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I'm lovin' it.

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Brendon, chelsea, and Thomas share some family bonding.

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Chelsea, Brendon, and Mr. Reeves got out of the car at the Reeves cabin about an hour and a half south of Las Vegas. The cabin sat buried deep in the woods, It on the top of a hill. The house was absolutely beautiful just like the scenery around it. The siding on the house was dark wooden colors while the lights surrounding the house shown up under the windows.

Chelsea smiled as she saw her dad's Tahoe in the drive way knowing that her mother and her son were waiting inside for her. Brendon walked up behind her and took her hand leading her up the porch steps and into the house.

Mrs. Reeves quickly came to see who was walking into the house while Thomas sat eating a banana stick on her hip, Chelsea!' She said excitedly as she walked over pulling her daughter into a much needed hug.

'Mom.' Chelsea smiled, 'I missed you so much.'

'Honey, we all missed you. Brendon has been a mess; I just hope he decides to shave now.'

'Tommy.' Chelsea smiled as tears ran down her cheeks while her son reached out her for dropping his banana onto the floor, 'Baby I missed you so much.'

Thomas laid his head on his mother's shoulder as she held him tighter then anything making sure he was actually there, 'Oh honey.'

'He's been waiting for you two to get home since we left the house today. He's getting ready to say daddy.' Mrs. Reeves said as Brendon walked over joining in, in the reuniting of his wife and his son.

'I'm never letting you out of my sight again.' Chelsea whispered planting various kisses all over Thomas.

'Well come in come in, Chelsea you look like you haven't had a proper meal in weeks, Thomas and I made dinner and were just waiting for you three to get here.'

'Are you hungry baby?' Chelsea asked looking down at her son who puckered up his lips for her, just like his father. Chelsea smiled and planted a kiss on his lips as she walked into the kitchen.

Chelsea set Thomas into his high chair where he smiled leaning onto the tray setting on top as he sat next to his mother. Chelsea watched him play with the bee that hung off the side of the tray while he kicked his feet. She smiled as she touched his hair making a mental note that it would soon be time for his first hair cut.

'Are you alright babe?' Brendon asked resting a hand on her thigh.

'Yeah, just happy to be home.' She smiled back at him as her mother set dinner on the table.

'Hey mom, when was the last time Thomas had a bath? Do you happen to know?' Chelsea asked walking into her parent's bedroom where her mom and dad sat in bed reading.

'I'm not sure honey, he didn't have a bath today I know that.' She smiled.

'Alright.' She smiled.

'Goodnight sweetie.' Her mother called.

'Night mom.' She smiled. Chelsea walked back up the stairs and into the room where Brendon and Thomas were sitting on the bed playing with a ball.

'Thomas needs a bath.' Chelsea said quietly as she shut the door to the room.

'Alright, do you want me to do it or do you want to do it?' Brendon asked.

'Can we do it together?' she asked like a little school girl.

'I'd like that.' Brendon smiled getting off the bed and catching Thomas as he tried to follow.

Chelsea handed Thomas down to Brendon as he sat in the warm bath tub. She was next to get in as she removed her remaining clothes and got into the bath taking Thomas from his dad and sitting between Brendon's legs. Chelsea took in a deep breath as she felt safe once again holding her son as he splashed water, and feeling her husband against her holding onto her tightly.

'Chelsea leaned back into Brendon as he kissed her shoulder. She watched as Thomas played with a squeaky dolphin and laughed splashing water into his face and then taking a deep breath and doing it again. Chelsea giggled a little bit as Thomas turned around pulling himself up by his mom's arms to stand in the tub.

'He's getting so big.' Chelsea said quietly as she held his hands as he stood up with a big grin on his face.

'I know; isn't it weird. It seems like just last week we were sitting in your hospital bed eating animal crackers and holding him while he slept now he's standing up, about to walk.' Brendon said.

'He's so much like you, always smiling and being funny.'

'He's pretty well in dowed too.' Brendon said receiving a soft elbowing from Chelsea.

'Brendon.' She scolded.

'Sorry babe.' He laughed. Thomas soon toppled over into Chelsea's arms where he began to play with the necklace she wore. He tugged on it and slipped it into his mouth before Chelsea turned him back around and sat him down to wash his beautiful brown locks.

'Will you hand me a towel for him babe?' Chelsea asked as Brendon stood in a towel by the sink.

'Hand him here, I'll try him off while you get out.' Chelsea handed Thomas up to Brendon whom wrapped him up in a towel while Thomas played with Brendon's glasses.

'Thanks babe.' She smiled taking Thomas out of his arms and walking back into the bedroom. She pulled out a diaper and Thomas' pajamas before laying him down on the bed to dress him. Brendon stood in the door way watching as Chelsea gently dressed their infant son.

'I'm going to go get his bottle, I'll be right back.' Brendon whispered as Chelsea cradled Thomas in her arms while he rested his head against her chest. Brendon returned a few minutes later carrying a small bottle as he shook it while Thomas fussed. Chelsea took the bottle and changed Thomas to where he could drink it while she sat down in a rocking chair. Thomas soon fell asleep in Chelsea's arms as she continued to rock just looking down at her beautiful son. A tear rolled down her cheek landing on his cheek before she quickly swept it away. Brendon sat on the edge of the bed watching as she held their son.

'Baby, are you okay?'

'I was so scared that I would never see him again. I thought that he was dead.' Chelsea cried.

'I know you did babe, I did too.'

Chelsea stood up and walked over to the pack-n-play they had brought for him. She gently laid him down listening to him fuss for one a few seconds before falling back into a peaceful sleep as she covered him up. Chelsea stood next to him as Brendon walked over and put his arms around her waist from behind. 'Today has been one of the greatest days of my life; they brought you back to me.' He whispered kissing her neck in a loving way. Chelsea laced her fingers around his.

Chelsea turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck, she pushed some hair behind her ear and looked up into his big brown eyes, 'Brendon what would you have done had something bad happened to me?'



'I would have died; maybe not physically because we have a son to take care of but mentally, I would have died with out you. I probably would have quit the band for a period of time; I would have barricaded myself in our room. I'm not sure; I tired not to think of something like that happening.'

'Me too.' She smiled. Chelsea slowly pressed Brendon's lips into a slow sensual open mouthed kiss as she walked backwards towards the bed taking him by the waist, 'What do you have to do tomorrow?' she asked as she straddled his hips kissing his neck and down his chest.

'The guys and Jennifer are going to come out. Your mom and dad are going to go to the store and the guys wanted to see you since you were back so they are going to come over. Then on Monday, I have to go to the studio.'

'I'm going to stay up here for a few days.' Chelsea said as she and Brendon climbed under the covers. Brendon climbed over Chelsea and lay down on top of her. She giggled slightly into the wet kiss Brendon had planted on her lips.

'I missed you so much babe; I missed sleeping with you, and kissing you, and cuddling you, and your grab assin', I missed your boobies.' Brendon grinned.

'You just completely ruined the moment.'

'Yup, it's what I was going for.' He smiled.

'You know, it occurred to me as I was sitting in that hospital with out you, I'm a pretty lucky girl to have a toy like you.'

'You think so?'

'I know so.' She smiled.

'Then we're even.' He smiled pulling the blankets up over their head.

Chelsea laid her head against Brendon's chest as he held her hand, lacing their fingers together, a little while later. She snuggled closer to him and shut her eyes enjoying the warm, happy feeling she got from listening to Brendon's steady heart beat inside his chest, listening to his steady breathing as his chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm, listening to him hum a song as he soothed her hair back feeling the same feeling she felt at the exact moment.
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