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Starting Over.

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The battle was won but the war is not over.

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Brendon held Chelsea around the waist as they walked out of the hospital room. Chelsea's father and Jarrod were standing out talking to some police officers.

'DADDY!' Chelsea yelled down the hall. Mr. Reeves turned around and smiled at his daughter with open arms as she ran into his arms before he picked her up off the ground.

'I missed you so much honey. I was so scared.' Mr. Reeves said as he soothed her hair back.

'I missed you too daddy, I was so scared I would never see anyone again.' Chelsea said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

'You're here sweetheart, you're back, and we'll never let something like that happen to you again.' Mr. Reeves said cupping her face, 'I promise.' He said pulling her back into a hug.

Brendon and Chelsea sat in the back seat of her father's car on the way home as the rain beat down on the Las Vegas streets, 'Hey Brendon, Chels. Your mom has every intention on making you stay at our hour tonight.' Mr. Reeves said.

'I want to take a shower; I don't have any clothes to wear. Can we go buy our apartment to get some stuff for me?' Chelsea asked.

'Sure honey.' Mr. Reeves said.

'Was Thomas okay?' Chelsea asked.

'Yeah, he was okay. It was weird; Melissa White brought him to your parent's house yesterday.'

'She just brought him home?'

'Yeah but to your parent's house.' Brendon said as the wheels in Chelsea's head began to turn.

'Jarrod have they arrested Bob yet?' Chelsea asked.

'No, they have to wait to get the DNA back, they can't prove it yet.' Jarrod said.

'Dad he knows where you live, he knows where Brendon and I live, we can't stay there tonight.' Chelsea said.

'Honey, we'll be fine.'

'No dad, we won't, I have a bad feeling about tonight.' Chelsea said frantically.

'Honey, I don't think you have anything to worry about.'


'Alright alright; this is what we'll do. We can go to your apartment so you can get clothes and stuff for Thomas for a few days while they wait for the DNA. Then we'll go get your mom and Thomas and we'll go to the cabin, will that make you feel better?'


'Alright, can you and Brendon drive your car?' He asked.

'We can drive mine; Chelsea's I out of commission.' Brendon said.

'Oh I had forgotten about that.' Mr. Reeves said.

'What do you mean my car is out of commission? What happened to my baby?'

'Well you see...'Brendon began.

'Brendon Urie, what did you do to my car?'

'I had a little accident. I didn't take both you and Thomas being gone very well.'

'This explains the facial hair.' Chelsea added in.

'I sort of got a little intoxicated and decided I was done being strong. I drove your car into the back of your mom's car which went straight through their garage door.' Brendon said.

'You wrecked my car?'

'It was time for a new one anyway; you've had that car for a while.'

'Brendon, they bought me that car for a graduation present. I loved that car.'

'Yeah well it smelled like Thomas' spit up anyway, you know his projectile vomit thing he does in the car. It's all over the middle seat.'

'You wrecked my car.' Chelsea said as she began to cry.

'No, no, no honey don't cry, I'll get it fixed if you want me to, good as new please don't cry.'

'Alright, let's go guys.' Mr. Reeves said as they pulled up outside Brendon and Chelsea's apartment.

'Hey dad,' Chelsea began as they stood on the elevator, 'I think, Brendon and I think, we've out grown this apartment. It's time to start looking for houses. Thomas needs a yard to play in and a dog.'

'You know, I agree.' Mr. Reeves said with a smile as he looked at his daughter and son in law. Chelsea stood next to Brendon with their fingers interlaced with each others while Chelsea laid her head to rest on his shoulder. Mr. Reeves couldn't help but feel a little sad that he had lost his daughter but to a good man.

'How long are we going to be there?' Chelsea asked as she stood in Thomas' bed room packing a small bag for him with clothes, toys, and his bath tub essentials.

'No more then four or five days.' Mr. Reeves said.

'Okay.' Chelsea said pulling out an unopened thing of diapers plus some wipes.

Brendon stood in the bedroom looking at the duffle bag that he had began to pack with some clothes for himself and some for Chelsea. He would have to comeback to Vegas on Monday morning to work on the album but for the moment, his main concern was his wife and child.

'How's it going in here? Are you alright done?' Chelsea asked softly.

'Almost.' Brendon said turning around to look at her. Chelsea walked in and started to fold the jeans he had sitting on the bed. Brendon stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Chelsea winced in pain a little bit as Brendon's hands made contact with the bruises on her sides from Bob.

'Can I see?' Brendon asked gently. Chelsea nodded as she pulled her shirt up. Brendon found large hand prints all over her porcelain skin. He felt his blood boiling as he called his father in law into the room. 'Look.' Brendon said looking at Mr. Reeves as he walked over to look at Chelsea's torso.

'Chelsea, who did this to you?' he asked as Brendon put her shirt back down and pulled her into a gentle hug.

'Bob. When he...he held me down. It hurt.' Chelsea said as he began to cry again.

'Hurry up and get finished getting packed.' Mr. Reeves said walking out of the room.

Chelsea sat on the bed as she felt tears roll down her cheeks. 'Hey, look at me.' Brendon said putting a finger under her chin, 'No more tears okay? You're here with me, you're okay. It breaks my heart to see you cry and I've had enough heart break for one month, it's time to heal.'

'I'm sorry, I just don't even know what to think right now. I don't know how to process this.'

'I know baby.' Brendon said holding her gently in his arms, 'You don't have to process it just know, nothing like this will ever happen to you again.' Brendon whispered. Chelsea wrapped her arms around him taking in the scent and the feeling she had taken for granted for so long.

'I'm so glad you're mine.' She whispered.

'I'll always be yours.' He smiled.

'Alright Chelsea, your mom is meeting us up at the cabin with Thomas. Let's go.' Mr. Reeves said as Chelsea carried Thomas' bag towards the door with Brendon behind her.

Chelsea sat in the back of Brendon's range rover feeling very at ease. She knew that it wouldn't happen again but she also had a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach like the fight wasn't over, in fact, it had just begun.
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