front door and over to the SUV that held his broken wife.

Chelsea got out of the SUV as she saw Brendon walking towards the car. Brendon stopped when he saw her get out. Chelsea smiled and ran over to him jumping into his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist. Brendon felt tears roll down his cheeks as he held his wife tighter then he had ever. He was afraid to let go.

'I missed you so much, baby, I missed you.' Brendon cried.

Chelsea parted from the hug as he walked towards the SUV. 'I love you.' Chelsea said before pressing her lips to his in the same fashion he had held her. Brendon ran into the side of the car as Chelsea slipped her tongue into his mouth.

'Brendon, Chelsea, get into the car, we're going to the hospital.' Mr. Reeves said parting Chelsea and Brendon from their reuniting make out session. Brendon opened the door as Chelsea climbed into the car with Brendon quickly following.


'Alright Chelsea, before we start your exam we're going to need to ask you a few questions about your sexual experiences with your husband and before you were married.' A nurse said as Chelsea sat on a gurney and Brendon sat next to her on a stool.

'Alright.' Chelsea replied as she looked down at Brendon. Brendon took her hand and kissed it gently.

'Alright how old were you the first time you had sexual intercourse?' the nurse asked with a clip board. Chelsea looked over at Brendon.

'We were sixteen.' Chelsea said looking back at the woman.

'Was it with Brendon?' she asked looking at Brendon.

'Yes; he's the only man I've ever been with.' Chelsea replied.

'Has Brendon ever been forceful with you concerning sex?'

'No, never; Brendon and I got married when we were seventeen, I've never been with anyone but Brendon.' Chelsea said.

'Okay, Brendon, have you ever been with another woman? And not just intercourse but any form of intimacy?'

'No never, Chelsea and I have been together since we were ten.' Brendon said.

'Have either of you ever been tested for STDs?' the woman asked.

'We had a baby about ten months ago so we were both tested for everything right after we found out I was pregnant.'

'So you had a baby ten months ago? Was it a normal birth?'


'How long after you had your baby did you wait to have sex?'

'I think around three months.'

'Alright, I just needed to ask those questions so we had a little back ground if we find any trauma.' The woman said.

'It's okay.' Chelsea said softly.

'Alright Chelsea; we called your doctor, he's waiting outside. Are you ready for your exam?'

'Let's get it over with so I can go home.' Chelsea said as she lay back on the table while Brendon held her hand.

'Alright, let me go get Dr. Wright and we'll get started in about five minutes.'

'Are you okay?' Brendon asked as he soothed Chelsea's hair back and kissed her lips.

'Don't leave me while they do this please.'

'I won't baby, I promise.' Brendon said kissing her again, 'I'll never let another man near you like that.'

'Alright Chelsea,' Dr. Wright said coming in with a smile on his face, 'We're going to make this as quick and as painless as possible.'

'Okay.' She squeaked out.

Chelsea laid back and tried to relax as Brendon sat next to her holding her hand and soothing her hair back as tears brimmed on the edge of his eyes.

'What's wrong?' Chelsea asked.

'I hate myself for letting this happen to you. I should have been there to stop it; I should have been there to protect you. I feel like a worthless husband because I let him get you right out from under my nose.' Brendon said while caressing her knuckles.

'Brendon, this was not your fault, if it was anyone's fault it was mine for going out there blindly.'


'Brendon, it is not your fault. You're an amazing husband and an amazing father. Bob Waters is going to jail, both the women who did this to us are going to jail, and our Thomas is back with us. We can go home and be a family again.'

'Can we move?'

'What?' Chelsea asked looking up at him.

'Our apartment has so many memories in it but half of them are bad. So many people know where we live, I feel like you and Thomas are in danger.'

'So what do you want to do?'

'I want to buy a house that is ours and make it our home, maybe talk about having another baby.'

'Okay, then I suppose we can start looking around.'

Brendon smiled before bending down and kissing her sweetly only to have the doctor interrupt, 'Alright Chelsea, we're done here.' He smiled, 'You're free to go home.' Chelsea smiled; she had been waiting for so long to hear that. The doctor walked out of the room allowing Chelsea to get dressed. Brendon watched as she put on her under garments, not in a perverted way but in a loving way. It had been so long since he'd seen his wife; he just wanted to look at her, to know that she was back with him for good, and she would never leave him again.
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